Chapter VIII, helplessness and decision

There is no other possibility than to deliberately explain what has just happened. See 1 hair 2 line 3 Chinese network

In the face of Ye Jia’s words, Nacrox Wapol was silent.

Before Ye Jia did not appear, Nakru Wapol did not have a famous saying, but his attitude has already shown that he is deeply inside and does not believe in the words of Kisuke Urahara.

However, now Nacrox Wapol does not know what to say.

Ye Jia is obviously the same as Yhwach, which is beyond his understanding.

In particular, what has just been shown in the eyes of Ye Jia, hundreds of millions of souls worship, thousands of World is born. If these are true, Nacrox Wapol would have to admit that this time he was indeed ignorant, and Ye Jia was able to override Yhwach by those who showed up in that gaze.

However, this is actually too ridiculous, so that Nacrox Wapol has a strong sense of unreality.

First of all, it is the identity of Ye Jia that makes Napol Wapol feel unreal.

Yhwach was adored by Nacrox Wapol, so that Napowa Wapol almost 100% believe that he can integrate Three Great World and create a new World, in addition to Yhwach’s omniscient Ability, and Yhwach. The identity of Yhwach can be said that the 423 of the Legend is the ancestor of the sorcerer. In all the annihilation divisions, the status is equal to the position of Spirit King in the heart of Shinigami.

It was because of this status, and the amazing magic of “Sternritter” and the others after Yhwach was awakened, that Nacrox Wapol recognized Yhwach. See 1 hair 2 line 3 Chinese network

Compared with Yhwach, Ye Jia has some gaps in identity.

As the four guards appointed by Yhwach, in addition to this Ability, Nakru Wapol pays more attention to intelligence.

Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and even some information and history of Human World, Nacrox Wapol knows some, but he didn’t find it if he wanted to break his head. The information about Ye Jia and related information were not found. Half a point.

From the understanding of Napol Wapol itself, Ye Jia is like a pop out of the air.

If Ye Jia really has a method that goes beyond Yhwach, it shouldn’t be such an obscure thing.

The Expert of the Spirit King’s realm, growing all the way, can’t always be hidden.

This is the first puzzle in the heart of Nacru Wapol.

In addition to this, Nacrox Wapol dared to say something that he saw from Ye Jia’s gaze. The billions of creatures, at first glance, are not like Shinigami, Hollow or the destroyer, but the creatures that have never appeared in Shinigami World.

And in the eyes of Ye Jia, the world of birth and death, every World, does not seem to need Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, Human World.

Nakru Wapol really didn’t know, and the thousands of Worlds in Ye Jia’s eyes came from far beyond what Nacrox Wapol understood.

In this case, the entire Soul Society, except for a little understanding of Aizen Sōsuke and Kisuke Urahara, I am afraid no one can accept it, even if Yhwach and Spirit King in Legend can’t accept it.

Because Ye Jia shows something beyond the perspective of Shinigami World.

The perspective and gaze of Nakru Wapol, which has been concentrated in Shinigami World, can be understood in a moment and a half, and Shinigami World is not in a dimension.

However, no matter whether Nakru Wapol understands, one thing is certain, that is, he cannot return to Ye Jia.

As a member of the “Sternritter”, in addition to victory, Nacrox Wapol can only die and there is no second way to go.

Yhwach will not give them a second road.

“I’m sorry, I am one of the four guards under Yhwach. I won’t be able to surrender anyone except Yhwach. So thank you for your love, you still kill me!”

Take a deep breath, calm down the mood, Nacrox Wapol finally responded plainly.

“Oh, I can see that you should not want to die. After all, there are many magical things in this world that you haven’t seen before. For example, the ones I just showed you, I know you can’t understand for the time being. But I can tell you that the ones that have just been shown are true. As long as you are willing to return to me, you will sooner or later see you.”

Ye Jia indifferently said that with his eyesight, it is natural to see that Nakru Wapol is not bent on asking for death.

“Sorry, Sternritter is the sword that Yhwach has in his hand. For us, there are only two results in each battle, winning or dying. This time, I lost, so death is my only destination. ”

Nacros Wapol is still a firm voice.

Selected as one of the “Sternritter” members, for Shinigami, Nacrox Wapol has long been mentally prepared, victorious or dead, and is the home of every member of “Sternritter”. Since the defeat, then face the death calmly, at this point, Nacrox Wapol still looks relatively dull.

“Haha, you are worried about Yhwach, worrying that once you return to me, Yhwach will use soul blood to deprive you of your life!”

Ye Jia looks the same, with a hint of laughter on the face, breaking the deepest secret of Nakru Wapol.

Most members of the “Sternritter” are very loyal to Yhwach, and there is no doubt about this. After all, Yhwach is the ancestor of the destroyer, and the Strength of the “Sternritter” members is basically given by Yhwach.

Strength is given by Yhwach. Repaying Yhwach with loyalty is naturally a normal person. After all, every member of “Sternritter” is a human being, even if there is a grateful heart.

However, in the face of Life and Death, there is still much left in this grateful heart, so I don’t know.

At the very least, if Yhwach makes “Sternritter” go to die, 99% people will not follow Yhwach’s order.

In this case, “Sternritter” can still be maintained, and the rule is dead, of course, there are other reasons. The reason is the soul blood wine that Ye Jia just mentioned.

Every member of the “Sternritter” mastered the various terrifying effects by drinking the soul blood, and mastered the Physique.

Because of this, every member of “Sternritter” within the body has the consciousness of Yhwach, and Strength.

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