New World, unknown seas.

“How do you say to Fleet Admiral?”

On a Battleship disguised as a merchant ship, Coby was full of expectations and opened the door to Dongte’s office.

In response, the latter smiled and looked up.

“Don’t worry, Admiral has determined that he is out of danger and is currently running another secret Quest.”


In this regard, Coby was so relieved that he was lying on the sofa: “Great, nothing! I am really worried about what the enemy is doing with him.”

Hear this, Dongte did not answer, but took the cup, took a sip, and his face was speechless at the same time.

It is worthy of “Marine Thunder God” and “Admiral” Canglong!

The mortal situation, in his mind, the dead and dead, can find a glimmer of life to reverse the situation.

Standing on the reason for the reasoning, the things revealed inside make Dong Te think hard.

“But we can’t just go back, the new Quest is down.”

At this time, Dongte suddenly started to talk.


Coby looked strangely: “Don’t you go to the Master Convergence? His weapons are still on our ship.”

Ron’s Dragon Dragon’s Heaven’s Halberd finally dismissed the game with the Solitary Red. The green cows who lost the keys on the spot did not dare to bring Ron’s familiar weapons to the ship. They were later found by Marine and even Quest was handed over to Coby.

This is not a big deal, but Dongte suddenly looked more strangely and asked: “You are sure… I will go to him later?”

Coby: “…”

Coby shuddered as he thought about what he had said in the Fleet Admiral office.

“No, it’s good!”

If Ron knew that he had confessed to the explosives, he could foresee his own end, which must be very fierce.

“What is the new Quest?”

He can’t wait to shift the topic.

In this regard, Dongte turned a Byakugan and took out a stack of information.

“This is a list of important members of Beasts Pirates in New World, most of which are rewards, and a few are cadres who were later promoted…”

Speaking of this, the East corner of the mouth is tilted up: “How? Are you interested in killing them with me?”

The army that fights for each other is just a group of stragglers, just like the Pirates in the encirclement.

The key point supporting Beasts Pirates is that Kaiduo is right, but the command and dispatch of the middle and lower cadres are indispensable for the ordering and execution.

Destroy them by unscrewing an important screw on the Beasts Pirates war machine.

When the soil is cleared, at least until the new cadres are selected, they can cause great trouble to them.

At the same time, it will also create a great offensive opportunity for Marine.

Coby is not an idiot, heing this look.

“Would you like to start counterattack?!”

In this war, Marine was the party that was declared a war. It must be said that the use of captive dragons as a fuse was the first time that Marine was panicked and failed to form an effective counterattack.

But now let’s not say that Ron is out of trouble, familiar with the offensive rhythm of the opposite side, even if there is no him, the counterattack will be on the agenda.

and many more……


Coby suddenly surprised and wide-eyed, unbelievable looks at Dongte: “This Quest… What should I think is the assassination of the troops?”

“East Admiral, you are a long Base, you can be allowed to drop Base. It’s also a matter of being a Master under the Master. Now you have to run Quest in New World…”


Coby sucks the mouth tightly.

“Difficult…do you say?!”

“Yes, that’s what you think.”

In this regard, Dongte calmly took off his justice coat and took out a mask to buckle his face.

Look at Coby’s horrified eyes, the sound came from behind the mask.

“I will inform you in the name of the Assassin Team Captain Shadow Dragon, Coby Rear Admiral, you are requisitioned! Please cooperate with my actions, otherwise the military law will be disposed of!”

In addition to daily monitoring and gathering intelligence, Quest falling into the hands of the assassination unit is not difficult, so they have great privilege and are a group of underground workers who can sit on the same level as the Celestial Dragon.

If necessary, Dongte as Captain can even ask Aokiji Kizaru to cooperate with his work, and the rights are enormous.

But Coby didn’t care about this. He suddenly felt the scalp numb, and the whole body was full of goose bumps.

The senior who is getting along with him is the Captain of the assassination unit? The mysterious codename “Shadow Dragon” holder!

This gave him unprecedented stimulation.

It’s no wonder that all these Worlds have been timid about the Marine assassination force, even including Marine himself.

Coby now understands that the unexpectedness of the light makes it difficult for him to accept.

No one knows whether his wife, husband, and brother-in-law, who are sharing the same bed, will be theirs.


At this time, the office door was pushed open, and one of the most familiar confidants of Dongte came in and raised his hand to salute.

“Dongte Vice Admiral… um…”

Looking at the Dongte, who had already changed his clothes, he put his hand down for a moment, and the right hand clenched his fist to the heart and changed the etiquette of the assassination unit.

Coby’s big eyes in an instant panic, listen to him.

“Captain, has arrived at the first destination, please indicate!”

“Old rules, collecting intelligence, developing plans, and performing assassinations!”

Dongdsaid in a tranquil voice: “Remember! We have a lot of goals this time. To avoid the grass to scare the snake, the movement is small and small.”


After talking about salute again, the man turned and left.

Coby corner of the mouth, madly twitching, turned and dared to ask: “It won’t be the whole ship…”

“Well? Oh right, except for you, we are all of us.”

Coby: “…”

For a long time, this is a thief’s nest! !


Li Rusk’s inference is not wrong. Marine’s counterattack is coming soon, but no one knows what will happen until the assassination of the troops.

Akainu deliberately sent Dongte and Coby in the name of Ron. He knew what Ron was going to do, so he only sent the assassination troops that were most trusted by both sides.

In order to select this list, it is a painstaking effort to identify the accompanying crew, including the husband, as the assassination unit, without any abnormality.

And the country, the outer seas.

“It’s really a bad sight! This ghost weather!”

Standing on a raised rock, Ron looks at the rough ocean in front of it, feeling full of emotion.

The only drawback of super-electricity is that the movement is too big. The Kizaru light mirror is reflected in the sky, especially during the day, and he is not the same. Wherever he goes, the fascination of the zipper is fascinating.

In order to avoid being discovered, the ghost knows what Ron has experienced before finally arriving in the country!

The sea in front of the sea was so high that the sea of ​​water made a deafening roar, slap each other and make a thunder.

The world often said that the state of the sea in the Iron Triangle is a desperate situation. Once it is trapped in the sky, there is no way to enter the land, but it is a man-made desperate situation. Just open the Gate of Justice and you can leave safely.

Really want to compare, Ron feels that the country’s peripheral waters can be regarded as a real desperate!

Because no one can control its climate, it has always been so dangerous.

The reason why Kaiduo left the most elite transformation of the troops oversee and the country, is also because only they have the ability to easily leave, in exchange for the rest of the ordinary Pirate, maybe the light “out of the sea” can lose more than half.

“I don’t want to mess with my country, Father wants it!”

Ron sneered, leaping, sprinting on the sea and running towards the country.

In order to avoid any unfortunate consequences of the accident, Orrick ordered Green Bull to bring him to the [END POINT], so that Ron can make the opposite side satisfied.

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