Any background, any background, any force, if you want to be a league, there are three things that can’t be passed.

First, a unified goal.

Second, the need to form an alliance.

Third, the strength of the alliance’s parties.

These three points work in any way. The two ordinary people are doing business together. Laffitte is no exception.

“Everyone has been stunned by Four Emperor and Marine. If we continue to fight each other, it will be inevitable that they will be broken one by one…”

At the beginning of Laffitte’s speech, after the league’s agreed regulations, behind the main square, Dongte silently knocked on the word hilt.

“It’s a good way to kill people and stand up!”

I thought that the crew was just a crew member, not the captain, who would make trouble for the fish to fish. I didn’t expect Laffitte to sneak out the unexpected accidents in the invisible.

“Fighting champion” Bashas was once the champion of the Dark World underground fighting field. He was also a character in New World, but it was impossible for him to convince the public. Pirate was not the name of the sea. The big man, how could he be afraid of him.

The reason why Pirate Ships defaulted to this situation was because of the “Blackbeard” Teach that could bring Bashas into the crowd.

Many of them have been wooing Bashas and knowing the strength and temper of the opposite side, which makes Teach invisibly establish its own formidable and mysterious image.

With the killing of Li Wei and the addition of this matter, before the details of the details of the Teach, the monkey-like Pirate Ship will not jump out like a hoe.

I have to say that Laffitte is very perfect in controlling people’s minds. It seems to be a knife-toothed dance. In fact, it is as stable as an old dog, and the situation is stabilized.

“Sure enough, it is not a good sign!”

Thinking of the experience of losing my wallet yesterday, Dongte silently sighed and thought that I was a famous name. Even if the unskilled wallet was stolen, what about Quest?


At this time, a Pirate ran over and pulled his sleeve and whispered: “There are guests coming.”

When the guests came, they found what useful information they needed to look at themselves.

There are guests coming…

“Go, go back first!”

Dongte turned to Qingquan and turned away. On the way, he met several Pirates who rushed to the Grand Place and walked side by side. They smashed them and smashed them.

“Hey, brat, no long eyes?!”

Pirate, who was hit hard, was mad, and pulling out the machete would start.


In the East Eyes, the glittering killing intent, a substantial ice-cold murderous Pirate neck, the latter was suddenly scared, staying in place.

When I came back, I still have the image of Dongte.


Pirate touched his neck. Just now he really had the illusion that he was beheaded by the opposite side. Even the pain was created, but at this time he felt no wounds.

Turning his head and looking at his companions, they found that they were the same look, and they felt the lingering neck.

On the Pirate Ship, Dongte closed the doors and windows, opened the shielding device, and then opened the cage-like cage and took out a small Den Den Mushi.

“哟东特, how does Pirate feel?”

The contemptuous words came from Den Den Mushi, the corner of the mouth, and finally resisted the urge of the mother.


“The wings are hard? Give you a try for Father Haha? Do you want to be a bastard?”

Ron sneered at Haha’s face and threatened.

“Do not talk nonsense, you are still in the identity of Father who owes CP0, and don’t say anything.”

Dongte: “…”

Then, do I still want to thank you, bastard! !

“Speaking to Vice Admiral, do you think I am the kind of person who can do a good job in Quest?”

Dongte’s grievances complained.

If you kill Quest, his eyes are not awkward, but sneak into the drifter to investigate the real conspiracy of the Blackbeard Pirates group. This Quest, which is clearly a government spy, can’t get along with a pure Swordman gossip.

Not to mention that the drifter has gathered so many Great Pirates, and the end of the game can be imagined.

“Oh? Isn’t it boring to talk about building a closed door in Base? I am here for you, find an interesting Quest for you!”

So… is the focus? !

You see this is pure revenge!

Dongte once again swallowed the urge to swear, and finally chose to accept the fate: “Okay, sorry, I am wrong!”

“Well, this is almost the same. Let’s talk about it, what have you found?”

Taking a deep breath, Dongte said what he found yesterday and today.

Finally, I solemnly reminded: “Vice Admiral, the enemy is very embarrassed, until now I am not sure that Teach is not on the drifter, I believe other spies are the same.”

“Well, I know.”

Den Den Mushi On the other end, Ron touched his chin and suddenly said, “Let others strengthen their defenses and be careful!”

“At least… no one can steal a wallet anymore.”

puff! !

Dongte vomited blood three liters, subconsciously asked: “How do you know?!!”

“Of course because I am behind you, little fool!”

Dongte: “???”


Quickly look around… but nothing looks at at.


At this time, Den Den Mushi came out with Ron’s exaggerated laughter: “Hahahaha, pause for three seconds, don’t you really look back?!!!”


Hey… I want to kill this bastard!

Dongte depressed vomiting blood.

Now that he has come back, does Ron know that his wallet is lost?

Not surprising at all!

The Pirate League was so big, long before he had a large group of secret agents and government agents to sneak into the drifter. And his identity is still owed by Ron from CP0, I believe that he was noticed by CP0 when he came ashore.

So it was not surprising that Ron knew that his wallet had been lost and he had to sneak out in the middle of the night to kill people and vent their anger.


If you don’t know what to use, just smile!

“But I really will come over.”

At this time, Den Den Mushi heard Ron full of killing intent. Dongte looked condensed and listened to his ears.

“The Pirate Alliance will definitely be arguing for their own interests. The specific cooperation treaty will not be fixed in a few days. You are ready there. I expect to come in three days.”


Dongte looked excited.

It’s true that he has a lot of Great Pirate on the opposite side, but it’s not the same as Ron.

Now everyone knows that the number of people in front of Marine Canglong is the most meaningless unit of war.

There is Ron in this sentence, then he can not be so timid, start to make some big moves!

Dongte is eager to try, Dongte feels that he has a great advantage, Dongte A has gone up…


Hanging up the phone, Bega Punk looked at the Ron, a salted fish look, and hesitatedly said: “Vice Admiral, with the speed of the Ark, shouldn’t be able to get to the drifter after three days?”

Here is the government’s war weapon ark, above the familiar control room.

Although the Ark combines the design ideas of the Ark rumors, plus the black technology that Bega Punk himself developed, the speed is more than double that of the average airship.

But if you want to arrive at the drifter from Punk Hazard in three days, it is also an impossible Quest.

“Yeah, so I have no plans to go!”

Ron, of course, said, picking up a cup of tea and taking a sip.

Bega Punk was shocked and shocked: “What about the East Adreal?”

He is now in the thief’s nest!

“How can I see the rainbow without going through the storm? Young people will eat more and help to grow.”

Ron explained with a sigh of relief, in exchange for the eyes of Bega Punk looking at the trash.

“Moreover, there is a card I left for him, and it is no problem to escape.”

Ron swayed his hand and appeased, then said: “My main Quest is to protect the establishment of G5, and the Ark is transferred for this purpose too! We must make a choice.”

So you sold Dongte?

Bega Punk couldn’t help but shudder and sent a blessing to East Timothy who might have suffered “wind and rain.”

Silence for three seconds.


From the attitude of Ron at the moment, Bega Punk is guaranteed by personality, and Dongte absolutely does not know what the card that Ron left for him.

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