New World, unknown seas.

“Hey Hahaha, it’s a dragon, I didn’t expect it!”

Behind a reef area, the Blackbeard Pirates captain Teach is holding the information brought back by the “Devil Sheriff” Laffitte. Although he is laughing, the killing of the eyes is chilling.

After leaving the Whitebeard Pirates group, Teach unexpectedly didn’t stay in New World looking for Dark-Dark Fruit. After buying the information on the fruit from the black market, he knew that he couldn’t put all his hopes on Dark-Dark Fruit. So I grabbed a Marine to execute Quest’s Battleship and went to West Blue through the Calm Belt to start recruiting people.

This time he took the initiative to do things, or the first thing he did when he returned to New World.

“Captain, isn’t this good news?”

Laffitte shook his cane and picked up the brim: “Those dogs will be killed by the dragon in a few days, but our plan will only perform one-third.”

For the fear of the dragon, Laffitte is a member of all members second only to Teach. He was born in West Blue, and West Blue’s biggest arms dealer, the Capone gang, was so clear that he didn’t know.

So Laffitte knows very well that unlike other sturdy Marines, Cang Long has nothing to call a weakness. It is a real madness to put on a black flag and pretend to be Pirate.

At the same time, the heart is like the sea, is the new generation of Marine The Resourceful General’.

If you want to do things under his eyes, you can be described as dangerous.

Their plan to delay time was solved by Canglong in this incredible style, which was quite deadly for them.

“No problem! Anyway, I didn’t expect them this time!”

Teach coldly smiled: “The group of Supernova, I really thought I was a character, and I want to challenge Four Emperor!”

New World can be ruled by Four Emperor for so many years, even Marine and Government can’t do anything. Supernova, though counted in the first half, is still a small group in front of New World Four Emperor.

“However, I do need their Strength now…”

Teach indulged for a moment and said: “Time is tight! Laffitte, Bashas, ​​you represent me to preside over the Confederate Conference. Once you are in danger, retreat immediately!”

“Wei Hahaha! Will you play against Marine? Captain?!”

“Fighting champion” Chisas Barshas excitedly raised the fist and was eager to try.

“Yes, Marine’s spies must have been on the drifter for a long time, just don’t know if the dragon will come.”

Laffitte grinned: “Of course, he is a good thing.”


A few days later, Marine Headquarter, Marin Verdo.

“Is Ron still hiding this hand?”

Garp bitten a half of the doughnut, his face was horrified, then he laughed loudly: “Hey Hahahaha, no wonder he promises to be just a little thing! Not that I said you Sengoku, you tied him to the G10 is really a curse!”

Ron, who developed the ultra-electricity routine, is a sharp knife for Marine. After Admiral’s alternate, there is enough reason to be placed in the headquarters. As a result, because Ron loves to do things too much, Sengoku has arranged for him to arrange Quest every time, so that Ron is still tied to G10 until now.

For Garp’s 揶揄, Sengoku turned over a Byakugan, looks at Garp, and “Haha” smiled.

Garp: “…”

hiss……! !

“Want to fight? Bastard?!”

Ron is too much to Garp’s status because he is too thrown into the G10. Otherwise, with his “Marine Hero” status, it is necessary to stay in G3 for a few decades.

“Okay, don’t make a noise, how big is it!”

The impatient start to talk prevented the two from making noises: “This thing Ron is beautiful, Five Elder Stars is very satisfied, and there is no such big idea of ​​going to war.”

“But the problem is still there!”

Everyone is silent.

Pirate League!

Due to the geographical location, it was just stuck on the edge of the Four Emperor sea. If the army is stationed in the army, there is no premise that the name of the G5 branch is justified. It will be regarded as a signal to the Four Emperor, and this safe area is settled.

Now what is the “Blackbeard” Teach machine to create what Pirate League, claiming to challenge Four Emperor, this is naturally not what Marine wants to see.

“This can only be seen how Ron handles it! His main Quest on this trip is to ensure that the new G5 is built, if time is too late…”

Sengoku said that this stopped, and everyone understood what he meant.

Compared with the chaos that the Pirate League formed, it is no doubt that the establishment of the Marine G series branch is more important.

If it is too late, they can only make up for it.

“Is there a fall of the Blackbeard Pirates group?”

“For the time being… they disappeared after making an invitation to Pirate, but they are still in New World.”

“This way…”

The inability to find people was the biggest problem. Sengoku frowned and paused. “The best way to do this is to change the situation, and wait until they first show their feet!”

New World Anyway, this is not the case, Sengoku wants to maintain the same balance as the previous decade.

He has a vague sense of enthusiasm, this great age of Pirates, which has been raging for nearly 20 years, is going to change.


New World, drifter number.

As the days of the Confederate Conference get closer, the Pirates and killers in the same market in the water town are often in a constant stream, and there is a sense of both Huashan’s swordsmanship.

However, in this hustle and bustle, the faces of pedestrians and rushes are rushing, and it seems that they are quite nervous when they look at prey.

No way not nervous.

The inviting Blackbeard captain hired the Jerma mercenary to create a war at New World, in order to attract the attention of the dragon who came to New World. As a result, the war was not pushed to the highest point, and it was ended by Canglong in an incredible style. .

The dragons that are now vacating their hands have time to deal with them. Most of Pirate is not optimistic about the Pirate League. They choose to ignore the invitation, and the number of people who actually come to the appointment is less than three-tenths.

Pirate, who is here, must also be worried about whether the dragon will come to this place or not.

Yes, this is a safe area, and Marine is not free to shoot.

But is Cang Long a person who will be scrupulous?

And the nearest BIG·MOMPirates and Whitebeard Pirates from this sea area have all suffered in his hands! Even if it comes, the fact that Four Emperor will not be shot is still unknown.

However, even in this state of mind, the drifter is still getting hotter.

There are a lot of ambitions in Pirate. They can’t challenge Four Emperor in New World. They can only survive. How many years have passed. This alliance is their only chance. Even if there is a hidden danger of Ron, you have to give up your life. Bet on a bet.

“That’s Oliver Richards, Supernova in 1515! Great Pirate with a bounty of 170 million!”

“Black Shark Pirates is also here, they are a large fleet of tens of thousands of crew members!”

“Look, that’s the destroyer! ‘Destroyer’ Dear Mazzas is here too!”

As the names were reported one after another, the little Pirates on the drifter watched the hard swallows.

Just as they saw it in the morning, there are more than a dozen Great Pirates with a bounty of over 100 million! The number of its forces must be calculated in tens of thousands! If they can really twist into a rope, it may not be impossible to challenge Four Emperor!

“Oh? ‘Tiger’ Aite didn’t even come?”

A Pirate Ship glanced at the port of dozens of Pirate Ships and smiled disdainfully: “When the tiger is old, is it a sick cat?!”


“Isn’t the tiger a big cat? Captain?!”

The crew laughed and they didn’t play against the nicknamed “Tiger”, and of course they wouldn’t let go of the chance to fall.

Pirates in the port are messy, smashing, inconspicuous, fighting, all kinds of things.

How can this group of unruly guys really cooperate, and if it is not for Marine’s growing popularity that makes their Space in New World smaller and smaller, it is impossible for Teach to hold this alliance.

In this scene, no one noticed that a little-known Pirate Ship docked at the edge of the port.

The black Pirate flag flutters high, a young Swordman sits on the deck, holding half of the jug in his hand, and his eyes are blurred and looking at the front and throwing a brick to reach a few drifters of more than 100 million Pirate. No. The teeth bite and creak.

“Do you not get into the tiger’s den, you won’t get a tiger?”

“Father believes in your evil!”

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