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The concentration of seven or eight dynamite barrels is very terrifying, and a small hill will be smoothed.


Dongte decisively jumped off the deck, and then a formidable shock wave hit him. The back seemed to be torn, and the blood dropped in the air and fell to the sea.

Laffitte knew what he was going to do when he appeared in Bashas. He opened a pair of white wings and rushed into the sky. At the moment when the explosion air was swept, it was like a petrel flying in the storm, flying fast and hiding. An explosion baptism was opened.

But the other soldiers on board did not have their ability, and they died in the explosion.

Only a few luck trucks were good, because they were relatively backward, not affected by the explosion, but they were also dizzy by the hot air and the loud noise, and fell to the ground and painfully shrunk together.

“Bashas, ​​where are you coming from so many explosives?”

Laffitte fluttered with his wings and glanced at him with dissatisfaction.

The attack on the opposite side could not last long. Give him a little time and he would take the opposite side. As a result, he was blown up by Bashas and fell into the sea.

In the sea, it is not his Ability User who can do whatever he wants.

“Wei Hahahaha! How do you get it during the day? Is it good?”

Look at the Pirate Ship, which was directly bombed and half-sinked, and sinking down, Bashars laughed loudly.

Laffitte: “…”

Not bad, your uncle!

This idiot!

Bashas, ​​who had no time to talk about the smashing, gave him a look. Laffitte flapped his wings and came to the sea, waving his sharp blade, and a sword aura bursting out from above, swiftly rushing into the sea.

laugh! laugh! laugh!

“Damn, he escaped!”

Laffitte’s face became more and more ugly. The opposite side intentionally protected the vital point when jumping into the sea. The explosion was most injured and not fatal. Now it is escaped by the opposite side. He can’t get the opposite side out of the sea.

Larkitte’s face was black when he looked at Barshas, ​​who was still laughing. “Look at the good things you did!!”

“Well, what have I done?”

Bashas glanced at the innocent eyes.

Strongly pressed and chopped his impulse, Laffitte did not try to explain with an abnormal idiot, and came to the back of the slowly sinking Pirate Ship, slashing the surviving Marine soldiers.

His original intention was to arrest the group and, in the face of all the people’s interviews, to cleanse the Blackbeard Pirates group’s self-directed suspicion, even deliberately let the first three explosive barrels explode, to ensure that the enemy fled back to the base camp. Shot.

But now the captain of the opposite side escaped, leaving a group of crew members with no convincing power.

In this World, the captain and the crew are two levels of identity, no matter how much the crew said, it is not as good as the captain.

It doesn’t make sense to leave them.

“Hey, what is this?”

At this moment, Laffitte snorted, and the look at the silvery white under the cracked deck, curiously crouched down.

Oh la la!

The board was thrown aside by his easy tears. Laffitte blinked and said in surprise: “It turns out!!”

“What did you find?”

Bashars stood on the port and shouted that the ship was sinking. He didn’t want to fall into the water.

“Come and help to carry this thing out! With this, our purpose is still achieved!”

Laffitte turned over Byakugan impatiently and called him over.

Laffitte suddenly understood when he attacked himself with the wilderness of Wilder.

That is he is fighting for time to retreat.

Bashas buckled his head and “Oh,” he jumped and jumped over to Laffitte.

With the help of the coward of Bashas, ​​in a short time, a submarine-like round silver boat was removed from the stern, and the Pirate Ship sank to make a whirlpool in the port, but the boat made by steel and iron Just did not enter the water for a second, then floated up again.

“What is this? Snail ship for escape?”

The things in front of him made Barshas feel a little confused.

There are dinghies or other things on the normal Pirate Ship, in addition to the most common small boats, there are also expensive snail boats.

But the former is the most common wood, the latter is a special sea snail modified crity hull, not the same as the submarine made of pure metal.

And this cylindrical shape, how to see how wrong.

“It should be used for escape, but the shape is very unusual.”

Laffitte splits the scarlet corner of the mouth and puts the crutches under his arm: “Go, take it back, and call Pirate Ship to meet tomorrow, it’s time to prove our innocence.”


When he heard him say, Bashas was too lazy to use his head and nodded. “Hey,” he would at least have a dozen-tonne submarine forcibly lifted from the sea to resist his shoulders and walk in the direction of the coming.

After they left, Dongte surfaced, stuck behind a pillar, and looked at the completely submerged Pirate Ship.



New World, Punk Hazard.

“I know, you start to prepare, so as not to be accidentally injured.”

Hang up Den Den Mushi, Ron corner of the mouth: “Eat a long, smart, this time, you should grow up Dongte!”

Territory manatee!

This is why Dongte was exposed last night.

This magical marine radar can detect all objects in the sea area covered by radio waves. Any object can’t be avoided. It is mainly used to monitor the sea area to avoid being secretly invaded by the enemy. It is something that many forces will use.

This is the case with BIG·MOMpirate’s Totto Land.

Due to the good demand, at the same time itself is also considered a kind of Rare resource. The drifter number based on “business” is naturally prepared, and it can be used as a commodity for sale.

Laffitte took the money and bought two cows in the territory through Edi. After setting it up, they let them lurk in the bottom of the sea. From the moment of the sea, Dongte was seen by Laffitte.

Until the explosives detonated, Laffitte determined that there were no other enemies before they started to arrest people.

However, the territory of the manatee itself does not have a high degree of camouflage Ability, if Dongte more to keep an eye on the situation, and more to detect the enemy situation, this kind of thing can be avoided.

But he didn’t…

“But this is also within my plan, isn’t it?”

Seeing the iconic sinister smile on Ron’s face, Bega Punk shuddered.


Sure enough!

No matter what Dongde Rear Admiral does, it is actually within the calculation of Canglong.

Even if he is not exposed tonight, he will have to be exposed tomorrow.

Because what Ron has to do is based on the premise that they are exposed.

Bega Punk silently mourned for the unknown “Blackbeard” Teach for three seconds, and was stared at by Marine Canglong. His end can be imagined, but it is only a matter of time.

Thinking of the research that I was doing, Bega Punk felt the same inexplicable shock, and I looked at Ron with a lingering sorrow. The dry smile said: “Since this is the case, then I will check the remote control instrument to ensure that nothing is lost. ”

“Well, Mr. Berga Punk please feel free!”

Ron nodded and stood up and sent him to leave.

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