OPTN Chapter 463

The first volume of Pirate’s Marine Thunder God, the wind from the 463 chapter eight guns! An object with a height of only 9 meters flies out, and it is not unusual in this level of battle.

But if you fly out is “Four Emperor”, what about BIg?

“Impossible! How can there be such a formidable explosive power?!”

BIg·m is full of disbelief. She is proud of the “steel and iron balloon” body. When she was attacked, she immediately came up with an angina, an unbeatable savage force, and her five internal organs. Six smashes.

“Invincible for too long has already made you lose a heart that is in the face of unknown humility.”

Ron grinned, and under the speed enforcement of the lightning man, the distance of tens of meters was instantly passed by him.

Before the landing of BIg·touch m, the foot was forced to step on it, and the figure was suddenly still, like a bow and arrow ready to be sent, and the bowstring was tightened.


Second shot!

This kind of attack Ron, which combines “Wu Zhan·Meng Men” and “Super Electromagnetic Cannon”, can’t make all the Strengths at once, but the power of each cannon is still ruined, and the huge fist hammer with the thunder is in the BIg·touch m floating ribs at the abdomen, the whole fist is sagged into the time.


Looking up a big blood, BIg·m is anxious, and both hands clasped his fists over his head and squatted down.

“Give me an Activation!”

Continue to beat, she can not eat Ron this set of tricks.

The prediction of BIg·M is very correct. Ron didn’t pause until after the hammer flew her. The huge icebergs along the way were swept away by the hot thunder, and the speed was almost at its best.

劈 hang up the air strike!

What should you do when you are continually attacking but being attacked by the enemy?

Zephyr told Ron, can’t retreat!

If you take the initiative, you are not here. At this time, you should counterattack with a stronger Strength and extinguish the counter-attack Flame!

Anyway, who dares to hurt you with injuries, isn’t it?

Ron did the same. In the face of BI’s fist hammering down to himself, Ron stopped and his left hand slammed forward, and BIg·m was wrapped around a thick Hooshoku Haki’s fist.

Kuāng dāng !

Clash of metal is deafening, and BIg·M is surprised to find that his own hateful blow has fallen.

The terrifying power on the fist was ruined, causing her arm joints to be as soft as an electric shock, and then swaying to the side.

“not good!”

The attack was broken, and the big door was Activate!

BIg·M is trying to pull back his arm to resist the attack. Ron goes further and takes advantage of his lightning speed. The right fist is like a cannonball and hits her nose.

“Oh wow…!”

Yang Tian vomited a group of congestion, BIg · touch m huge body once again retreat. She plowed her feet and plowed two canyons on the frozen ice sheet. The glaciers separated from Shatter along the way, and a bloody flower fell on the cliffs of ice-cold.

“Mama !!!”

At this time, a figure wearing a blue suit spurred from a distance, that is the ice cream minister in the Totto Land 34 minister, Moscato, and the survivor of the last battle on Porter Island.

At this moment, Moscato was horrified, and BIg·M, who had never been injured in their eyes, was actually vomiting blood by the enemy. This is much stronger than the serious injury caused by BIg·M. .

At that time, BIg·M was also injured, but Ron could continue to pursue without Ability.

Seeing that Ron had to continue to attack, Moscato’s anxiety in his heart pressed down the fear, and quickly climbed up and wanted to block the attack for BIg·m.

“Who is this……”

Ron’s eyes turned and he always felt that he didn’t know him. But no matter who, after the Thunder God eight guns, forced stop is dangerous.

“If you want to die, I will fulfill you!”

I don’t even look at the European epee that Moscato slashed. Ron stepped forward and his arms went out.


Sturdy and with Hooshoku Haki’s Epee suddenly crushed into pieces of iron, Moscato was shocked, finally understand why BIg·m would vomit blood backwards.

In the face of this unreasonable terrifying Strength, resist? It’s easy to talk about it!

The fifth punch!


Others are punching and Ron is punching.

The cannon fell on the body, Moscatto’s eyes were magnified, and then the whole person was distorted in a “cracking” sound, and the bones were broken!

At last……


Oh la la!

A group of blood mist was stained with Ron’s fist, and it was evaporated by lightning. The huge current Stranger screamed out and baked the residue into black smoke.

The ice cream minister of one of the Totto Land 34 ministers, in this regard, was beaten by the ashes!


BIg·touch m sees the splitting of the fingers, and she doesn’t know much about her feelings, but the opposite side is a valuable part of Totto Land, which is something that BIg·M can’t tolerate.

“You Monster, die!!”

喘 Moscato brings a breather, BIg·m encourages the strength of Soul-Soul Fruit Awakening, a layer of invisible Strength spreads to the surrounding ice sheet, and then turns into a huge Ice Blade, smashing his face toward Ron .


The Ice Blade hasn’t arrived yet, and the sharp edge has torn Ron’s ice sheet in front of the behind to a bottomless gully.

In a sense, BIg·m is indeed very similar to Ron, including their Way of Sword, which is based on its own unreasonable Physique.

If it is Mihawk, he has 100 styles to make the sword of BIg·m, but it is Ron and Ron has only two solutions.

The sixth punch!


The Ice Blade collided with the fist, and the ice-cold’s blade cut into the fist, splitting the palm of the hand and splashing blood. The current of 噼啪glittering hits the Ice Blade in vain, but it doesn’t hurt Ice Blade.


BIg· touched m to be happy, but then, greater fear spread in her eyes.

The seventh punch!

Isn’t it a chopped hand?

To be honest, this battle is not as bad as his previous fight with Teach and Rayleigh. If you just feel guilty of cutting a hand, then Ron can only express his love.



The punch angle was smashed, hitting the abdomen at BIg·m, and suddenly the wound was a bit fleshy. Busoshoku Haki only allowed her to avoid the end of being punched.

“The last punch!”

Ron didn’t hesitate to make a hit.

Looking at the fat figure of the imaginary emptiness and upward emptiness, an inhalation sound appeared in the battlefield center.



Eight guns rang, each punch is a fusion of the martial arts and super-electromagnetic guns, and the power is maximized, without any cuts.

Such a huge consumption of Ron is also somewhat unaffordable. At this moment, the breath is exhaled, and the exhaled gas is faintly bloody.

But these are not enough to stop Ron.

Exhaustion, pain, flesh and blood.

The mourning of the enemy is the best song of the battle!

His eyes locked in the big face of BIg·m, and Ron “snapped” and smiled. It was almost a moment of exhalation. The arm muscles were normal from the high drums, and they crossed back and forth countless times, making terrifying force enough to tear their muscles and muscles. Converged on the fist.


Thunder God Eight Cannons · Tiandi Huayu!


A dazzling condensed light column emerged through the body, BIg·touch m eyeballs whitened, nourishing two blood fountains in the nostrils, the eardrum ruptured, and seven bleeds.

Hey… Hey! ! !

The nine-meter-high, ten-ton-tall terrifying body flies high, like a cannonball, screaming and screaming as the air tears, slamming into the distance.

The power of the eight cannons, destroying the world!

. . . m.

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