As time went by, the Pirate that gathered here finally reached a peak today. For a time, the entire drifter could hear the quarrel and the fighting sounds everywhere, and it was more lively than the New Year.

“Everyone, the Confederate General Assembly will be held tomorrow. Today, I would also like to ask you to take a look at the face of the sea king. I will say something afterwards.”

The fat Edy was sweating out of the crowd, so he said that even the Dark King World’s “Sea King” Umitt had moved out, and the two Pirates who had started the game stopped the fight and decided to find a time to fight.

After a busy day, Edy returned to his home and suddenly found the window open. A tall but not thin figure sat in his position with a round hat on his head.

“Mr. Laffitte! You can count it!”

Edie sighed and smiled on his face. “You don’t know, those Pirates don’t get into trouble, the whole body is uncomfortable. You don’t come to preside, I really can’t help.”

“Oh, rest assured, Captain Edie, we promise that your benefits will not be less.”

Laffitte knows that he is acting, Pirate is more likely to cause trouble, but whoever gives the face of the sea king, it is impossible to have big trouble.

But why bother to break it?

But it is a greedy dog.

“I know that this time has caused you trouble.”

“That’s it, here is 100 million Berries, it’s our Blackbeard Pirates group to compensate you for those who are doing damage.”

Saying, Laffitte brought up a box next to him and placed it on the table.

“How nice this is!”

Edie smacked his hand and licked the box and took a golden light.

This time, I agreed that the Blackbeard Pirates group used the drifter as the venue for the Confederate Conference. The benefits he could get were not too many, plus the billion Berries, which is worth the dividends he earned after running the drifter for one year.

Who will not be able to go with Berries?

The gold emperor will not work.

Ideha Haha thought of it.

Seeing his finances, Laffitte smiled and didn’t talk. After a moment, he stood up: “We will take over from our Blackbeard Pirates team tomorrow, and Captain Edie will only make sure that the logistics work will not go wrong.”

“Do not worry, pack it on me!”

Edie smiled and patted her chest.

“In this case, take the next step…”

After all, Laffitte opened a pair of wings behind him, rushed out of the window and disappeared into the night.

After he left, Edy’s expression was cold, and he came to the desk and touched it. He opened the drawer and looked at the file that seemed to have never been touched. Suddenly his eyebrows picked up and picked up a hair on the ground. Eyes a glimpse.

This is a warning!

Edie instantly understood it.

“Damn Pirate! So don’t trust Father?!”

Edie whispered a sneer, and then he was sneer on his face, and in the dim light, the eyes were glittering with strange light.


There was once a stable life in front of me, but I did not cherish it and waited until I lost it.

If God gives me another chance, I will say three words to the man.

“I stayed!”

In the dark alley, a black cloak of Dongte took a bloody Berries from a cut-throated body, like a salted fish.

I am stupid, really.

Ming knows that he is a small belly chicken.

If I choose to stay, I won’t be thrown here. If I don’t get thrown here, I won’t go out and inquire about the news. If I don’t go out and inquire about the news, I won’t be stolen from the wallet. If I don’t steal the wallet, I won’t go to sleep in the middle of the night and kill.

Turning the body over and not finding his own wallet, Dongte sighed and sighed at the nausea and sighed Berries into his pocket. Although it was successfully mixed into the drifter by the peak of today’s visitors, it is not a good sign to be unfavorable!


At this time, an exclamation sounded outside the alley.

Dongte looked up and recognized the crew of the drifter.

Although the drifter is a special shape, it is a ship after all. For the safety of the merchants, there should be no less defense.

After half a face was covered in the cloak, Dongte stood up and said with the rough voice changed by the voice changer: “Pirate vendetta, don’t want to die!”


The night watchman swallowed his throat and said with a sigh of relief: “I… I warn you not to mess around! This ship is sheltered by the sea king Umite, otherwise we can’t spare you!”

If you exclude him and say that he trots, this is still a bit of deterrent. Dongte coldly smiled and pulled out the half-edged sword.

Seeing his movements, the night screamer screamed, dropped the oil lamp and ran the scorpion.

“Killing, help!”

After a few minutes, sitting on the roof of a house to avoid the patrol team, Dongte silently bites the hard dried meat and looks up at the sky.

I am stupid, really.

in case……


At this time, he suddenly opened up the eyes, looks at the silhouette of the moonlight in the sky, and Dongt’s mind quickly revealed the information Ron gave to himself.

“Devil Sheriff” Laffitte!

“Has it already? Blackbeard’s guy!”

Dongte got up and grabbed the handle of Qingquan ice-cold, his eyes sharp as a sword.

Moonlight, roof, black cloak, katana.

Quite a bit of chivalry.

It’s the half of the meat that I ate in my hand.


The drifter, a house occupied by Laffitte and Bashas.


A slight collision sound awakened the sleeping Bashars, and he swung his fist until he was knocked back by a cane.

“Is anything found?”

“I didn’t find anything for the time being, but Iddie was a well-fed Byakugan wolf and had to guard against it.”

Laffitte found a chair in the opposite direction and put his hand on the back of the chair. When he said this, he curled up the corner of the mouth: “But no matter what he wants to do, as long as the dragon does not show up, we don’t need to be afraid!” ”

“Of course!”

Bashars swelled his biceps, imposing manner. “I hope that Cang Long really appears, see if he is terrifying in Legend!”

“There will be opportunities, be patient.”

Laffitte’s scary face hangs with a chilling smile, slowly speaking.

“But recently the drifter number is not quite flat. I have seen three bloodshed incidents when I came back for a few minutes.”

Laffitte thought of the young Swordman who was sitting on the roof of the horrible dry food, and the drifter patrol that caught the murderer in the area.

“We will officially show up tomorrow, and listen to my command, safety first.”

“Cut! Not interesting!”

Bashas grinned disdainfully, but there was no way. Although Laffitte was not the strongest of them, but the head was the best, it was a matter of importance, and Teach’s order he did not dare.


On the following day, the Confederate General Assembly was officially held.

On the Grand Place prepared by Edie, the Pirates who came to participate in the Pirate League gathered together.

“Hey, la la la, where the little devils dare to sit in the first row, give me a roll back!”

Some people have rivers and lakes. A burly man with a height of more than three meters unfolds his imposing manner. He comes to the first row with a gloomy look, a half-headed, half-stained green hair. Pirate is around, kicking out.


The man didn’t expect that there would be someone here, and if he couldn’t take care of it, he would be thrown out of the house and vomit blood.


“Damn, want to die? Bastard?!”

Pirate, a group of people around him, was shocked and then pulled out of the weapon. Pirate of the strong man behind is not to be outdone, but also takes out weapons to prepare for the battle.

At this time, Laffitte was dressed as a mime actor and went to the stage. He reached out and said a noisy voice. “You, everyone, everyone is coming for the alliance. Is there any contradiction that can be resolved later?”

At the moment, Edie did not know where to drill out, and a smile on his face.

“Yeah, have been waiting for so long, if the guilty was destroyed by the Confederate General Assembly, isn’t it a waste of time?”

The waves don’t waste time, the brawny doesn’t care, but he knows that if they don’t stop, the captains who are wasted time will definitely not let go of themselves.

“Awkward wolf!”

I looked at Edie deeply, and the brave man snorted and said that the crew of the behind put away the weapon, and the Malaysian Golden Knife sat down and looked at the enemy holding the machete Higan.

“Damn, let’s die!!”

The unnamed captain who was smashed was willing to accept this humiliation. He saw the brawny sit down and rushed out of his knife and rushed to his behind, which attracted an exclamation.

But at this time, there was a figure faster than him. When he was ready to kneel down, a big hand grabbed his head and lifted him like a chicken.

“Wei Hahaha! It’s a disobedient little guy!”

“That is… fighting champion Bashas!”

“It turned out to be him! No wonder there is such a speed!”

The crowd sounded like a cold air. Don’t look at the fact that the Bashars is huge, but the speed is extremely fast. It is obviously a non-mainstream first shot, but he is pinched by him.

Several Pirate Ships frowned silently and were alert to the formidable of the Blackbeard Pirates.

“Basas, deal with it.”

Laffitte calm start to talk, the next moment, a weird Shatter sounds.


The headless body with the temperature fell to the ground, and soon the crew of the drifter took the body away. Then Laffitte grinned and continued.

“Well, the troublemaker has already solved it, now everyone is starting to discuss it!”

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