OPTN Chapter 464

In addition to the two men who fought, the first person to feel the unstoppable terrifying current was Caido.

Don’t think that beating is nothing, and the knowledge here is getting bigger.

It is the most important one to avoid weaknesses.

In the face of attacks that are truly threatening to yourself, escaping and unloading are the best solutions.

Otherwise, Caddo died in the process of growing up, and there is now the limelight of Four Emperor.

At this moment, feeling the shock from a distance, Kayto looked gloomy.

“This Strength… is Whitebeard?”

“No! Whitebeard’s Strength is not so cohesive, and this current is so fluent, so far apart, so strong, Mink Tribe simply can’t match…”

and so.

Marine Canglong!

Suddenly, in the head of Kaiduo, the dragon sword that descended from the sky appeared.

“Damn, is that guy already Awakening?!”

When Kaddon suddenly took a breath, it was cool.

After each Fruit User User Awakening, the strength will change qualitatively. Although the upper and lower limits fluctuate greatly, Awakening is not necessarily their opponent.

But Marine Canglong, the guy who left a diamond scar on his forehead, is definitely the upper limit!


Kaiduo complained in his heart.

I heard that this year, Charlotte Linlin is a disadvantaged woman. Even the Tea Party has been cancelled. I want to come to BIG·MOM to play the autumn wind and see if I can use BIG·MOMPirates for my own use before I bring my newly recruited army. join in the fun.

But suddenly, there was no trace of the appearance of the dragon in his intelligence.

There are not many people in this world that can make Kaido jealous.

“World’s strongest” Whitebeard counts, once with the NUS Sword Hero Ryoma and “thunderclap Sword Hero” Hughes Moore counts one, Bega Punk counts one, in addition… BIG·MOM counts half, while Marine Canglong, also considered half.

His reasons for taboo Ron are not for others.

The strongest heads-up is based on the premise that it can kill the opposite side.

And Marine Canglong, immortal Vice Admiral, who can kill him is an unsolved mystery.

If that Monster joins in fighting with himself and really has mastered the fruit Awakening, in addition to the defeat of the grievance, Kaido can’t think of the second result.

Can’t continue playing!

I have more important things to do!

World’s biggest war is waiting for me!

At this moment, Kaiduo slammed down and smashed the iceberg hit by Aokiji with his forehead.


The terrifying iceberg that can sink a small island was easily smashed into smashed ice by Keduo, and then Kayto waved the mace and smashed Kizaru with a laser, ignoring the power to tear the steel and iron. The big bang, the figure suddenly skyrocketed.

Roar! ! !

“No, he used the fruit Ability!”

The dragon humming confused Haoshoku Haki Jun Lin sea, Aokiji suddenly shocked, did not want to think, spread his palms, a tens of degrees of cold wind hit the sky.

Every time Marine beats Caddo, they are all a gimmick, stay on the ground and play wrestling with them.

Don’t forget, Marine, apart from their Three Great, and the older generation of Garp and Sengoku strength have not degraded!

The name of “Iron Fist” does not need to be said. If you want to slap his cheap in a simple close combat, it is better to go home and sleep.

There are dreams.

And once Kaido launched the fruit of the concept into the dragon, the palm control of the air, the Kizru, the weakness of the incomparable advantage of the guy, can not stop.

This is one of the reasons why Marine has attached great importance to the airship force and Ron Awakening.

Although Marine is strong, it is not the first place to take the lead.

Ron’s air combat Ability is especially above Kizaru, and the lack of destructive power.

“give it to me!”


Kizaru, who was broken into light particles, gasped slightly and appeared next to Aokiji.

He couldn’t take any positive attack from Keduo. The sparkling fruit, like Thunder Fruit, is not an ability to be longer than defense.

If the fruit is broken, he can only avoid the dodge by consuming a large amount of Stamina’s whole body elementalization. It has been smoldering for so long.


A tremor was heard, and the prism of the octahedron appeared in the body. Kizaru was turned into a light particle, and the golden light turned from yellow to white, ready to go.


But at this time, a huge hot air stream hit the air, Aokiji suddenly eclipsed, calling out a group of hard and innocent hard ice blocks in front of him.


“Is my speed slower than Kadto?”

Kizaru’s wretched self-talking, the next moment, rushing from the sky, wrapped him into the attacking force to half.

It was at the same time that he was transforming, and Kato decisively spit and attacked below, without wasting a minute and a second, directly!

Oh… rub it!

The sound of the Shatter came from the sky. A hundred meters long dragon smashed away from the ice covered by the body. The dragon eye and the majestic glance looked at the battlefield that was swept under the explosion, and the roar was deep and snarling.

“Hundred Beast Pirates, retreat!”

After the ice, Aokiji heard the voice shouting and his eyes lit up.

“Ah, is it so fast to go, Kaido?”


Such a clear singer will not be fooled, and after Awakening, the strength is not weaker than Admiral’s Canglong and Kizaru entangled, his end must not be wonderful.

Don’t worry now that Cang Long and BIG·MOM can’t get away from running away… Retreat, leaving waiting for the dumplings?

BIG·MOM will not care about the old feelings.

This is the same as him.

Seeing that Kaido is not fooled, the farther and farther away from the breath, Aokiji is also relieved when he smiles.

He probably guessed the reason why Kedo chose to retreat, but since the family knows about his own affairs, Ron is now… not necessarily who will fight!


Totto Land hinterland, Whole Cake Island.


The huge body is heavy on the ground, and it will freeze the Shatter with a ten-meter-deep hard ice sheet.

The arachnoid crater is deep in the sea, lying on the floating ice, soaked in the cold sea water, BIG·MOMcorner of the mouth, and the trachea is hot.

“Cough! Damn Canglong! Did he eat stimulants?!”

The kind of violent attack that is unreasonable, is not an end? !

If it is only once, even if it is not possible to prevent the flight, BIG·MOM also has the means to stabilize the battle.

However, not!

Eight times, once more than a fierce artillery punch, screaming at the explosive speed of his own lightning ignoring physical damage, simply do not give yourself a chance to breathe.

Including Moscato’s time for her, but also slightly extended her time of being hit hard.

If you don’t face Ron’s Thunder God eight guns, you won’t understand how strong the devastating power attached to the fist is.

Just as the stormy waves in the storm are endless, the opponent will never stop.

It is the combination of “force” and “speed”, the perfect match between “technology” and “art”!

“Can’t continue to be beaten, or he will not be exhausted, I will be killed!”

BIG·MOM secretly groaned and resisted the painful injury and stood up.


Suddenly, a coldness hit my heart, BIG·MOM looked down, and looked at his own broken, flesh-and-blood belly, his fingers trembled slightly.


“The myth of Totto Land makes it stagnate here!”

Far from BIG·MOM, Ron gasps and sighs, calming down the bottom of the heart.

A venting burst of boxing, thunderclap will be satisfied, at the same time violent consumption of Stamina, Ron is in a bad state at the moment, but in disguise for the blessing, Awakening’s Strength is in the control.

While stabilizing his own strength, Ron raised his hand and looked at the flesh and blood of the 404 shape in the palm of his hand. The corner of the mouth was slightly tilted.

“There is no child (anti-harmony) palace, what do you want to have children, BIG·MOM!”

Why not fight your head?

It is not certain that killing is one of them. The human skull is hard, not to mention “steel and iron balloon” BIG·MOM.

Second, Totto Land’s most incapable of Marine is the unbreakable steel and iron wall made up of blood and blood. Even if BIG·MOM dies, this bloody scorpion will lead to more evil!

When Ron and Sengoku negotiated and let go of Katakuri, they wanted to set a thorn in this unbreakable bloodline.

Therefore, Ron’s Thunder God eight guns, in addition to the necessary demolition, are aimed at BIG·MOM lower abdomen.

There is only one purpose…

“Haha Haha, then your children… kill one, one less!”

Looking at the distant side of the World Cake Island, which was baptized by the drums of the heavens, Ron laughed very insidiously.

This is the true face of Marine Canglong!

Formidable, and vicious!

He is not an evil incarnation of unscrupulous means for the purpose, but it is not a just defender of Wei Guangzheng!

If you can, Ron doesn’t mind his own means to do it again.

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