Chapter VIII Chapter Interception

However, in a blink of an eye, he shook his head again, his face was incredible.

“Impossible? There is nothing impossible. Since I can blind up Yhwach’s omnipotence and omnipotence, I can naturally do it. Give him false information that you are still alive. As for your behind, stop Stress from returning to Yhwach within the body. For me, it is not even more difficult.”

As he spoke, Ye Jia stretched out his right hand and gently grabbed it. The four groups of spiral pressure immediately appeared on the right hand.

Among the four groups of blood pressure, each group has two Hollow shadows, and the center is engraved with clear English letters.

These letters, Naklu Wapol, are naturally recognized, and are the codenames of the four “Sternritter” members that have fallen.

“How, now you still doubt what I said before?” Ye Jia looks at Naporu Wapol indifferently said.

Nacros Wapol shook the shook head, and there was a bitter smile on his face, and there was a bit of incredulity in his smile.

He never thought that someone could blind Yhwach’s omnipotence and intercept Yhwach’s Strength. All that Ye Jia showed him, completely subverted his understanding, and made Nakru Wapol have the illusion of being together in a dream.

“Haha, continue if you are willing to return to me now!”

Ye Jia put away the four groups of spiritual pressure, and stared at Naklu Wapol, and asked again.

With the enquiry of Kisuke Urahara, this is already Ye Jia, and I asked for the third time.

Ye Jia originally didn’t have much interest in accepting Nakru Wapol. The reason why it is so much is entirely a whim, plus the face of Kisuke Urahara.

After all, it was Kisuke Urahara who first proposed to bring Nakru Wapol back.

But no matter what, let him say so much, and three times to ask questions, it is already the limit.

If this time Nakru Wapol does not agree, then Ye Jia will choose to fulfill him.

Nowadays, he is not lacking in any man.

Ye Jia’s tone changed, and Naklu Wapol naturally heard it. He also understood that with Ye Jia’s method, it was already the limit to be able to talk to him calmly for so long.

This inquiry will be the last inquiry of Ye Jia.

However, within such a short period of time, Nacrox Wapol did not know how to choose.

Silence for a while, remembering the scene that was seen in the eyes when I saw Ye Jia, Nakru Wapol suddenly had a decision.

“Ye Jia is an adult, Askin is willing to return!” Nacros Wapol squatted, and there was a bit of respect in his tone.

In fact, this decision, to a certain extent, is the only choice for today’s Nacrox Wapol.

As long as Nakru Wapol wants to live, he must return to Ye Jia.

As Kisuke Urahara said before, Nakru Wapol doesn’t really have much loyalty to Yhwach. He just wants to see one, Yhwach destroys Three Great World and what kind of New World it will create.

Since there is not much loyalty, it is certainly not possible for Nacru Wapol to die for Yhwach. And once he dies, even if Yhwach eventually creates New World, he can’t see it.

Just because he didn’t choose to return to Ye Jia, because of soul blood wine, there is so blood and blood, even if he goes to Ye Jia, waiting for him will also be death, instead of this, it is better to go to death, bet Yhwach will save Live him.

However, Ye Jia’s recent move undoubtedly blocked the road. Yhwach planted his strength in the body. After death, he could not return to Yhwach’s with the body. Yhwach naturally could not resurrect him out of thin air.

There is no doubt that once he really chooses to die, he is really dead.

However, when Ye Jia blocked Yhwach and heard about the blood and resurrected his way, at the same time also gave Nakru Wapol another hope.

Since Ye Jia can intercept the Strength of soul blood, then maybe Ye Jia also has a method that can help him lift the restrictions on soul blood.

The worst, it can also be like the omnipotence of Yhwach, which closes Yhwach’s perception of him. If Yhwach can’t sense him, he can’t, activate his strength with the body and take his life.

Therefore, Nakru Wapol chose to return to Ye Jia, but another gamble, betting Ye Jia can solve the problem of soul blood wine.

And, as before, this is a gamble that won’t lose, because even if it loses, Nakru’s Wapol’s end will be at most death, just like the result of not betting.

Not gambling will definitely die, gambling is still half, and the possibility of living, Nacrox Wapol naturally chose to gamble…

“Good, you won’t choose to regret it for you!”

Ye Jia Satisfied nodded, Nacrew Wapol’s mind, he certainly knows.

However, he does not care, others are willing to return to you, certainly a plot, this original is very normal.

What is considered in Nakr’s Wapol’s mind, Ye Jia is not very concerned, because he believes that after seeing his method with the character of Naporu Wapol, he will follow him and Yhwach.

In contrast, Yhwach’s so-called New World, All Heavens and Myriad Realms are all full of magical and magnificent places.

For those who want to be novelty to Nacros Wapol, it is the place where they really yearn for the destruction of Saint Physique.


After a thought, Ye Jia released a glimpse of the gods, directly locked the Nacros Wapol, and then waved, a brilliance shot from his right hand, lightning-like shot to Nacros Wapol Come.

Seeing this brilliance, Nakru Wapol instinctively wants to dodge.

However, immediately, it seems to think of something, Nacros Wapol whole body is a stiff, stopped in place, let Guanghua shoot himself.

Since he has chosen to return, Ye Jia wants to dispose of him, of course he can’t resist.

At this point, Nacrox Wapol is not stupid, still see clearly.

Moreover, it is just a brilliance. It is not a big deal. At least, 5.3 is a punishment, it is just a small punishment.

Nakru Wapol doesn’t think that Ye Jia will kill him. If Ye Jia wants to kill him, he can already shoot, and don’t wait until now.

In the case of Naporu Wapol not resisting, the brilliance Ye Jia shot, he smoothly fell into his within the body.

However, this brilliance is not a punishment as Nakru Wapol thinks.

Nakru Wapol has chosen to return, and Ye Jia is not a cruel man. There is no reason to punish Nakru Wapol.

Contrary to what Naklu Wapol guessed, this brilliance is a reward for Ye Jia’s return to Nakru Wapol.

For his own people, Ye Jia has always been a very generous, even if Nacrox Wapol has just returned, Ye Jia is not too alert, worried that Nacrox Wapol will go back on one’s word and the like.

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