OPTN Chapter 853


In the enclosed room, a piece of paper with a yellowed color was ignited by the wind and was spotted by Mars.

Suddenly, there is no wind blowing, and the life paper “shua” that is being slowly eroded is turned into ashes. Flame instantly devours the remaining half of the area, leaving a gray ash.

Seeing this, the three people in the room have different expressions.

“hmph! Father said that he should be brought back! Let the green bull go alone to deal with the dragon, who are you looking down on? Orrick?!”

The tallest Kaydo sat on the knees, even though the head almost reached the beam, at this time he looked pale, snorted, and cast a bad look toward Orrick.

It’s also a Monster that makes you break your arms. The Green Bull’s strength is really good. It’s not Logia, but it can be used as a home battle. Compared with Cang Long, the gap is still obvious.

“Orek doesn’t mean that, Kaido.”

The black charcoal snake looked at the face of the blue-eyed Orrick and shook the head: “Because he didn’t dare to smack the dragon, he didn’t let the green cow come back but went directly [END POINT]… Imagine if it was a dragon. It’s awkward here, and the consequences are unimaginable.”

The country of peace is their most important military camp and arsenal gathering place. The importance is second only to the survival of the three of them. With the destructive power of the Thunder Fruit, once it is here, it will be self-evident.

“So… I said I should be back!”

Kaido’s angry disagreement: “Even if he wants to mess up, what can we do with the three of us?”

“Oh no, you have to include the green bull!”


In the face of such ridicule, Orrick’s face was black and he slammed on the table.

“What is the use of these now?”

“You are amazing, is Cang Long caught by you? Don’t forget how your arm didn’t!”


Kayto squinted and his eyes raged. Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering’s Haoshoku began to roll, and the word stopped.

“what did you say?!”

However, Orrick ignored it and ignored the murderous flames that came from around him. “The war has just begun. We have lost two important pieces including the green bull. Now we are still in the nest and simply surrender.” !”

Indeed, the three of them have teamed up to compete with today’s Marine and World Government, and have suffered so much in the first place. If they are still incompatible with each other, they will be a fart!

“hmph! ”

Related to his own life pursuit, Kato angered coldly snorted, no longer speech.

Deep took a deep breath, Orrick watched the ashes of the burning of the desktop life paper, clenching the fist.

“The thing of Canglong was originally incidental. It is I know that the solitary red is a plan to make a temporary plan after resuming youth. It is a great success if it succeeds… but there is nothing to regret if it fails…”

Orrick slowly said: “Now we have launched a full-scale war, from the four seas to the Grand Line, the transformation of Legion everywhere ignited, holding down most of Marine’s strength, I believe that such a god-given opportunity, that guy will never sit idly by !”

Hear this, the other two are owned.

“Sea King…?”

That is a double-edged sword!


Marine Headquarter, Marin Verdo.

Weng! !

With a burst of electric shock from the heartbeat, a dazzling ray of light emerged from the top of the fortress and instantly pulled a few kilometers away and landed in the center of the ocean.

Hōng lòng Long! !


“Help me… save me, I don’t want to die!”

“The ship is going to sink, just abandon the ship!!”

A cannonball fell, and hundreds of Pirate Ships were torn into pieces by the surging seawater. Pirate, which was not comatose under terrifying pressure, squatted under the vortex.

A shot of the gun, the Pirate who came to enter the crime does not have one!

“Hey, a bunch of idiots!”

Fleet Admiral office, Akainu opened the window, eyes cold and severe watching the battle in the outer bay port.

How important is the safety of Marinford?

The same as the country of the United States.

This war can be said to be the war between “Malfofo” and “the country of peace.” One of them wants to destroy Mariejois and pull the government down the altar; one wants to protect Mariejois and maintain the governance of the government.

Akainu really doesn’t know where the Pirate’s courage is invading Marinford. It’s going to be at least like the Whitebeard on the top, just around the Marine line.

The boring head is rushing forward, really when the Marine is muddy?

They will not miss the opportunity if they are willing to work hard.

The enemy has not been close to the island for five kilometers, and he was scared by this super-electromagnetic gun.

At this time, I noticed the surviving Pirate Ship movement on the sea, and Akainu grinned.

“Want to run? It’s too late!”

“Pass me to order, let Kizaru kill me! The rest return to the headquarters, do not chase after cornered enemy !”

At the bay port, Kizaru leaned against the wall next to an artillery and trimmed his nails carelessly. At this time, the commander came and prayed to him.

“Yellow… Admiral Kizaru! Fleet Admiral orders you to… and you can’t let go of any Pirate!”


Fingers forcefully clip the nails, hearing this, Kizaru raised his hand and looked at the sunlight, then lowered his head deeply sighed.

“Yes, I know.”

Looking at Pirate Ship, who fled in the distance, he put his nail clippers away and pulled his shoulders, a sense of assaults the senses.

“It’s so tired!”

“No matter who it is, can you come back one?”

Clearly [three Admiral], from the official declaration of war from Orec and the others, Marine has only one person oversee.

Kizaru said that the ghost knows what time I spent this time… I have to process it!

three times!

Complaining complains, the order is still to be done.

Like Hatch, like a salted fish, Kizaru stepped forward and followed Ron’s standard appearance style, turning it into a golden light to dissipate in midair.

It wasn’t a teleport, but his speed was so fast that he couldn’t leave a shadow in the air.


A Pirate Ship, who was fleeing a kilometer away, suddenly exploded, shattered into thousands of pieces, wrapped in fire, and then…

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The popcorn is generally densely packed. The crisp sound is above the surface of the sea. The Marine Battleship, which is retreating in an orderly manner, looks back. The whole ocean is like a golden light. The thick light particles drown the Pirate Ship team like a tide. Any live mouth.

“Long live the Marine!”

“Long live!”

“Long live!”

Seeing this, listening to the roar of the head in the ear, Akainu satisfied nodded, then turned.

“Is it detected?”

The crane staff nodded, said: “It has been detected, not the unit owned by Orrick, but a group of Pirate secrets that collapsed in the first half of the drag out an ignoble existence, wanting to take the opportunity to go crazy.”

“Then they really picked the wrong object, dare to come to the Marine Headquarter to scatter wild!”

Akainu sneered, then took a deep breath.

“Can the supply of supplies keep up? I can’t keep in touch with Fujitora, he can use some of Ron’s funds.”

“For the time being… No, it is estimated that there is no problem, don’t forget that we have Government support, Akainu.”

The crane smashed, but I couldn’t help but smile.

Since Ron took over the wealth of the Golden Emperor, Akainu relied more on Ron’s funds, which makes sense. Ron is recognized as a rich man, and his own money is clean.

But not moral.

If it was placed in the first ten years of Sengoku’s command of Marine’s, it would be enough for CP0 to get in and join them.

But there is no way, after all the Ron, the trade supply of the World has been limited. The headquarters and its surrounding branches are still good. The more remote the place, the harder it is to deliver the goods, and the sea train freight line does not work.

I have to rely on Ron for this.

In the past two months of the outbreak of the light war, the crane knew that the government had given Ron a promissory note of more than 10 billion Berries, using his supplies to support the four seas and other remote branches.

The reason for this is very simple… the scale of the war is too big!

After listening to it, Akainu’s expression was dignified and he did not answer.

The crane is not prepared to say anything more, nodded turned and left.

Blubru Blue…Bloo Bluru…

Suddenly, the sound of Den Den Mushi sounded.

Akainu has only slept for seven hours since the beginning of the war. He has never left the office. Sometimes he just wakes up and is woken up by the phone. He has already felt numb to the phone.

He walked over and picked up Den Den Mushi, expressionless.

“Here is Akainu, have something to say!”

After that, Akainu’s expression froze, and an indescribable color appeared on his face.

I noticed the change of Akainu’s, the crane that was pushing the door of the office curiously turned around and wanted to know what happened.

Next second…


The heavy Magma burst in the office, lit the wooden table, and under the hot heat, Akainu blushes and screams: “Father gives you three days, can’t come back, Father yells at you!”

come back?

Who is still outside?

Crane frowned, then pupils shrank.

Is it…! !

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