After a faint Quest day in the dark, the Marine Headquarter ushered in a group of people who fundamentally changed the degree of abnormality.

That is the Oka Shichibukai!

“Pirate Empress” Poya Han Hancock.

“The Eighteenth Beam of the Eight Treasures Army” Lao Cai.

“Renxia” and “Fujitora” smiled.

“Death surgeon” Trafalgarro.

Oka Shichibukai, who signed the “Shichibukai Treaty” with the Government, arrived at the Marine Headquarter on time, after receiving the Government order, regardless of what he thought, preparing for the upcoming war.

“I heard that you had a loss in her hand, Momonga Vice Admiral?”

Ron’s funny looks at his face, his dark purple potato head, said: “Is it too long to be single, panic?”


Momonga glanced at him with a bad look and turned his head and refused to make a sound.

Just turning around at the same time, Ron clearly found that the man next to him was his own Instructor’s veteran Marine general. He had two pinks on his face, seemingly shy…

Lying in the trough!


Ron was shocked and unbelievable at the sight of him.

Cold “stem” point Momonga Vice Admiral!

You won’t have good results!

“Hey? ‘Kaikyō ‘Jinbe haven’t arrived yet?”

Lao Cai turned his head and glanced at the office of the sparse pull, and paused for a moment in the remaining Shichibukai, and asked.

“Oh, he did not accept the Government call in violation of the treaty. He has been sent to Impel Down for trial. You don’t care about him.”

Hearing this, Ron picked an eyebrow.


I understand all the truth, but what is the hell of your attitude towards drinking and eating small dishes? !

Lao Cai looked horrified.

That is Jinbe, one of Shichibukai!

On the seniority of the seniority of the place!

“Hey! Is that just the case?”

Ha Hancock glared at Behind’s variegated python “Saromy”, the white legs of the high fork skirt slowly tilted up and sat on the snake: “this one is heard, the government intends to eliminate the Shichibukai system… short In a few months, I lost three Shichibukai, and I can’t feel at ease.”

“Are you doubting the government? Poya Han Hancock!”

Momonga heard this, turned her head at the careful look at her, and angered: “Don’t forget what you are!”

“I? What am wrong with me?”

“Even if there is, no matter what this one does, it will be forgiven, because this one… is so beautiful!”

After all, Han Hancock both hands face, infinitely shy.


Momonga blushes in disappointment and can’t say it.

I have to admit that the female emperor is definitely one of the most beautiful women in One Piece World. There is no room for choice in terms of body and face.

But it is the character, it is really a problem.

In the true sense, what is called “only can be seen from afar, not to play.”

I used to think that comics are very fun. It is your turn to face it personally, and if you are not a Luffy but a passerby, Han Hancock’s character is simply unbearable.

Fortunately, two of the male compatriots present were completely immune to the charm of the female emperor.

First, “Fujitora” smiled.

The second…

“If you are narcissistic, go back and talk to the mirror, Han Hancock…”

“Marine Headquarter, not Amazon Lily by your wild!”

Ron bit his cigar and his face was cold: “But I don’t mind, let the rumors on the sea become a reality.”


Han Hancock heard a sneak peek at the unbelievable look at Ron: “You have ignored the charm of this one?!”

For many years, even the hawks in Marine who are known for their willpower can’t stop their charms, regardless of men and women.

There is now a man who ignores her charm.


Han Hancock’s expression is inexplicably cold.

In addition to her rescue from the Celestial Dragon claws, in addition to Fisher Tiger, and Sil Bazz-B Rayleigh and Xia Qi.

Through some channels, Han Hancock clearly remembers that it was the young Marine who sent her great benefactor Rayleigh to the road.

In the original work, she promised to come to the top of the battlefield because of Luffy’s request, but now she agrees to come, except for the huge military force of Marine’s, the Amazon Lily in the deep Calm Belt can no longer be alone overseas, but also come to see the enemy. The meaning is inside.

Seeing it now, it really is extraordinary!

Her biggest card, charm, was directly ignored by this man.

No, it is not ignorant to say accurately!

His eyes are hard to conceal his beauty, but the kind of indifference and ruthlessness that comes out of the scorpion is the indifference and ruthlessness of the playthings. Han Hancock remembers the days of Holy Land, the group of Celestial Dragons looking at her eyes.

This is a delicate doll…

Didn’t look at her at all!

“Don’t use that kind of look at me…”

Ron pulled the chair down and calmed down and looked at him: “Ask you a question, how many people have you fallen under your pomegranate skirt? Han Hancock.”


Han Hancock converges, and the proud “squeaky” sounds, the Queen’s gas field is fully open: “The man who is dirty, just like the sand on the beach, has something to remember.”

“me too.”

Ron smiled and then his eyes became cold: “I can’t remember how many pieces of bread I ate.”


The voice fell, and an ice-cold terrifying murderous murder emerged from his body.

The violently surging Haoshoku wave shattered the window, so that the wall did not break open the mottled crack, and the surging Haki slaps like a tidal wave in the hearts of everyone, making you breathless.

Invisible, the earth-shattering dragons screamed in the wild, letting them sink into the boundless darkness and be dominated by fear.

This World For Ron, no one is irreplaceable except for the thing he wants.

Han Hancock is a world-famous and unstoppable “World First Beauty” for the world. For him, to remove all the forces and auras added to Han Hancock, the existence value of her “individual” is not as good as herself. A bowl of porridge that was eaten this morning is important.

In short, he has the will to overthrow everything!

The enjoyment of the flesh and Spirit will only surrender to this outstanding will!

With the strength of this will, the charm of Han Hancock has no meaning to him.

In the face of Ron’s maddening, Han Hancock suddenly understood.

It’s not that he didn’t look at himself.

But on the opposite side, there is no such thing in their eyes. He doesn’t look at anyone!

The height of this man’s standing is simply a matter of fear!


“Look, are you talking about it?”

At this moment, Sengoku, who was waiting outside the door, pushed in and calmly scanned the Great Hall.

When Ron sees it, he will receive it. With the ultimate retraction of Haki, he will restore the silence. But with this, no one dares to see him.

And the Marine Headquarter standing behind him!

That’s right, everything is planned by Ron and Sengoku, and the next order is arranged.

Play a stick first, then discuss other issues.

In the face of the unruly Shichibukai, especially Hancock, this arrangement is still very necessary.

“Don’t worry, the Government has absolutely no idea of ​​banning the Shichibukai system. Your fears are a bit redundant.”

Sengoku calmed down and then smiled amiablely.

“Now is a critical period. I hope that everyone can work together to tide over the difficulties.”



There is a nonsense in the clear.

“Oka Shichibukai”, once able to sit on the same level as the Marine Headquarter, did not qualify for an equal dialogue with Marine after losing the bear and Mihawk.

The reason why Sengoku is so polite now is that there is no publicity, the existence of “Fujitora” smile, and Marine routine, respect for the Government.

Lao Cai smiled and nodded.

Han Hancock’s face is blue, but he does not dare to vent his little temper.

Because she knows that the Monster, Marine Canglong, sitting next to Sengoku, really doesn’t mind eating another piece of bread and killing another person.

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