OPTN Chapter 854

The bases of the branches are all back to their respective Bases, and they are dealing with Pirate’s aggressive attack. They must be corners of each other before they can avoid being broken by Pirate’s army one by one, so they can’t leave.

And this time outside, people who can make Akainu so angry…

The crane thinks of a possibility.

“The little devil, really escaped?!”

Just thinking about it, suddenly Akainu converges expression, said with a sneer.

“Oh no, I don’t think you are going to come back now.”

Den Den Mushi At the other end, Ron didn’t hear the anomaly in Akainu’s voice. He thought he had guessed his plan and nodded.

“Yes, I really don’t plan to come back now.”

On the spot, a bonfire was piled up, and Ron said while tearing the roast fish: “How is the situation outside?”

“Before the scale is ahead, the garrison of the headquarters has even dropped to less than 30,000, and your assassination and airship units are only able to reach 40,000… but still within the scope of coping.”

Akainu looked at the crane that came back and continued: “Oerick thought that we were still us, and we wanted to help us through the flowers everywhere. I think he had miscalculated the abacus!”

The previous Marine did not say that the headquarters was high in the mountains, and it was the sea near the branch Base. It was also difficult to get past the support.

But that was before!

Since Ron proposed and implemented the global village plan, the transportation network centered on the branch has made Marine’s mobility a qualitative leap!

Coupled with a fully equipped airship, Orrick’s troops were split into pieces one by one.

“That’s good, then I will be more reassured.”

Hear this, Akainu sneered.

“Oh? So how long are you going to take?”

“I don’t know, look at the situation.”

Ron shook his head: “Who is going to work behind the enemy… and I doubt that we have a traitor in it, or not to come back.”


Akainu instantly opened his eyes and looked at the crane.

“What do you mean?!”

“Maybe you should be… very busy lately, so there isn’t much post-war analysis about the war with Lonely Red and World Destroyer, right?”

Akainu frowned, and Ron just said it was done.

These days he was busy for a total of seven hours of sleep, how can he work to take care of a battle that has ended.

At most, Coby and Dongte are already on the road, guided along life paper, ready to respond to Ron.

“But I am more relaxed, so I have nothing to do with my own summary.”

Being locked up in a cage, can’t do anything, can you not idle?

Ron licked his faint wrist and continued: “So I found a problem!”

“What is it?”

“On the day of the battle, apart from me and Admiral Kizaru, the other participating Vice Admirals include Momonga, Dongte, Tea Dolphin, Mozambique, Dalmatian… and the G5 branch of Mozambique’s Vice Admiral is known for its science and technology. Their mine defense circles should be careful even if we are ourselves.”

“You still don’t know? This profiting from somebody’s misfortune is the next member of Orrick’s Admiral, strength is not inferior to our Marine three Admiral Monster, and he bypasses our defense line deep into the rear and is different from the lonely red cross. Rushing into the submarine from underwater.”

I want to circumvent the Marine patrol team to go deep into the hinterland without being discovered by anyone. If you look at the third patrol’s end, you will know that there is nothing you can do with the Lonely Red.


Akainu took a breath and was about to say something. The crane had placed a piece of defense map in front of him.

There is a piece of red that is smeared on the top, which is what Ron calls the mine defense circle!

“The mines in the mine defense circle are not simply floating on the surface of the water. Instead, they are as high or low as fish. The purpose is to completely eliminate the enemies behind the enemy and build a piece of iron on the sea. The only three routes are clear. Only our own people know. “”

Ron throws the fish bones aside, the corner of the mouth is tilted, and his eyes are cold: “I have already killed Orrick’s subordinates, so I’m pretty sure not his special Ability to help them avoid the mines.”

“So apart from this, the only answer is…”

“Someone leaked!!”

Boom! !

Akainu’s angry one pressed on the arming map, and the flowing Magma instantly lit it, with the wooden table behind it burning out the burnt black a slap print.

“Is there a guess?”

“No, but only those who have just read the name of the item mine map, who gave the mine map to whomever I remember, will still remember it. I will investigate this line… I should be able to investigate something.”

Ron’s tone is very uncertain, and this range is too big!

To be precise, the person who read his name has the highest priority of knowing. To implement Quest, the line must be handed over to the executive force. One to two, the ghost knows how many people are suspect.

“Understood, so you are ready to hide, so that this abominable traitor can’t know your traces and be a strange soldier.”

Akainu instantly understood Ron’s plan and followed the line of thought: “Understood, I will announce the news that you have already come back. Anyway, imitating the fruit in our hands, it is not a problem to fake.”

Oh, I’ve learned to do the opposite!

Ron shocked the look at Den Den Mushi.

Is this still Akainu I know?

“My family Fleet Admiral, how can this be cunning! 》

“Yes, that’s it.”

Ron gave him a bit of grilled fish, and the flavour of the meat made him return to God: “I must have been notified of the things I have escaped. However, we do this in the eyes of the opposite side, in order to find us. The purpose, he may be able to show something about it… By the way, I can also do something in the dark, Orek wants to let this kill me a few people, I can only say that he is too naive!”

The two armies confronted each other. Terrifying was not a military commander on the face, but a hidden arrow hidden.

Originally, everyone didn’t have that chance, and every move was monitored by the opposite side.

Now that Orrick handed the opportunity to his own hands and didn’t use it, Ron felt conscientious.

Biting the fragrant grilled fish, Ron picked up the corner of the mouth.

But at this moment, he suddenly remembered one thing…

and many more!

Akainu If you don’t know these things, then why did he say “I think you are not ready to come back now”?

What did he think I was not going to go back?


Ron looked down at the telegraph machine around him, which was one of the communication tools he put into the ring… I remembered the content of the telegram sent to Dongte a few days ago, and Ron “shua” jumped up.

“Well? What happened to you over there?”

Akainu hasn’t returned to her original thinking, and asked to hear the frown.

“Nothing, the fishbone stuck in the throat… Nothing, I hang it first, Fleet Admiral, when I don’t exist.”

After waiting for Akainu to answer, Ron couldn’t wait to hang up the phone.


Look at Den Den Mushi, who is in a deep sleep, Akainu looks up and looks at the crane.

“This bastard, the details have not been clearly stated, so eager to hang up … words …”

As the words slowly and slowly, Akainu grasped the earpiece, and under the gaze of Den Den Mushi shiver coldly, he was full of anger and became angry.

“Damn!! He was driven in by him!!!”

Look at Akainu In vain research Den Den Mushi how to call back when the earpiece is broken, the crane shakes the shook head.


Then smiled.

“I like it!”

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