There are always some people on World who are willing to burn themselves, paying for themselves and illuminating others.

Of course, this is the view of outsiders.

In fact, the reason why they burn themselves is probably not to be so noble for those who illuminate the road ahead, but to choose a lifestyle style that will not let themselves regret.

Han Hancock is like this.

She would rather erect the banner of resistance than to continue to be with the World Government for the danger of the national security of the daughter. In this great battle, she will bloom her own glory.

“It’s a good scarf not conceding to men !”

Suddenly, the sky rang through the dull thunder, accompanied by rolling thunderclap, a majestic voice spread to the Quartet Space.

“So, you are definitely ready to die, Han Hancock!”

Zī zī 滋…xiu!!

Amazon Lily Palace Square, Hancock hearing this instant horror, big eyes, a length of unpredictable terrifying thunder, tearing the sky from the sky, falling from the port, and then along the Amazon Lily coastline, rampage, pull out a scuffed mark Deep gully.


The mighty lightning is like a broom. Han Hancock can’t think too much. He grabs the decorative horn on the head of the pet Sara May with one hand and throws it away. He also follows closely from behind and leaps to the side.

Hōng lòng Long! !

Thunder and ruthless Raton Square, passing by her side.

The distance is close, she even has the illusion that she has been melted in the lightning, and all the building steel and iron along the way can not block.

Then Lei Zhu did not enter the palace, and then straight through the entire Primordial forest, and finally disappeared.

“cough cough! Hey, old woman, are you all right?!”

“Hey, I am not old enough!”

The old-fashioned Elder Nyon Ossa coldly snorted, flexible to jump off the cracked slate. As the former predecessor of Amazon Lily, King can’t treat her as an ordinary lady.

But the look at around was a mess, and she quickly took a breath.

“This Ability… is ‘Thunder God’ Canglong!!”

“Ah, the mourner is not yet!”

Han Hancock replied without looking back, and the voice was full of tension.

Elder Nyon Ossa looked back and suddenly felt terrified.

I don’t know when, a tall silhouette suddenly appeared in the center of the scoring gully that was pulled by the thunder. The white justice cloak fluttered in the smoke and hunted.

He carried a black and fierce, exaggerated length of heavy weight, his expression was a bit relaxed, and his eyes were like a hidden star.

It is clear that there is no imposing manner, and just quietly coming from a distance, let everyone have a sense of oppression.

It’s not like a person coming from a distance, but a day of collapse!

“World Government, it’s impossible to let us go.”

Elder Nyon Ossa nervous swallowed saliva and said: “There was this Monster!”

Marine Admiral, Canglong!

Although he is the youngest member of the history of Admiral, Kizaru, Aokiji and the others have just joined Marine when he became Admiral.

But his record is extremely dazzling, and he is nicknamed “the strongest Admiral in history”!

To say that anyone on this sea can use a name to suppress everything, is the word “Canglong”.

“World Government” will not work!

Only “Canglong”!

Seeing the emergence of the dragon, Han Hancock both eyes, because she remembered the opposite side of the opposite side, suddenly nervous.

“You bastard, what did you do to my national?!”

As Shichibukai, she is very familiar with Ron’s special Kenbunshoku Haki “Skynet”.

Opposite side Since it came so fast, there is no doubt that the refuge boat that has just evacuated from Amazon Lily certainly has not escaped the perception of the opposite side.


Ron raised his eyebrows, opened his mouth, and threw a bone helmet full of scorch marks and a snoring position, and slid into the venue center.

“If you are saying this, don’t you need to explain it?”

“Santa Sonia!!”

Han Hancock pupils shrank, how could she not recognize the helmet she wore when she was wearing the younger sister.

Since the helmet is here and destroyed, it doesn’t mean…

“Don’t show this expression, as if I was bullying people. But the truth is, this is your own choice, Poya Han Hancock!”


At 50 meters in front of the opposite side, Ron stopped and his voice was cold: “Captain Kuja Pirates, Poya Han Hancock!”

“On behalf of World Government, I hereby announce that, from now on, I will deprive you of Oka Shichibukai, and the reward will be restored and will take effect immediately!”

World Government is also to face, this is like the woman’s remarriage and the man’s divorce is the same thing, unilaterally let Han Hancock rebellious certainly not.

I must go through a cut-off, saying that I am taking a break from you, not that you have retired.

But these things Hancock has no time to take care of it, her look at the helmet at the stagnation, slowly kneel down and hold it in her arms.

“Santa Sonia…”


Ron continued his speech: “Because of your betrayal of the World Government, Five Elder Stars is greatly annoyed, and I am arrested and arrested and brought you to justice!”

Speaking of this, Ron turned his head: “I don’t suffer from the flesh, let me take a trip!”

Answering Ron is a strong Haki volatility and a whistling wind.

Perfume Femur !


“Amatement of Love-Love Fruit…?”

Ron eyes picked up slightly, and the left hand lifted up to the forehead, blocking the heel from the opposite side of the opposite side.

Pī li pā lā ……

Over there, the nearby muscles have been sterilized with Busoshoku, and there are still many petrified traces on the skin and muscles.

Busoshoku Haki is never a Devil Fruit’s nemesis, it’s just a weapon, a tool.

The fruit of the opposite side is intended to work on a completely undefended body and works on Busoshoku Haki, just as Ron uses the fruit Awakening to assimilate gold and assimilate linen, which has different “difficulty”.

“I understand the reason why Government invited you in the past. Even if you are not confused by your beauty, this unreasonable fruit, Ability, can make your threat increase.”


Ron said, clenching his fist.

The large stone shell on the side edge of the petrified hand was shocked by him, and immediately Shatter became a heavenly powder.

Han Hancock horrified big eyes, normal people are not careful after being petrified, for fear of physical damage, only this man is doing the opposite.

“This level of injury is meaningless to me!”

Hua la la !

Large flesh and blood like the tides quickly flooded, and will be filled with petrochemically missing palms. Before the muscles and skin re-heal, Ron lifted the thunder and took a look.

Yu Tian Lei Ming, two styles, Azure Dragon 吟!


The heavens and the earth bloomed, and a bright and super-kilometer arc was launched. The clean World was dull under the mighty lightning. The terrifying suppressed atmosphere rolled out like a tide.


With a harsh rubbing sound, Amazon Lily’s thick and large mountain body instantly splits, and the mountain body, which is over a kilometer, splits into two lobes under an unknown Strength, visible before and after.


Han Hancock has tried to avoid the edge, but the Ron speed is too fast, so she is hard to react.

Cheongsam shoulders to the left chest was torn open a large mouth, the inside is not a fascinating white greasy, but a shocking Yin Hong.

The rod was crushed and the shoulder blade was stuck in the middle, allowing her to avoid the torn end of being smashed.

“Go to hell, bastard!!”

With the palm of the hand full of blood dragging the Thunder, Han Hancock’s beautiful face filled with hatred, once again violently attacked.

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