Chapter VIII Chapters Eliminate Hidden Dangers

Contrary to what Naklu Wapol guessed, this brilliance is a reward for Ye Jia’s return to Nakru Wapol. Look at ‘毛.线,中.文,网

For his own people, Ye Jia has always been a very generous, even if Nacrox Wapol has just returned, Ye Jia is not too alert, worried that Nacrox Wapol will go back on one’s word and the like.

Since he came to Shinigami World, he chose to return to him, and there is not a go back on one’s word, he chose to betray him.

Therefore, Ye Jia is not worried at all, Nacrox Wapol will choose to betray, even if Nacros Wapol has just returned, this is Ye Jia’s self-confidence.

This brilliance, after Ye Jia, is a reward for Nacros Wapol, naturally it is for soul blood wine.

Naklu Wapol’s gambling this time, the bet is right, Ye Jia does have a method for soul blood wine.

No, it shouldn’t be said that Ye Jia doesn’t have a method for soul blood, but soul blood wine is nothing for Ye Jia.

As long as he is willing, between the thoughts, he can be lifted.

Ka-cha !

As Guanghua did not enter the body, Nacrox Wapol only felt that his soul was deep, and suddenly there was a light sound that could not be seen, as if something had broken.

Immediately after an unprecedented sense of comfort, from the depths of Napol Wapol’s soul, Nakru Wapol was like a whole person, opened a shackle and regained freedom.

Realizing this feeling of comfort, for a while, Nacrox Wapol gradually woke up.

The first moment of waking up, what Nacrox Wapol seemed to think of, immediately eager to sink his mind into the depths of soul. …

The next moment, an ecstasy, rises from the bottom of the heart of Napollo Wapol.

Nakru Wapol can clearly perceive that the depth of soul is deep, and the inscribed “d” is still there, but the will of Yhwach hidden in “d” has disappeared.

The disappearance of Yhwach’s will means that Yhwach can no longer control him.

Until now, Nacrox Wapol understood the feeling of breaking the shackles and regaining freedom.

Yhwach’s will after breaking “d” does mean that he broke the yoke of Yhwach and returned to Freshman, no longer under anyone’s control.

After a long day of excitement, the mind of Nacros Wapol retreated from the depths of soul.

After the mind returned to reality, the first thing that Nacrox Wapol did was thank.

“many thanks Ye Jia, adults, help!”

Nacros Wapol squats, this sentence, Nacros Wapol is sent to the heart.

Unlike those who are loyal to Yhwach, Nakru Wapol does not have much loyalty to Yhwach. Of course, Nakru Wapol is still very grateful to Nacrox Wapol for giving himself the Ability to let himself master the destruction of Saint Physique.

However, gratitude does not mean that Nacros Wapol will like himself, under the control of Yhwach, and kill and kill all in Yhwach.

In the depths of the bottom of the heart, Nakru Wapol has always been extremely repugnant.

However, once Yhwach is too forformable, formidable to Nacrox Wapol simply does not dare to resist, since I dare not resist, this resentment can only stay in the bottom of the heart.

Second, Naporu Wapol hit the bottom of the heart, hoping to see what Yhwach destroyed Three Great World and created New World.

This craving suppressed the resentment of the Napollo Wapol bottom of the heart.

Suppressing does not mean that the bottom of the heart does not exist.

Now, Ye Jia has helped him solve this problem. What has been resentful in his heart, how can Nakru Wapol not appreciate him?

Moreover, the most important thing is that he just chose to return to Ye Jia, just returning to Ye Jia, Ye Jia will take the shot to help him remove his own hidden dangers.

This is the point that is worthy of admiration by Nacrox Wapol.

“This is nothing. Since you have chosen to belong to me, then it is my people, my people, no one but me can control.”

Ye Jia’s faint voice, the tone is plain, but it gives people an unspeakable hegemony.

However, this overbearing, falling in the ears of Naporu Wapol, made him feel a little lazy.

Because of this sentence, Nakru Wapol’s recognition of Ye Jia is a bit more.

“Ye Jia is so kind to me, Askin really doesn’t know how to repay, think about it. The only thing that Askin can provide is the intelligence of the rest of Sternritter. I think it should be of some use to Ye Jia.”

Slightly sinking for a while, Nacros Wapol finally said his own thoughts.

Although I just surrendered, I sold my own companions, and some of them were not authentic. However, Naklu Wapol can only think of it, use this to repay Ye Jia.

Moreover, to be honest, for these so-called companions, Nacrox Wapol does not have much affection.

“Well, these things, you and Kisuke Urahara will discuss the original!”

Ye Jia is not a pedantic person. After listening to the words of Nacrox Wapol, he even nedded and asked Napol Wapol to discuss with Ye Jia.

In fact, Nacrox Wapol would like to provide information about the rest of the “Sternritter”, which is not important for Ye Jia.

After all, Ye Jia’s entire story about Shinigami is well-known, “Sternritter” Every 030 member’s Ability, he knows a little.

Although there may not be much to remember because of the long-term relationship, with these memories, it is still possible to make targeted arrangements for each member of the “Sternritter”.

This time, to deal with the five invaders of Nacropolis Wapol, Ye Jia is like this.

It is also because of the arrangement of Ye Jia that Kisuke Urahara can only beat their opponents so easily.

If this is not the case, let Kisuke Urahara pick their opponents, win Kisuke Urahara and they will definitely win, but certainly not as easy as it is now, winning all five games.

After all, every member of “Sternritter” is not a simple character.

Because of the soul blood wine, every “Sternritter” member can look at at Yahwach’s avatar.

The avatar of the Spirit King is certainly not a simple item.

After the instructions, Ye Jia did not control Nakru Wapol, but gave Kisuke Urahara a look and let Kisuke Urahara deal with Nakru Wapol.

And he himself is ready to leave the poison ball.

However, before leaving, I swept a line around all the poisoned balls that had been completely transformed by Kisuke Urahara, and Ye Jia suddenly came to interest.

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