There is such a story. There used to be a family, and there were two Sisters at home.

Every morning, Mama will give them one egg and increase their nutrition. But the elder sister didn’t like to eat eggs, so she secretly handed her eggs to the younger sister and let her eat.

Year after year, year after year, younger sister has become accustomed to having two eggs every morning.

Suddenly, one day, that morning, the younger sister habitually reached over to take the eggs of the elder sister bowl, but was stopped by the elder sister.

“this is mine!”

Younger sister is very angry, obviously you don’t eat eggs at all.

The breakfast that should have been warm was not happy.

I am willing to give it, you can take it; I don’t want to give it, you can’t grab it; as it should be by rights, it is even more ridiculous… It is such a truth.

Holy Land, World Government Tower, Five Elder Stars Office.

The long beard, Five Elder Stars, is carrying Den Den Mushi and his voice is indifferent.

“Is she sure she said this?”

“Million… I’m sorry, Five Elder Stars, she… that woman, that’s what it is.”


The long beard, Five Elder Stars, stunned the microphone, and the hands were pressed on the table: “These years of life are so comfortable, it seems that they have forgotten, World Government’s terrifying!”

“How dare she? Why dare she?!”

Things that have never happened before, this is a fan of a slap on the face of the government. If the matter is good, then they have the confidence to continue to rule.

In the office, the other three were equally dignified.

It is conceivable that this will not be an end, on the contrary, it is a beginning!

No matter what thunderclap means they use to suppress the arrogance, there is a second one, and those who raise the banner of resistance will only endlessly.

“No way, officially cancel this year’s World Conference!”

Swordsman Five Elder Stars, holding a sabre, sighed: “It has been a long time since the joining countries began to criticize, but the tense is urgent, and the adult will understand us.”

The threat of Orrick is not only between them, but also related to the countries of the world. No one can trust anyone completely.

Coupled with the demise of Fishman Island, the 1522 World Conference, which should have been held a few months ago, was postponed indefinitely.

It is not too much wrong for the participating countries to understand the movement of the sea, because they are very clear, if the Orek storms and wants to kill them all, World Conference is undoubtedly the best time.

Hear this, the red-faced blonde Five Elder Stars said slowly with a glass of wine: “The World Conference is a small event, and there have been things that have been postponed before… but the time to postpone it must be justified.”

“The Calm Belt in the depth of the opposite side, it is difficult to go deep unless a large number of airship units are dispatched. And if the Battleship army goes out of the way, if it is too much, it will lose the majesty of our government!”

“No! The Revolutionary Army officially declared war after glare like a tiger watching his prey, and no matter how important it is for the first guy to stand out, will it help out, and the airship unit itself is responsible for patrolling the sea. Quest, the army will open the door, and will give them the opportunity to do things.”

“There is indeed this possibility. Maybe she deliberately warned World, which was also instructed by the Revolutionary Army, in order to lured the tiger away from the mountain.”

“Not to mention the Calm Belt, even if it’s an empty boat, I can’t say 100% safely.”

Calm Belt’s special climate allows the airship to prepare enough fuel to sustain the voyage, plus a variety of terrifying unusual Sea King behemoths, Battleship is a life of nine.

Now that the opposite side has publicly stated that it is going to fight against Government, how do you lower the thunderclap blow?

In the office, the atmosphere suddenly silenced.

“More and more, we are already inseparable from that guy…”

The temperament of the most violent Mediterranean old man singularly long sighed then said, unhappy pouting.

“For the benefit, we have at least Kizaru available.”

The long-bearded Five Elder Stars comforted, and then he was also in the shook head: “It’s a pity that his character is destined to be a tool, and this is his own way of survival.”

“Garp’s death is temporarily put aside, as long as there is an adult in Iraq, he can’t make any trouble.”

“Now… to inform Akainu, how?”





Marine Headquarter, Marin Verdo.

“Hey hey, have you heard that? Someone is tempted by the Revolutionary Army and stands up against the World Government!”

“What?! Don’t they die?”

“Which do I know, maybe they are prepared, and when it will be… it will be a bitter fight! I still want to go home this year and return to my hometown to get married.”

“Oh, the government’s waste officials will want to take this World scourge into a hurry?! The times are getting better and better!”

“Hey, be careful!”

A soldier pulled the sleeves of his companions and looked around to see if no one found out. This was relaxed and pulled him to continue patrolling.

Fortress on the top floor, inside the Fleet Admiral office.

Ron listened to the conversation below, but he did not say anything, said with a smile: “Is it really good? Fleet Admiral? I am still banned, and it is not enough to hand it to Admiral Kizaru.”

“He has recently been busy helping Vegapunk carry out the final phase of the experiment, no time.”

Akainu’s stern shark head: “And, this is your chance.”

In this regard, Ron frowned silently.

“What do you mean?”

“Garp’s death, I won’t blame you, but you will be forbidden to let you avoid the rumors outside. This is something you know.”

Ron hearing this silence.

Indeed, if Akainu insisted that he had two hearts to kill Garp from the beginning, how could it be as simple as to ban the sand in the opposite side eyes?

In the original work, Fujitora only slammed the Liku Wang with the road to benevolence and righteousness, and let go of the Hero Straw Hat group that rescued Dressrosa, and was ordered not to return by Akainu.

Are these two things comparable in terms of severity?

“As you said, it’s too coincidental.”

Akainu took out the cigar and lost one to Ron. The two used a current from Magma and ignited silently.

He spit a cigarette ring and said, “So I don’t even believe it!”

Akainu stared at Ron’s eyes and said seriously.

“I don’t believe you don’t know how important it is to kill Garp, but you can make this decision and hide it from me. I believe you have your own reasons.”

“I haven’t forgotten it yet, you asked me in shampoo.”

If one day we have no bond on our heads, are you still able to stick to your heart?

Ron sneered at this.

“…if Zephyr-sensei trusts me like Fleet Admiral, it won’t be seen for so long.”

“He and Garp-san wind and rain for decades, the feelings don’t have to say much… Kuzan is also concerned with his own practices, purely emotional animals.”

The eyes under Akainu’s baseball cap are deep and distant: “But I am different from them! I don’t want to find a reason… probably because I am Fleet Admiral.”

The heights are different, and the style methods that treat the same thing and put it into action are different.

Ron was silent and replied after a moment.

“what do you want me to do?”

Akainu has no nonsense, finds the prepared documents and throws them to Ron.

Seeing what was recorded above, Ron picked up the eyes slightly.

In this regard, Akainu looked calm: “Don’t think that with your assassination force, Marine’s intelligence network is nothing.”

“The people outside are passing on you and Marine, and the Government is not in line with each other. Then we will count the plans and combine their wishes.”

This is a Marine arming map!

The above is a detailed list of the drillable leaks that Marine currently has on the force patrol line under the various branches of the sea.

“I just have one answer, Ron!”

Akainu bites a cigar and looks at him.

“Tell me, you are on our side!”

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