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Hear this, opposite, holding the Elder Nyon Ossa’s Dragon tone, but he quickly relaxed and recruited soldiers to rescue.


Ron calmly waited for them to act, and said after a moment: “How? Now see my sincerity?”


Covering Amazon Lily at this critical time, leaking out, even if Ron is a level 1 glory nobility will never endure.


Don’t forget the award criteria for the Medal of Honor: “To make a great contribution to the maintenance of the government!”.


Only this one, Ron is now running away.




The voice fell, a silhouette popped out of the void, Han Hancock rubbed his shoulders to prevent the light, full of hate and stunned, asked: “What is going on?!”


Why did Cang Long hide himself in the ring at the crucial moment, and when did Dragon come, what the two men were talking about, Han Hancock was amazed.


啪pa pa!


In this regard, Dong Te silent applause, kneeling down with a smile: “You are very good, Han Hancock.”


“In the face of Admiral, there is no timidity, no regrets in the face of death… Before you have a slight shake in the state of extreme fear, even begging for mercy, it will be your only ending.”


“all in all……”


Dongte thought about it and reached out: “Congratulations on passing the test!”


“what a joke !!”


Han Hancock was a glimpse first, then wanted to understand the key points, the pretty face chills, a slap opened Dongte’s hand.


Her angry look back at the Dragon: “The sorrow is not the resistance that you choose, your sympathy is too much for me to bastard!”


Pirate Empress is also the owner of Haoshoku who has the capital of the king.


The symbolic meaning of Dragon at this time is a shame for Han Hancock.


A shame that has been arranged for fate!


“tsk tsk, people don’t appreciate it, Mr. Dragon…”


Dongte laughed and retired to Ron behind, squinting at Dragon.


In this regard, Dragon looks silent and shakes the shook head.


“Compassion… Do you think so? Han Hancock!”


Han Hancock frowned silently.


“What do you mean?”


“Would you like to stand up and fight against Government? That is your business!”


Dragon stepped forward and pulled his gray cloak down to Han Hancock to help her cover the spring.


“And I want to protect you, it is my business!”


“If you think you can survive because of my sympathy for you, then you are very wrong!”


“There are a lot of people in this world who are full of courage. There is no shortage of you… I choose you, just because I need to test the sincerity of Canglong.”


“tsk tsk, really a ruthless man.”


Dongte shrugged, said with a smile.


I took myself out of the role of the benefactor and used the cold words to provoke the psychological defense of the opposite side. It is obviously a well-formable formidable power, but it has to be rejected thousands of miles away.


“When the leaders are all so contradictory?”


Look at Ron, Dongte act recklessly asks.


In this regard, Ron silently smoked a cigarette…


Bang! ! !


Han Hancock looked at the stunned look of Dongte across the sky, and his head was planted in the cliff, and the brain was in a good position.


“Help me, do it well, and lift the fruit of his body…. And then, I am afraid that I can’t help but kill him.”


Ron glared at his forehead and looked sad.


Dragon : “…”


He was silent for a moment, beckoning, and a Revolutionary Army soldier dressed in a weird whole body said pink uniform came out from behind.


He ran to the location where Dongte was landing. He reached out and pressed it on Dongte.


At the moment, the strange expression of Dong Ting’s grin was suddenly received. He remembered what he had said during the time when the enemy was confused and his mind was cold and sweaty.


It is a wonderful feeling, just like drunkenness.


As the assassination team Captain, and Ron’s confidant, Dongte has always been a silent voice, like a sword.


There is nothing that can be said even if I see it, like a pure sword, only waving for Ron.


However, in that state, he undoubtedly liberated nature!


When I think of what I say, the whole person’s temperament changes greatly, and the result is that…


Gu lu !


Difficult swallowed saliva and said, Dongte resisted the pain and stood up, silent.


After a while, he slowly started to talk: “Sir, I think… I can still rescue.”


“No, it’s too much trouble.”


“saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda, no trouble, no trouble.”


“No, I said that it is too much trouble to be too troublesome. Don’t talk back.”


“Sorry, but really don’t bother, please give me another chance… wait! Don’t come over!”




( ̄ε(# ̄)……

( ̄ε(# ̄)……

Look at Ron stopped, kicking and kicking, and quickly hitting his abdomen Admiral in a non-adult shape, Han Hancock pulled the cloak and stood up.


“What the hell is going on? Cang Long is also the Revolutionary Army?”


Otherwise it will not explain what is happening now.


“Haha, if you can pull the Marine Dragon of Daimyo into the team, I am afraid that everyone will wake up…but not.”


At this time, the silhouette wearing a high-top hat came forward, and a golden hair shattered in the wind, highlighting the sunlight.


Noticing his appearance, Han Hancock smiled: “You are the new Chief of the Sabo?Revolutionary Army?!”


“Yes, it is down.”


Sabo and Dragon look at each other, said with a smile.


“long time no see Han Hancock, Luffy has troubled you for the past two years… I will tell you good news first. The nationals of Amazon Lily have been accepted by our Revolutionary Army and are currently 30 miles away from here. The deserted island is trimmed, everyone is fine, of course, including your younger sisters.”


“hu ……”


Han Hancock’s tight nerves suddenly loosened: “Great, I thought…”


Suddenly, Han Hancock came back and couldn’t believe in the sights at Ron: “Wait, if they are all right, why on?”


“Before answering, I want to ask you a question Han Hancock… This determines how we should treat you and your nationals.”


Sabo’s face sank and he didn’t smile.


“What do you think about Government and Marine?”


“What do you think?”


Han Hancock hearing this a glimpse, the situation I met today is too much, so that she is somewhat blind.


However, she quickly recovered from the past, looked at Ron without fear, and said: “Marine, the accomplice of Government!”


She still remembers that she was sold to Celestial Dragon. On the afternoon of the slave, the lord responsible for escorting them was the Marine who preached justice!


Celestial Dragon’s “evil” is the root cause, and Marine is the “force” that helps the abuse. Without the strong military force of Marine to suppress the sea, the Celestial Dragon will not reach that level.


“Offering Celestial Dragon will be eye-catching by Marine Admiral.” This alone is enough to explain everything.


“So I decided to change the status quo, Han Hancock.”


I don’t know when Ron appeared in the Hancock behind, and the huge body of more than three meters cast a shadow and shrouded it.


Noting that Han Hancock had a shocked look, Ron vomited a cigar smoke, indifferently said.


“Now, we have a common enemy, the root of corruption.”


“Of course, before today, you are still Pirate that makes me sick of disgusting… Anyway, it’s disgusting things, then it’s removed.”


“Oh! So, for the sake of justice, choose to join forces…”


Han Hancock looked stunned and looked at Ron and looked at Sabo again: “But with the tiger, you thought about the consequences?”


It is self-evident that the Revolutionary Army and Marine are tigers.


“It doesn’t matter!”


Sabo grinning, looking up at the blue sky: “The power of our resistance is never a right.”


“If someone can sit in that position, then…”


“What if you die?!”


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