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Holy Land, Mariejois.


Deep in the flower, in a bright room, the air is filled with flowers and fragrance, the white decoration with a soft aroma, it is hard to imagine, in the center between the most mysterious flowers of Holy Land, it will be such a scene .


On the corner of the cabinet, a pink flamingo doll wearing an anklet ball can not move, look terrified.


At this time, along with the “Oops”, the old man in a white robe walked the door. He calmly walked in with a watering can, placed it on the opposite corner of the wall, then removed the gloves, carefully placed and placed in the toolbox.


In the process, the old man did not look at the flamingo at first sight.


But the latter’s furry expression instantly became extremely dignified, as if the gray rabbit met the falcon, the groin met the snake, the sika deer ran into the tiger, the limbs ice-cold, shivering.


The old man did not deliberately exude his own breath, and the terrifying imposing manner in Ron’s perception was completely converged to the body, and it did not scatter a trace of it, just like ordinary retired cadres, and amiable.


But the sixth sense in the darkness tells the flamingo, that is, Don Quixote Doflamingo, if someone shoots him, the end must be very fierce!




After a moment of silence, Doflamingo laughed out in a cold voice: “I don’t know what purpose Imam has imprisoned me for?”


“I already tell you everything I know, so I am also Celestial Dragon. It is better to let me go… ah, no, it is let me go to normal life.”




Hear this, the action of the Imm finishing tool is stopped.


He calmly turned his eyes, and the next second was a bit stunned: “I almost forgot, you are still here!”


Multi Doflamingo: “…”


Are you kidding me? ! !




I have been here for three days, have you said that you forgot? ? ?


I don’t know about the roaring owl in the heart of the flamingo. After all, Im grinned and went back and said: “But no, you guys don’t look at at the point, it will always cause trouble…”


“It doesn’t matter if you get into trouble, but if you get killed outside, I will have a headache.”


“So, before all the dust settles, you still stay here best… Anyway, you become a toy, you have a small amount of food, and where is it not the same?”




The flamingo stretched out the forehead, and the mouth eyes squirted fire: “Do you mean that I will be killed when I go out? Look at who the bastard!!”


Do not say anything else, as one of the Shichibukai of the year, who does not know his Domingo’s Daimyo!


Regardless of how the plot collapses, Oka Shichibukai, who is equal to the Four Emperor Group and the Marine Headquarter, has unparalleled dominance and influence.


However, in this regard, Eym returned very calmly and decapitated silently.


“Yes, that’s it… today’s sea, don’t say that the childlike fruit left in your body affects the strength of the strength, that is, you are in the heyday, and there is a danger of being killed when you go out.”




The Doflamingo tone is a stagnation, what I want to say, suddenly think of the situation of the sea I saw on the way, and then sit back in the cabinet after a while.




After all, the strength is too weak.


From his battle with Tiger and Piedmont and the black charcoal snake, and then to the Kato anti-customer, let him help the distribution start, many Doflamingo have to admit that this World, some people really do not be threatened by status.


Everything must be said by strength!


This is also true of today’s sea, which is no longer the stage for Pirate.


The consequence of the pure gold incident is that the number of Pirates in the whole world plummeted by 30%. Pirate, who did not see any hope and despair, chose to return to the mountains and take the money back to life.


The sinful and wicked person can’t escape Marine’s recovery, but most of them are guys who are not famous for their sins and are not convinced.


“I heard that Marine has started to build sea trains around the branches, build traffic… network? It should be the term. Wherever you go, hundreds of surnames are all cheering.”


Multiple Doflamingo Haze with a smile: “While World Government was declared a war by the Revolutionary Army at this time, the enamel smashed the reef and smashed it.”


The corrupt World Government and the Revolutionary Army, which is rebellious, are flat, no one likes war.


However, under these two, another Strength is gradually taking shape.


Since the establishment of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, it has taken years to completely reverse corruption and corruption, rectify military discipline, and have a reputation in the hearts of ordinary people.


Marine !


Being forced to be anxious, what choices the people will make is self-evident.


Doflamingo had an evil smile on his face and continued: “I even suspect that it was all that Monster deliberately manipulated… After all, I can’t believe it, Impel Down has something like LV.5.5, he will not know. “”


“Garp is so coincidental with this death, and Mihawk was also last time… Are you really worried about him? Hey, Immy!”


The voice fell and the mild atmosphere in the room suddenly lags.


Many Doflamingo looked up and found that Im was facing her face and staring at herself with a corner of her eyes.


The kind of extreme calm and even silent eyes reminded him of the picture of returning to Holy Land and being driven out.


“You are not allowed to look at me with that look…”




“I said, I don’t want to look at me with that look… oh wow!”


Bang! !


Hōng lòng Long! !


The plush toy crashed into the wall and flew directly to the small garden outside. Doflamingo climbed up and gasped.


He is very fortunate that he has been turned into a toy at this moment, otherwise this foot may have his life!


Hey, hehe…


The footsteps of ice-cold tapped in his heart, and Doflamingo looked up and Imm walked out of the door little by little.


“Being born Celestial Dragon, accepting those wastes from a young age and admiring you, it seems that you never understand a truth.”


Im standing in front of him, condescending the calm look at him.




Doflamingo asked me, “What do you mean?”


“Bloodline is just an excuse, there is no honor that Strength maintains, just like the rootless.”


“The nobleness of identity can’t cover up its own misdeeds… People are equal in life.”


Immo’s look at him: “The poor family will also give birth to a generation of heroes, and the nobles and grandsons will also have unscrupulous children… waste, regardless of birth!”


“From this point of view, people are indeed equal.”


Rub and rub!


More Doflamingo darkly grinds his teeth, biting his teeth, and scars his eyes.


“What about you? What are you?!”


“The world’s declared symbol of peace, the throne where no one can sit, is occupied by you alone!”


“Let our ancestors create you in World Government, what do you want?!”




Hear this, Iim is not angry.


He calmly turned his eyes to look at the direction of the falling, and the corner of the mouth was lifted.


“I am just bored, nothing more.”




Paused, Imm no longer pays attention to him, turns and walks back… The broken wall is constantly smashing under some unknown Strength, the brick cement is like a rewinding film, the fly is generally reassembled, even the dust disappears. Clean.


“The little devil really wants to kill me. I know very well… This is the biggest difference between you and him. It is also the biggest similarity between him and me.”


Before opening the door, Im grinned. “Now you know, why should I trap you here?”


hiss……! !


Many Doflamingo couldn’t help but be shocked and stunned. Suddenly, a raging anger from the inside burned his reason, and he stood up in anger and rushed toward Im.


“This is the world created by our ancestors, and you are never allowed to come to it!”


He understood that this old Monster, who had lived for a few years, didn’t take them as his own.


More Doflamingo is convinced that Ron has to do, Imm did not tell Five Elder Stars.


He is like a spectator, waiting for the two sides to perform, and he laughs.


“No, you are wrong.”


Hey…bang! ! !


Turning back to kick the flamingo again, Imla pulled the cuffs and looked calm.


“It’s my World!”


“Don’t treat what others have given as it should be by rights, especially if the opposite side is God.”


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