When Shichibukai arrived, the atmosphere of Marinford was abruptly dignified.

Every Marine soldier knows that if it is not the final battle, it is impossible for the Government to arrange for Shichibukai, who has no good feelings, to come and help.

Even if it is a watchdog, consider the dog’s mood.

Lest they not work hard.

Half a month said that there are a lot less, not much.

Soon, when the Venus star was hidden in the sky, it was finally time for public execution.

The Champagne Islands cannot be brought.

“Hurry up, the live broadcast is about to begin!”

“This is an unprecedented battle! Are you ready?”

In the corners of the shampoo, a large screen was built, and a large group of newspaper reporters gathered here to shout and check the instruments to prepare for the report.

Kid and other Supernovas this year are not in a hurry to go out to sea, but are hiding in the dark corner, waiting for the beginning of this decisive battle.

Each of them has a kind of hunch, and the future direction of the sea and the new era will be separated after this decisive battle.

“Well? Is that over there?”

Suddenly, Bonnie’s eyebrows wrinkled and looked to the shore not far away.

The glimpse of the cloak made her look familiar.

“What’s wrong? Boss?”

A crew member next to him asked curiously.

“No, nothing.”

Shake the shook head, Bonnie retracted her eyes and continued to wait for the live broadcast.

“Maybe it’s my heart, now this time… he should be less irrational.”

Marine Headquarter, Marin Verdo.

The solemn and solemn atmosphere lingers on the top of everyone’s head. On the square of justice, the dense queue of people’s heads exudes infinite power and rushes into the sky.

These elite Military General, which are rare in the Four Seas Base, are now in a place where money is not seen, not to mention the ordinary person watching the battle, even if the Marine executives themselves are shocked, and their hearts are full of pride.


This is our Marine’s army!

“Thanks to your lightning stimulation instrument, Ron.”

On the high platform, Garp glared at the doughnut and suddenly turned to Ron.

“If it weren’t for you, these little devils would like to have today’s strength, and they will not be able to give them ten years.”

There are also high and low points between the Department’s Vice Admiral. The three Admiral candidates like Crane, Garp and Ron can naturally stay on the platform and sit with Admiral and Fleet Admiral.

The rest of the Vice Admiral is assigned to various locations in the square, serving as a hub for the transfer of command.

At this moment, Ron was surprised to look back and asked strangely: “You don’t hate me? Vice Admiral Garp.”

He sees his grandson, but he is about to face his sentence.

“To tell the truth, I hate them more disobedient.”

Garp stopped to eat the donuts, hesitated, and the ugly smile on the frowning old face.

“Is there a mistake to pursue your own dreams?”

“I am a grandfather, don’t want them to go on the road of no return, is there something wrong?”

“Are you arresting Pirate as Marine, is it wrong?”

“Enough Garp, you talk too much.”

Crane Vice Admiral stood up and stopped him from continuing.

If you are all right, what is wrong with Government?

With such heartfelt remarks, Garp is still less vocal at this stage.

Garp heard the news, shook the shook head, and did not continue to say it.

He is not afraid of the government, just a simple heart.

The “Marine Hero” of this famous sea is the old man in his 70s.

Ron and the crane who showed his attention, shrugged, saying that he had no other meaning.

He really didn’t mean anything else. He had put so much effort into the war. Garp’s end, has been scheduled to be doomed.

There is really no need to seize the upper hand at this moment.

“Fleet Admiral, the live broadcast has already begun.”

In a short time, the commander ran to the top of the platform through the ladder and whispered in the ear of Sengoku.

“Oh, I see.”

A pretending Sengoku stood up and waved his hand under the eyes of the public. He said: “Put the prisoner!!”

Oh la la!

As the voice falls, the noise waves visible to the naked eye spread.

Everyone looks at the past with a look of expectation, and sees where the singularity of the mobilization order is the sacred.

Soon, in the dim channel, four of the department’s Vice Admiral carried two executioners and escorted a naked upper body young man out.

He looks very young, full of young people’s vitality, freckles on his cheeks, silly smiles… and so on!

Why is he laughing?

I don’t know why, when I saw that smiling face, Sengoku remembered a man who was also publicly punished, and also grinned and went to the execution ground.

Pirate King!

“It’s your son, Roger.”

Sengoku’s eyes were dignified and waved.

Compared with Jason, who is also sentenced, the gap between the two is hard to describe.

The executioner escorted Ace to the execution desk just below Sengoku, and the next one was taken, and the already weak Ace squatted down.

“That is Fire Fist? Whitebeard’s second Team Captain…”

The Champagne Islands, at this moment, gave Ace a close-up.

Seeing Ace, who is silly and smiling, everyone is one of them.

But think about it in reverse, this is inevitable?

After all… he is a Whitebeard man!

“The time for execution is 12 noon. When the time is up, do it now!”

Sengoku read out loud, and the voice spread throughout Malindo.

It is said that on the huge battlefield, everything is lonely and there is a sound. All Marine generals silently took out the weapon check and prepared for the final battle.

There are still three hours from now until twelve o’clock.

After three hours, everything will settle.

Suddenly, Ron’s eyebrows picked and moved his lips.

Garp and He, who were next to him, didn’t hear what he said, because the sound came out of his mouth, not through his mouth, but through the current, he directly rang in Sengoku’s ear.

“The surveillance fleet is completely gone. My people told me that Whitebeard got help from Fishman and all of them were coated and sank to the bottom of the sea.”

In the original work, Whitebeard saw the Ron blood boiling through the coating, but Ron never understood how Whitebeard solved it.

As we all know, the roots of World’s largest mangrove “Alki Mangrove” are located at the other end of the Red Line continent, which is the first half of the paradise, the Champagne Islands above the Fishman Island.

Although the New World end of the Red Line continent also has the climatic conditions for the bubble to exist, will the bubble elevator for the Government personnel not explode halfway? But the sporadic resin that floated from the depths of the 10,000-meter sea was not enough to wrap a monster like the Moby Dick.

But he did it.


I have never known the answer before, now…

Sengoku heard no change, but nodded slightly invisible, the fingers hidden behind him shook slightly, and sent a command through the telegram.

With the order, each Vice Admiral came to Spirit.

From the bottom of the sea?

Good idea!

In this way, they can directly enter the natural defensive layer of the vortex iron mountain corner, and at the same time, quickly reach the Marine Headquarter by the strength of the sea vortex.

If Marine really estimates the trip side of the opposite side according to the time the fleet lost, they must be caught off guard by the opposite side.

However this time…

Waiting for a long time, Ron eyes slammed openly and yelled.

“Aokiji Admiral, the frozen bay port, the thicker the better!”

“To understanding!”

In the case that many people are unclear, Aokiji, one of the three Admirals sitting on the top of the platform, screamed high, and the whole body was full of chills and waved down.

Ice Age!


A clean white cloud fog channel pulls through the sky, and the cold air of very low temperature flocks to the port. Just touching the moment, like an invisible big hand painting between heaven and earth, the brush smashed, and the blue sea surface instantly changed color.

Hey! !

Not waiting for a lot of people to come back, the violent percussion came from the frozen sea, as if there was something huge, it was colliding underneath.

“Super Electromagnetic Cannon Ready!!”

Sengoku instantly turned his head and shouted: “Launch!!!”

Zī zī 滋…

call out! ! !

“This is a meeting, Whitebeard.”

My top battlefield, no one has to stipulate, you must go according to the original work!

Ron clenched the dragon and shouted.

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