Six hundred eighty-two chapter soul blood wine

Once the “Sternritter” members are defeated, they basically do not choose to die. Yhwach can also take their lives between the thoughts.

Of course, since they can take their lives, Yhwach can also resurrect them.

In the original plot, Yhwach resurrected the dead Nakru Wapol.

After the defeat, choose death and the enemy perish together, Yhwach sees the merits, and perhaps will resurrect it.

After the defeat, I did not choose to die. I was shot by Yhwach and took my life. There is no one who will never be resurrected.

The two choices, the result, are death, one has the hope of resurrection, and one has no hope of resurrection.

There is no doubt that only IQ is no problem, you will choose the first one, to gamble that possibility.

This is the reason why most of the “Sternritter” members have died after the defeat.

It is also the reason why I chose to die at this moment.

“Soul blood wine, say, Yhwach’s Ability, not only can deprive you of your life, at the same time can also resurrect you through the imprint of your within the body, I don’t know if I am right!”

Didn’t wait for Naklu Wapol to answer, Ye Jia continued to speak.

With this at the same time, Ye Jia looked towards Nakru Wapol’s gaze.

“Soul blood ball, deprivation of life, resurrection?” After listening to Ye Jia’s introduction, since the appearance of Ye Jia, he has been respectfully standing on one side of Kisuke Urahara, and his heart is moving, thoughtfully looking towards towards not far away. Crewe Wapol. …

Through the introduction of Ye Jia, with the look on the face of Nacros Wapol, Kisuke Urahara naturally guessed the intention of Nacruk Wapol.

It is a fact that Nacros Wapol has been dying, but whether Nacca Wapol is really dying, after Ye Jia’s just reminder, it is open to question.

Ye Jia’s introduction, Nacros Wapol naturally heard it clearly, and he was shocked first, and then there was a bitter smile on his face.

Napol Wapol never thought about it. Ye Jia, who did not know it, even knows that they “Sternritter”. So blood, including the secrets of soul blood, is the biggest secret of “Sternritter”.

The entire Wandenreich, with the exception of Yhwach and their “Sternritter”, no one else knows.

However, Ye Jia, like a few Jane, said all the secrets of soul blood, and how can Nakru Wapol not be shocked.

And after Ye Jia introduced it, the secret of soul blood wine, Nacros Wapol knew that his plan to die was afraid.

For Nakru Wapol, apart from the bitter smile, I don’t know what to say.

Asking Ye Jia to die, Nacrox Wapol does have the cautious thought of waiting for Yhwach to resurrect after his death.

However, this is his only choice.

Since he has been defeated, he has no choice but to die.

So, rather than saying that Nakru Wapol is pondering what to think about, it is better to say that he can only do so.

“Ye Jia, a lot of people, I didn’t expect Ye Jia, I know so much about Wandenreich.”

Nacros Wapol puts aside the bitter smile on his face, a faint singer.

Since Ye Jia understands the secret of their “Sternritter”, he has nothing to say, waiting for Ye Jia’s disposal.

“Soul blood wine is indeed a very good Ability, but this is good, it is for Yhwach. For you, soul blood wine gives you the formidable Ability. But you should be aware that you are just the ambiguity of these Ability. These Strengths can be taken back at any time for Yhwach reasons.”

“You Sternritter, to some extent, is like a lamb in Yhwach’s captivity, as long as Yhwach needs it, you can harvest it at any time.”

Ye Jia ignored the change in the expression of Nakru Wapol, and the tone continued.

After hearing this, Nakru Wapol was silent. He had to admit that Ye Jia said a lot. Sternritter is indeed a lamb in Yhwach’s captivity. Only Yhwach is willing to harvest at any time, and they have no resistance. .

“My previous plans, I also know that five of you, so unclearly fallen in Hueco Mundo, Yhwach will definitely want to know what happened to Hueco Mundo. To understand this, the best style is the resurrection. One of you, as a guard of Yhwach, there is no doubt that Yhwach will definitely choose to resurrect you!”

“Under normal circumstances, you choose to die, it is the most sensible choice.” Ye Jia saw Naklu Wapol and continued: “If you continue to speculate according to normal circumstances, there is no difference in killing you, because there is already Four people are dead, and Yhwach has only one of the resurrections, and still knows what happened to Hueco Mundo.”

“Compared, the rest of the four, your Strength should be a lot stronger. However, the Mission of Kisuke Urahara completely restrains you, even if you come again, you have no Odds of success, and you should be clear about it!”

…… ……

Here, Ye Jia paused for a moment.

Nakru Wapol continued to be silent because he knew that Ye Jia said a lot, and once again, he did not have much confidence over Kisuke Urahara.

Not to mention, the Kisuke Urahara’s Ability naturally restrains his Ability, and the Kisuke Urahara’s physical pressure is far better than him.

At the last moment, Kisuke Urahara showed the same physical pressure as the open as the open sea, and the terrifying ability that transformed the entire poisonous ball in one fell swoop, and completely conquered him.

In the face of such a Kisuke Urahara, Nacrox Wapol can’t afford to fight.

Seeing that Nakru Wapol is still silent, Ye Jia continues to care for himself:

“But, have you ever had it? Since we understand the soul of the soul soul and the ability to block Yhwach’s omnipotence and omnipotence, I will not consider this. In fact, if you think about it, you should know that your other four companions It’s been a long time since the fall. If Yhwach really found something, it should have been sent to check it out.”

“You mean…this is impossible…”

Hearing here, Nacros Wapol lifted his head and was shocked to interrupt Ye Jia’s words. From his look, he seemed to think of it.

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