World is so wonderful.

So far, knowing what Ron is going to do, in addition to the aloof and remote Imm, the Revolutionary Army glare like a tiger watching his prey, there is actually one person.

That is “Fleet Admiral” Akainu!

He discovered the truth through speculation and investigation, and Ron intentionally and unintentionally revealed the information.

At first he was very angry and could not wait to kill Ron immediately, even if there is no evidence.

But he quickly calmed down and thought carefully, only to find that he had already embarked on a road of no return.

At the turning point of this era, everyone can’t stay out of it.

What is justice for yourself?

He used to be loyal to the World Government and was merciless to the enemy because the opposite side violated the government law first and was an irrefutable sin!


This has a big premise.

That is the law of the government, not contrary to the justice in his heart!

The impact of the Celestial Dragon genocide is not so calm on the surface, even if it is not told to the public, the emotion that is constantly fermenting changes the mind of everyone.

“In the name of absolute justice, this World does not need any soil for evil breeding!”

Justice is above the command.

Faith, higher than identity.

This is the change Ron sees from Akainu.

Put the two files in the ring on the thumb of the left hand, and Ron stands on the deck of the Qilin, facing the Akainu far from the bay port.

“It has changed!”

The hearts of the people are scattered, and the team is not good.

Used to describe the current Government, this is the best sentence.

“But can I really trust you? Fleet Admiral!”

Thinking of this, Ron touched Den Den Mushi and dialed it out.

“Mosimoxi, Dongte… well, it sounds very busy on your side?”

The sound of the explosion was close at hand, and the wind whistling, making Dongte’s voice really unreal.

“Sorry, Admiral, now I have no time to report the situation… I am somewhat unfriendly, wait until I finish playing.”

After all, there was a burst of densely packed clash of metal.

Judging from the sound, this is the opposite side of the opposite side, and he waved the weapon one after another, the sound of the steel and iron collision.

Ron: “…”

“I want to ask, how did you fight?”

“I will come to talk about this!”

Dong Techang sighed and replied: “I haven’t said a word yet, the opposite side of the opposite side will sound the alarm and start attacking.”

“Fortunately, I am alone, or the death and injury are absolutely terrible!”

“and so……”

Ron feels tired: “Are you wearing a mask?”

“Otherwise? If I expose the image, will it be a big problem for you?”

Dongte looked strange.

“Why can you go to the place, why don’t you take it down? They don’t know who your mask represents!”

Ron said very speechlessly.

Dragon’s hiding place is undoubtedly the base of the Revolutionary Army’s main defense.

Suddenly touched by a guy who is wearing a mask mysterious secret, do not directly take it, do you still want to drink?

As a captain of the assassination unit, is there a signature uniform?

Hokage see more? !

All in all, you are a pure stranger who sneaks into the core hinterland of people.

Do not beat you!

Hear this, Dongte action stagnation, the next second screams, and then pull back distance.

Look at the front of the imposing manner. A large group of enemies rushing toward him. He twitched at the corner of the mouth, silent for a moment, put his hand on his face and asked.

“What if they don’t want to stop?”

Ron: “Then you go to die, stupid!!!”



Deep in the Calm Belt, daughter island, Amazon Lily.

Amazon Lily is a mysterious island and a country of the female fighting clan “Kuja”.

As the name suggests, this is an island where only women live.

They are born as soldiers, and they pick up all the family and labor, and only give birth to girls after pregnancy.

The island is located in the Calm Belt next to the Grand Line. There is a huge Sea King in the Calm Belt, so the average boat cannot enter the waters near the daughter island.

It is the natural barrier that daughter islands depend on for their livelihood.

At the same time, it is also the prison that prevents them from fleeing here!

Standing on the main square of the center of the Amazon Lily Palace, just released the rebellious declaration of Poya Han Hancock, a look of light at the entire country that began to evacuate in an orderly manner, with no regrets in the heart.

There is an irreconcilable contradiction between her and Celestial Dragon, and it is also the biggest source of Celestial Dragon being hated.

Slave !

In fact, very few people know that today’s Pirate Empress, the Poghan Hancock of the dignified Shichibukai, was also one of the Celestial Dragon’s slaves, and the back was branded with the mark of Tianxianglong, which represents shame.


Behind, not far from the front and front of the crutches, Thearch Elder Nyon Osa, the old woman, looked at the silhouette of Han Hancock, sighed sighed.

“I hope to have time!”

Betrayed World Government, which one has a good end?

That’s right!

The first person who came out to respond to the Revolutionary Army’s rebellion was no one else. It was the Poya Han Hancock who was Oka Shichibukai!

Elder Nyon can’t stop Ossa because she has faint expectations in her heart.

The times have changed, and if you fight, you may find a chance.

At this moment, a silhouette rushed over.

“Snake Princess, the last ship civilian has already set off!”


Boya Hancock awakened from his meditation, and the exquisite face showed a nice smile, which made him very intoxicated.

“Telling Sandasonia and Marigold, we must protect the civilians! This is a decision I made alone. I must protect them from leaving here safely!”

Unlike the previous arrogance, Poya Han Hancock has a temperament called “King”.

It is not a simple Haoshoku Haki, but a person of the king, who has the heart and kindness.

She no longer said, “No matter what I did, I will be forgiven, because this one is so beautiful.” This is a nonsense, and she is deeply aware that she is willing to do all the power to protect the people from leaving the government.

“But… have you considered yourself? Han Hancock!”

Elder Nyon came forward and said seriously: “In order to send civilians, the last ship also set off, including your Kuja Pirates flagship.”

“Government’s annihilation unit must have been on the road. The remaining fighters, are you going to die with them?!”

The Calm Belt sailing is very difficult for Marine, and the Amazon Lily relies on the Sea King-class boat that has been maintained for generations to keep it safe.

More important than the boat, these Sea King classes.

Without them leading the way, the danger of sailing in the Calm Belt is unpredictable.

In this regard, Han Hancock eyes calm, looks at the distance.

“The remaining boats are barely enough for them to leave. As long as they catch up with the troops, it is not a problem to escape. As for me?”

“I won’t leave!”


Elder Nyon Ossa was shocked: “Are you crazy? What do you take to fight against the government?!”

Although the outside world rumors that Han Hancock was instructed by the Revolutionary Army to deliberately promote betrayal speech, but the family knows about their own affairs, Han Hancock’s move is personal will, and the Revolutionary Army has no half-dollar relationship.

Just like an Amazon lily, in addition to running away, there is absolutely no way to fight against the government army.

“It will die!”

Elder Nyon Ossa said anxiously.

“Then go to die!”

Han Hancock had a slap in the face, and turned back to look at her with a strange look from Elder Nyon.

“In the past, in order to protect this country, I accepted the invitation of Oka Shichibukai. It was a compromise that I had to make without seeing a glimmer of hope… right?”

Elder Nyon Ossa is silent.

indeed so.

The two former Thearchs of Amazon Lily died of Marine. For hundreds of years, this situation continued until Han Hancock grew up and took over Shichibukai’s position.

“But it’s different now!”

Han Hancock has a one-armed exhibition, the corner of the mouth with a confident smile.

“The mourning home is absolutely certain, even if I die here, the Government will not extinguish the lighthouse of this resistance!”

“They are doomed to fail!”

“And… the mourner is a woman.”

Suddenly, Han Hancock showed a charming smile and looked at Elder Nyon Ossa.

“If you are not even a woman, I would like to see if the sorrowful man has any face to live.”

The breeze blew, let Han Hancock’s big red cheongsam float up and wrinkled, like a blooming flower, and like a scarlet burning wood.

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