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New World, drifter number.

id="htmlContent">     新世界,漂流者号。


After a day, the Pirate Shipmen were reunited.


Laffitte called them over today because he said he had found the prisoner, and many well-informed captains already knew that they had all the gains last night and wanted to hear how he would explain what happened these two days.


On the top of the sun, Sun shines on the skin, leaving many people impatient.


Just as everyone was resentful, Laffitte finally took the Bashas to the square.


However, everyone’s attention was not attracted to Laffitte, but instead stared at Bashas… because on the shoulders of the latter, carrying a silver-white submarine, every step of the way, the board foundation was overwhelmed. Squeaky.




The square center was opened with a hole, and Bashas threw the submarine into it and took out a lot of waves.


“You, we have found the real murderer!”


Laffitte slammed the cap and slammed the captains and nodded slightly. Then he opened the door: “Look, this is the identity of the murderer!”


The crowd looked in the direction he was pointing, a Pirate Ship asked in a puzzled question.


“You shouldn’t want to tell us, is the murderer a submarine?”


“Of course not, I want to invite everyone to see this!”


Laffitte had a long-awaited jump to the top of the submarine and nodded with a cane on the stitched armor.


“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. After all, this submarine is highly technical and it is not easy to open the hatch.”


As he said, Laffitte kept on his hands. After the armor fell off, he took a look from his arms and saw the rough key that came out of the work and inserted it into the exposed keyhole.


The rest of the people were amazed that if Laffitte didn’t take out the keys, they really didn’t find a keyhole on the smooth surface after the armor.




The airtight door made a sound of venting, and then in the unsightly gaze of the crowd, two pieces of armor that could not be seen from the surface suddenly shrank into the gap left by the armor, revealing the black below. Lacquered spiral switch.


Laffitte grabs the switch and twists it. After a few turns, it pulls back, which really opens the door.


Don’t look at this submarine is not big, but the space utilization rate inside the cabin is very high, and ten people sitting in it will not appear a little crowded. The complicated instrument indicator on the front console kept littering, and finally a “beep” sound, like the sound of the motor, came out.


Standing on the submarine that made a faint humming sound, Laffitte grinned. “This is what we found on the murderer ship last night. Now everyone believes that the explosion of the previous two days has nothing to do with us?”


“What is this? How can a submarine prove your innocence?”


Most of Pirate can be illiterate, a bit of noise, someone started to talk questions.


However, illiteracy is only a matter of knowledge. The Pirate Ship, who can eat at New World, is mostly thoughtful and understands.


“Oh, it turned out to be Marine!”


The technology of this submarine does not say that the group is still using the sail Pirate Ship, they have seen and used it, and they have never heard of it.


It’s not at all the level that ordinary Pirate can reach!


They don’t understand, so they can prove that this is not the hand of the Blackbeard Pirates.


Only the Marine and World Government will have this magical high-tech creation.


If Laffitte gets a certificate today, they may not believe it, but technology won’t lie. Coupled with Laffitte and Bashas did not hide their whereabouts last night, many people look at them and they returned to the submarine from a sinking Pirate Ship in the port.


To understand the key points, the Pirates woke up instantly.


Damn, I was cheated!


Laffitte breathed a sigh of relief from the Pirates.


Although the culprit “Wild” escaped, there was no way to thoroughly clean up the suspicion of self-directed self-acting in face-to-face trials, but as long as there is this, the discerning person will at least keep more eye-catching.


Compared with the previous two days, everyone is suspicious and completely distrusts them. This kind of mind can at least ensure that the Confederate General Assembly will continue.




Behind the crowd, Dongte squeezed the fist after makeup. The people around him only felt angry when he was being deceived by Marine. He didn’t think he was the real murderer they were looking for.


The companion was killed, but he was powerless. This kind of grievance and anger made Dongte red eyes, and a killing began to spread.


However, at this time, a breath of breath attracted his attention.


“Captain, you are here!”


His subordinates have all died in the sneak attack last night, and now they will call him the captain…




Dongte instantly turned back, vigilant at the look at behind Pirate.


“who are you?”


Dongte lowered his voice and touched the spring.


It’s not surprising that the Dongte’s vigilance was not enough. When he was close, he said quietly: “I’m going with me.”


The only card that has been used by Laffitte is to prove the grievances. If Ron does not appear, it is unknown whether he can leave the ship alive. Dongte smiles.


“Okay, I am going with you!”


An unknown little Pirate left without paying anyone’s attention. Pirates were free to use them, even the Pirate Ships in the center of the square didn’t have a formal shape, let alone the usual Pirate.


Dongte followed the followers all the way, and came to the main body of the drifter in a short time, looking at his shocked face, and the smile was slight.


“Dong Adearal, please, the captain is waiting for you!”


The captain of the drifter is actually his own? !


Dongte was shocked by this news.


On the ship, Dongte continued to be surprised to find that the number of crew on the drifter was scarce, and the number of crew was not at all the level of a large ship.


“Most of the people have been evacuated these days, and the rest are just insignificant ship-goers, but they are busy doing business in Little Town and don’t know this.”


Seeing his doubts, the man explained with a smile.


East features nod and does not speak.


Somehow, he vaguely had a bold guess.


Soon, the two stopped in a hut inside the drifter, and the knocker knocked on the knock on the door, respectfully said: “Edie, the East Adreal has been brought.”


“Well, let him come in.”




The respondent nodded and responded.


“Dong Dear Admiral, please!”


Then turned and left.


Nervous swallowing, Dongte stood in front of the gate, took a deep breath and pushed open the door. This is a very luxurious room, full of golden and splendid. The famous “scarred wolf” Edie sat behind a red wooden table, and the corner of the mouth was holding a pipe.


“The time is tight, Dong Dear Admiral. We have to leave for half an hour, I want to ask what to ask.”


“Why help me? Are you a Marine’s spy or a government spy?”


Dongte did not hesitate to open the door.




Edie shook the shook head: “The Golden Emperor wants to give a face to the Dragon Admiral. The Umitian is going to give the Emperor a face. I am only a subordinate of Ummett, and naturally obey his orders.”


Speaking of this, Edie seems to have fixed the question that Dongte has to ask, and said directly: “In addition, don’t ask me what the plan is… I don’t know! That is the problem that the adults above should consider.”


“My Quest just made sure you left the drifter… and I didn’t have to show up, the submarine in your boat was enough to run away. As a result, because you lost the submarine last night, I had to show up. You retreat with us.”


“You know that once I find out that I am connected with you, my business life is over, and Ummett will keep me in the snow, starting from scratch.”


“Yes? Sorry to trouble you.”


There was a smile on the face of Dongte.


Indeed, there is a card that Ron handed him, the submarine that was personally fought by Bega Punk and crossed the ages. Even if it was impossible, he would not be a problem.


But Laffitte touched the boat directly, making it difficult for them to retreat.


Originally, I wanted to delay the waiting for the soldiers to drive the submarine out and jump to the sea to escape. As a result, I did not expect that Bashas had thrown a pile of explosives and drowned, and directly sank the ship. Even the submarine was taken away by the opposite side. Object.


Taking a deep breath, Dongte raised his solemn look at Edie and asked his inner thoughts: “Do my crew have to die?”

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