OPTN Chapter 401

Dongte is not a fool, and a fool can’t be judged by Ron as a “flowery whistle” like a murder sword.

Was it betrayed?

No, Dongte knows that he can do something to change the ending, but he did not.

The only thing he is not sure about is whether his crew must die!

If it was Ron’s deadly plan, no matter how hard he tried, Ron wanted them to die, and no one could hold them.

Edie heard an eyebrow and raised his eyebrows seriously: “This question, you already have an answer in your heart, isn’t it?”

Edie didn’t know, and he didn’t dare to know what the real plan of the grown-up was, and he didn’t even have the idea of ​​trying to figure it out.

Marine Canglong!

The name in New World can cure children’s nightingales, not because of how many people he killed.

Indeed, it was the Laffitte that he handed over the land cows to the land, which led to the disappearance of Dongte and the others. But he asked Ron in advance, and Ron said that no matter what the opposite side is going to do, they have full power, even if they kill. It doesn’t matter if the Marine and Government agents are there.

The Dongte line as a chess piece can not survive. It is not Ron’s idea, but the East’s Ability. Because there is a very cruel fact that … is not a dead or alive, only the most real killing, can make everything appear to be a matter of course.

The reason why those soldiers will die is that the East’s Ability is insufficient.


As soon as the sound of dripping sounded, Edie took a cigar and looked down. He found that the blue carpet that Dongt stood on had a black mark on it. The blood slid down his fingers and the invisible killing began to spread.

Edie looks relaxed, because this killing is not aimed at himself.

Nor is it aimed at Ron.

It is better to say that it is remorse than to kill.

I can’t wait to kill myself to make up for my dead companions.

“Marine Dragon is really not a simple character.”

In the eyes of Dongte’s changes, Edie was shocked and felt sincerely jealous of the Marine Vice Admiral who had never met.

“last question……”

After a while, Dongte hoarse voice to start talk.

“Dong Admiral, please.”

“When did the plan start?”

It was said that Edie took off the pipe and smiled bitterly: “Do you think New World is so messed up like this? Why am I still alive?”

The simple employment of the Kingdom of Jerma caused the war. Edie was not afraid, but a series of pushes led to the New World war and even disturbed Five Elder Stars. He could sit here safely, and the answer is already obvious.

I was stared at by Five Elder Stars, and even Umte couldn’t keep him. Edie could only obey.

“It turns out!”

Dongte closed his eyes, at that time, even after he received an order to play Wilder!

Ron had already set the plan long before he solved the New World turmoil.


The prisoner is Marine, which is the result of Pirate’s previous speculations, but the last thing I want to see.

Because it is Marine, and New World can be revenged by them, only the oversee Punk Hazard, the World of Dragons of Megatron New World.

This revenge can only be pressed temporarily.

Anyway, the dead person is not his own, take care of me?

If Pirate is enemies, it will be more difficult than letting Marine not be scum, so that government officials are not eroded by rights.

The Alliance Conference continued, and Laffitte was satisfied and began to discuss with the captain the guidelines of the Pirate Alliance.

Bashas does not care about this. He is not stupid. He even said that he is quite deceitful. However, he only deceives in the real big things and in the battle. He does not care about these small things that surround the virtual snake.

At this moment, the boring Bashars sat in the submarine with the door open, leaning his foot against the console, and leaning back against the chair.

At this time, I don’t know how long it took, suddenly a “drop” sounded, and Bashas looked up at the sleepy eyes. The looks at the indicator light that started glittering, and it was illiterate.

“what’s the situation?”

“What have I encountered?”

“It’s none of my business!”

And the scarlet glow around the glittering, giving him a very unpredictable foreboding.

“Bashas, ​​what are you doing?!”

The submarine’s hatch door was always open, and the same “drip” sound and glittering red light were found, and Laffitte’s eyebrows were picked and asked.

“I don’t know, it suddenly started to call the police!”

Bashas pulled out his head from the hatch and tried to draw a line.

At this time, suddenly a string of prompts sounded.

“The navigational order was not included, it was confirmed that it was captured, and the emergency response was initiated.”

Bashas looked back and said, in the console Ikkaku, a Den Den Mushi opened his eyes and said publicly. It is the kind of broadcast Den Den Mushi that is available on the general Pirate Ship for notifications.

“It is detected that there is a living body in the cabin, and the automatic return measures are activated.”

Bashas: “Ha?”

The next moment, “咚”, the door suddenly closed automatically.

At this same time, under the circumstance of Pirate’s unclear and sharp gaze, the middle of the submarine began to deform and split into two.


puff! !

A beam of light suddenly emerged from the back of the first half of the cabin in which Bashas was located. In the gaze of a group of people, the propulsion of the beam caused the silver-white bullet to start tilting upwards.

Wait a minute, the bullet? !

Laffitte finally remembered why this thing looked so weird, because it looks like the bullets used by the more technically powerful guns!

It’s just that the two bullets are connected to the buttocks, and the shape of the submarine is so large that he feels weird but doesn’t think about it.

Moreover, if it is a bullet…


Just thinking about it, the beam of light suddenly skyrocketed, the terrifying waves spread to the surroundings, and the Pirates who were caught off guard fell.

Then, under the gaze of a group of people, the bullets slammed into the sky and flew away…

And if it is a bullet, it will fly! ! !

“The trough!!!”

Look at the bullet to pull a white line in the sky, Laffitte is not good for the whole person.

Is this counted as a self-investment?

He clearly heard it and started the “regression measures”!

Where does Marine’s equipment automatically return?

Of course, go back to Marine! !


Wait a minute!

Laffitte suddenly calmed down and looked down at the remaining half of the warhead that was hit into a hut because of the impact.

“If it is captured, what happens under normal circumstances?”

Hey! ! !

The treacherous treaches accompanied the glaring thunder in the moment and wrapped the entire drifter into it. It has already escaped to the east of the country, and the inner sadness was filled with fear.

If you didn’t guess wrong…

Father has always been sleeping on a bomb? ? ?


New World, Punk Hazard.

“Automatically return, what did you do when you were?”

Ron looks at Berga Punk’s operation on the console, and after the phrase “automatic regression measures”, Spirit spurred.

Some devices can be activated by not including the navigation instructions. It can be done by a very simple small body. It is not necessary to detect the living body. There is a heat source sensing device on the seat, but this automatic return is more magical, even one satellite. No, how to locate?

Even this kind of System can be made out, it is worthy of the king of black technology, Bega Punk! It’s hard to be a good woman, he’s not even a pot!

“That was used to fool them. I prepared two sets of recordings, one for normal operation and the other for this…”

Bega Punk turned over Byakugan: “Don’t you hear it, is that my voice?”

Ron: “…”

Ok, I think too much.

“If you are not disturbed by external forces, the final drop is here!”

Bega Punk reached out and pointed at the chart. It was a common uninhabited sea: “After discovering that the landing is not Marine Base, he will definitely rush back to join his companions without contact.”

“The scent signal and the electric wave signal are two-pronged, when the time…”

The weak electric wave signal is received little by Den Den Mushi, and the trajectory of the bullet flying is turned into a visible image point and reflected on the radar.

“Follow him and you will find Teach, right?”

Ron coldly smiled.

In order not to be suspicious of the opposite side, the soldiers of the Dongte ship even gave their lives, so that Laffitte and Bashas took the initiative to approach the submarine and dyed a special smell that was not smelled by humans.

This smell is difficult to remove and you want to remove it quickly. Only the location where the smell is applied can be pulled off the skin.

So even if Bashas abandoned the submarine with a positioning device to swim home, it would be tracked by the bega punk-trained sharks and there was nowhere to escape.

I have paid so much effort and only one purpose.

That is to find Teach and kill Teach!

When he was simply driven out of Pirates, there was Whitebeard who had Ron to take him. Now that Teach has been taken as a shame by the Whitebeard Pirates, he dared to make trouble, and Ron said that he would not let him go.

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