OPTN Chapter 855

Ron was very angry that Akainu, who knew that he had stolen three tons of explosive rock, was very angry. After less than a minute of silence, the phone didn’t stop for thirty minutes, and Den Den Mushi began to lick his tongue.

Of course, for these calls, Ron ignored them and threw them into the room at the deepest part of Ring Space. He couldn’t hear him again.


After a long time, Ron, who was full of food, stood up and rubbed his neck.

“Next, what should I do with you?”

Gu lu 噜…

The giant wood broke through the rock, exposing the Magma pool deep in the volcano to the open air. Gu Gu Magma ran along the gully, ignited the giant wood, continually descended in the rushing, and finally merged into the ocean, igniting white smoke.

“The Green Bull really did a major event!”

Simply checking the island, Ron grinned and said.

[END POINT], three pressure bolts that maintain the balance of the New World underground Magma layer, the reason why the explosives of the explosive rock are needed to detonate is because of the geological relationship.

To completely destroy the insulation layer in the basement layer and the bottleneck, it requires a lot of energy and impact, and then concentrate the pressure at one point, and push the continent plate with the strength of the underground Magma itself, causing the destruction. Natural disasters.

Together with their thickness as the rock layer of the Yamamoto body, I want to complete this cut-off of the explosive rock… You can also try to throw an Akainu down.

Cough cough !

The joke is a joke, but now the [END POINT], at least Ron, is very pessimistic, it becomes very…fragile.

Who is the Green Bull?

Wooden spirit fruit real Utility User.

What did he just do?

Nourish the giant wood with the entire island and change the terrain!

The consequence is that the Yamamoto body, the fire of the First Layer defense, has disappeared in the process.

The exposed Magma pool is the most central area, it is completely exposed to the air, you don’t need to throw Akainu in, and a super-electromagnetic gun can destroy it.

In addition to the strength of the plant, the stone fruit can not be done to such an extent.

Just like the Heart that should have been protected behind the ribs, it appears on the outside of the ribs because of the disease. Only one layer of the membrane is wrapped, and the upper vascular network is clearly visible.

After thinking about it, Ron put his hand down and spread the lightning on his hand.

“At least not now…”

[END POINT] It’s about New World’s survival, and it’s best not to destroy nature.

Even if you want to…

It is also impossible for him to do it.

Even if you start…

It can’t be so easy to waste.


Feeling that the bottom line of his own life fell and fell again, Ron indulged for a moment, the corner of the mouth was lifted.

“I have a solution!”


Coming to the headless body of the Green Bull, Ron picked it up and transported it to a raised boulder on the edge of the Magma pool, and then ran the excess dirt.

After doing all this, he is lightly smiled.

“It’s very inhuman but practical, with the help of soldiers checking the bodies in war, isn’t it?”

In the invisible position, the rock behind the green bull was hollowed out, containing a can of explosive rock floating in a special liquid. Several wires pulled from the green cow coat were connected to the jar, which was fragile and dangerous.

As long as someone is carrying the body…


“Give a face to the brother, if you don’t want to die, you have been honest recently.”

Ron stepped on the volcanic lava under his feet and then jumped up, looking for a direction and driving the lightning fast.


And the country, the capital of flowers.

After a long time, Orrick received the news, [END POINT] is still well preserved.

“I didn’t even detonate?”

Looks at a different look at the black charcoal snake, Orrick blinks.

“I understand that Cang Long still bears ambition and detonates the great sin of [END POINT], which will make the people completely become hatred of his not much worship. After all, no one will like a guy who has nothing to destroy World. On my own head.”

“It’s also killing, killing Pirate and killing the ordinary person. It’s not the same thing. Cang dragon… It’s really hard.”

I thought that I could see through everything, and Orrick confidently said with a smile.

“Then this place [END POINT] we have not completely lost, now the information is open, Marine has not completely mastered the initiative, there is still to fight.”

“For your own ambitions, let your companions miss the opportunity, hey! Ambition!”

The black charcoal snake is full of disdain, enjoys the service of the little purple, and picks up the glass.

“What is there? As long as things are going in the right direction, I am too lazy to control what purpose he has.”

Caddo took a long, unmistakable giant wine bowl and took a sip.

“It’s a pity to say that the green cow is dead. I wanted to pull him into Pirates.”

The character of Kaiduo’s cherished talents is obvious to all. As long as it is not a half-hanger, even the enemy will give an opportunity. Even if the opposite side strength is weak in his eyes, he will not hesitate to care.

of course……

After three considerations, they still refused, and the end of the game was very fierce.

However, the Green Bull is not only a strength formidable but also a subordinate of Orrick, which makes Kaido always worried.

In this regard, Orrick was silent for a while, turned and said.

“Li Ruisk, take time to go to a squat [END POINT] Try to see if you can find the body of the green bull. Everyone is in the same class, let him enter the earth.”

Hear this, sitting next to Orrick, a hard-working Li Ruisk nodded.

“Go ahead later, I guess that waiting for Marine to stabilize the offensive rhythm, the moment of counterattack will not be too far.”

Don’t look at the whole world war, but in fact, the two sides are not allowed to fight the family.

They can still sit and drink without mentioning it. The most elite transformational units of Kaiduo are still stationed in the country. There are more than half of the assassinations in the Marine side. The elite assassins are waiting for the order, and Base is overseeing each other.

Now that both sides are in the early stages of temptation, you sing me to go on stage, just like Tekkai needs to burn red before playing iron, constantly testing the bottom line of the opposite side, looking for loopholes, and then hitting it!

Until then, it will be a real war!

The balance of the outcome no one knows where it will be, and the bottom of the Goddess’s skirt is still obscuring.

Orrick nodded to this nod and continued to drink.

At this time, a warrior opened the door respectfully, lying on the door and leaning over: “General, there is emergency information!”

“Ah? What happened? Those guys are playing back?”

Some of the restless guys are still active when both sides focus on their opponents.

Because Tao Zhizhu was captured, Foxhu Jinweimen teamed up with Straw Hat Pirates as the original work, calling the rebels to overthrow the black charcoal snake, which scared him a while ago.

However, Orrick did not pay attention to the Legends 20 years ago. After rushing back from Wapol, he directly sent Li Ruisk and his soldiers to encircle the soldiers, and the Straw Hat team was defeated. Fortunately, the rest of the people died. I lost my life and hid it.

“No, it’s news from Marine.”

The warrior said respectfully: “Marine Headquarter just issued a notice, Admiral Cang Long returned safely and spoke in front of the public, expressing confidence in the war.”


If this is not waiting for the black charcoal to stand up, Orrick frowns: “There is a distance of miles from the Marine Headquarter, even if the dragon is not able to rush back now… this is less than 24 hours!”

“It’s true… isn’t Marine playing another trick?”

The black charcoal snake frowned. For the dragon, he is now like the two.

“Actually, I have always had a problem, Orrick…”

Suddenly, the drunken Caddo suddenly started to talk.

“This thing was told from the beginning, but we haven’t seen the Master until the Green Bull died…”

“Do you think I am cheating you?!”

Not waiting for Kedo to finish, Orrick squinted: “The green bull is dead, [END POINT] definitely has traces of fighting, you can go to investigate.”

“No… I don’t doubt you, Orrick, I doubt Marine… oh.”

After making a stinking wine cellar, Kedot put down the only right hand and held it on the ground, his body backwards.

“Is it really a dragon to kill the green cow?”

“Or from the very beginning, he actually got Marine’s traitors.”

Including Orec, the only points that can be determined at present are the following.

First, the Green Bull really caught the “Canglong”.

Second, the Green Bulls took it back to [END POINT].

Third, the green bull was killed.

However, until now no one knows what happened in the [END POINT], the road is far away, and it takes five days to start from the country.

“Just like 20 years ago, when you swindled and let Guangyue Yutian relax and be vigilant, in fact, it was just your substitute… Really you have opened the city gate and let my people enter the inner city.”

Kedore looked toward the black charcoal snake, said with a drunken eye.

In contemplativeness, no one noticed the squirrel purple around the black charcoal snake. Hearing this clenched the fist, and the nails even embedded the flesh.

No… maybe not nobody.

“This woman…”

During the dinner, Li Ruisk took a drink and slowly drank, and his eyes locked on Xiao Zi.

He noticed that every time she talked about Guangyue Yutian, she would laugh very fake.

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