Chapter VIII 15 chapter shocked again


There aren’t too many moves, and Ye Jia just just opens his right hand, a slight fit.

At the time, an invisible wave rushed out of Ye Jia’s right hand, and instantly swept the entire poisonous ball.


Under this invisible wave, the poisonous ball began to tremble, and the next second, the incredible thing happened to Nakru Wapol, and the entire poisonous ball suddenly began to shrink.

In no time, the poisonous ball was narrowed, and the barriers were about to reach the point of Nacros Wapol and Kisuke Urahara.

However, the entire poisonous ball and Nakluwapol began to display the extremely poisonous ball, silently passing through the Nakru Wapol and the Kisuke Urahara body, and continued to shrink.

It didn’t take long for a fist-sized ball to appear on Ye Jia’s right hand.

This engraved ball, needless to say, is naturally the result of the concentration of the entire poison ball.

“This is for you, comprehend, your poison ball, and great progress Space!”

Ye Jia indifferently said, the ball that condensed the poisonous ball was sent to the hand of Nacros Wapol.

Nakru Wapol took over, and Ye Jia gave it to himself, a small ball condensed by a poisonous ball, with a sluggish face.

Fortunately, however, since playing against Kisuke Urahara, Napol Wapol has seen a lot of things, and his nerves have been a lot of things, and he quickly recovered.

After returning to normal, the first thing to do in Nacrox Wapol is naturally to look at the small ball in his own hands.

This time, Nacrox Wapol was immediately stuck in a cold breath.

Because he was suddenly found, I don’t know when, the original poisonous ball that was originally re-engineered by Kisuke Urahara, has regained its true colors.

Kisuke Urahara has just not lifted his Ability, and with the size of the poisonous ball, since Kisuke Urahara thinks, it is difficult to lift his Ability in a short time.

It’s not the release of Kisuke Urahara, so there is only one possibility, that is, Ye Jia is at the same time of compressing the poisonous ball, and erases the Ability of Kisuke Urahara.

Between the hands, the extremely poisonous ball was compressed into a small ball, and the Ability of Kisuke Urahara enforcement on it was erased, so that the poisonous ball was restored to its original appearance.

These methods are simply shocking.

Previously, Kisuke Urahara had transformed the entire poisonous ball with one’s own strength.

It has made Nakru Wapol somewhat unbelievable. Now, Ye Jia, at any time, turns the poisonous ball into a small ball. These methods are on the basis of the method just by Kisuke Urahara.

In this hand, Nacrox Wapol can assert that even Yhwach can’t do it.

In combination with Ye Jia just shattered, Yhwach stayed in the mark of his soul. For the first time, Nakru Wapol realized that, as Kisuke Urahara said before, Ye Jia’s method is still above Yhwach.

Perhaps not as Kisuke Urahara said, it is far above Yhwach, but definitely better than Yhwach.

Stronger than Yhwach, what Yhwach can do, of course, Ye Jia is also possible.

For the first time, Nacros Wapol was so grateful that he made the choice to return to Ye Jia.

After doing this, Ye Jia flashed and disappeared into Hueco Mundo.

The things in Hueco Mundo have come to an end, and then it is the Soul Society, where is the battleground.

Seeing Ye Jia suddenly disappeared, Nacrox Wapol also reacted, he took a deep breath, put away the ball on his hand, and then looked towards Kisuke Urahara, waiting for the arrangement of Kisuke Urahara.

“Since you have chosen to return to Ye Jia, then you and I are companions. Let’s go back to Las Noches. The battle here, although it is over, but there are more important battles, we need to arrange!”

Kisuke Urahara indifferently said, a flash back, the position where the entire group appeared. Where is Kuchiki Rukia, Zaraki Kenpachi and the others, who have been waiting for a long time.

The extremely poisonous ball released by Napol Wapol, with a diameter of several hundred meters, is so large, Kuchiki Rukia, Zaraki Kenpachi and the others, naturally visible.

Following Kisuke Urahara behind, Nacrox Wapol also appeared in front of everyone.

At first, everyone was very wary of the emergence of Napol Wapol.

Although I have only seen a few faces, everyone still recognizes that this is the opponent chosen by Kisuke Urahara.

“This is Askin, and now it has been turned back, it is our people!”

Kisuke Urahara explained in a faint voice.

Among the people, Kisuke Urahara still had a little majesty. When this was said, everyone’s alert to Nacrox Wapol was immediately lifted.

Locked by everyone, Nacros Wapol, could not help but sighed in relief.

These people, he can all know that the four “Sternritter” members who came with him fell into the hands of four of them.

Four “Sternritter” teamed up and Nacrox Wapol couldn’t handle it. Four experts who killed four people, including Cangdu, joined forces, and Nacrox Wapol was naturally less sure.

Therefore, the lock of everyone, for Naklu Wapol, is absolutely a great oppression.

After sighed in relief, Naporu’s Wapol bottom of the heart couldn’t help but flash a bit of curiosity.

Judging from the performance in the past, the relationship between Kisuke Urahara and everyone should be very good.

However, why did everyone who had a good relationship with Kisuke Urahara, when Kisuke Urahara was trapped in the poisonous ball, did not ask for it, but chose to stand here and watch?

With the volume of the poisonous ball, everyone should not be invisible.

Isn’t the relationship between the people seemingly so harmonious, and the doubts floated on the heart of Nacros Wapol.

Immediately after Nakru Wapol’s gaze touched Kisuke Urahara, he instantly understood it.

Just Kisuke Urahara, however, broke his poisonous ball with his own power, and his performance was very easy. After seeing Kisuke Urahara, everyone did not show any color of concern.

Thus, the relationship between the people and Kisuke Urahara is not incomprehensible, but they are absolutely, and Kisuke Urahara needs them to save.

In other words, at the beginning of the battle, everyone felt that he was defeated.

For this, Nacros Wapol’s heart flashed a bit of depression, no one before the start of the battle, they were not optimistic about others, will not feel depressed.

However, after remembering the performance of Kisuke Urahara, Nacros Wapol could only suppress the depression.

He must admit that Kisuke Urahara does have the power to crush him.

“Let’s go, let’s deal with those Arrancar, we have other things to do.” Kisuke Urahara faintly.

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