The capital of flowers, the general residence.

“Little purple… Right?”

Walking out of the door, Xiao Zi, who was walking back and accompanied her, suddenly heard someone screaming her name. It was different from the shouting of the screaming screams, but with a touch of playfulness in the calm, a little cold… command?

That’s right, it’s the order!

Even with only a short four words, Xiao Zi heard the resoluteness of the opposite side of the opposite side.

“Bold! Do you know who this is? I…”


A waist-high guard did not see the opposite appearance, and immediately sang, but before he finished speaking, a touch of green light flashed, Li Ruisk had already bypassed him and appeared in front of Xiao Zi.

Hua la la ……

The corpse divided into two flaps split from his behind, and left and right fell to the ground. Fortunately, Li Ruisk’s tall body blocked most of the scene, which made people less uncomfortable and disgusting.

“Li…Li Ruisk adults!”

Who is the recognized person, Xiao Zi urged the breath to cover up the panic and asked: “I don’t know what the adult is looking for in a small woman?”

The two fathers and sons of the Nibelungen family are synonymous with terrifying in the country of peace.

Orrick did not see the slightest action to let hundreds of warriors slash their own swords, blood dyed the red streets; Li Ruisk will Daimyo’s volley of the six sons of the four dead and four disabled, fierce.

Although they have formed an alliance with General Black Charcoal, they are notorious, and no one has the courage to talk calmly with them.

Especially this one…

The whole body exudes a cold, breathless look, like an ice-cold poisonous snake, staring at yourself with a hint of emotion.

“Is it interested in having a drink?”

this is……


Just as the little purple god, the maid beside the body heard of Li Ruisk Daimyo, anxiously shouted.

“Little Purple, you have to go back to study the flower path today, it should…”


The voice did not fall, and a face with an urgent head flew into the sky, and it was unexpected that nothing happened to death. Blood spurts out from the neck break and hits everyone’s face, making it easy for people to feel the warmth.


Li Rusk’s cruelty is far beyond the attendants’ imagination. They are escaping from each other and losing one’s head out of fear.

On the contrary, Xiao Zi was in a pretty face with a flaw after the mistake, and pinched the fist.

“Can… damn!”

“Are you Nibelungen not giving up the Celestial Dragon identity? Why do you want to do this?!”

Hear this, Li Ruisk strangely turned back.

“Is it necessary to give up the Celestial Dragon identity and what do I have to do this?”

Looked at the little purple, he took out the handkerchief, very gentleman’s face to wipe the scarred scarlet on the face, the color of life lost into the skin texture wiped, making her face look strange and beautiful .

“I am just depriving the weak of the right to survive as an Expert that’s all, asking your wishes as a duty for men… and she disturbs us to chat, is act recklessly!”

“It’s not because she wants to reject me for you, offending my dignity as Celestial Dragon.”

“That said… Do you understand?”

It turned out that this is the reason?

Xiao purple came back to his senses, and found that indeed, whether it was the former attendant or the current maid, they were killed after start to talk.

Not because they said something offended, but because they were in the eyes of Li Ruisk, they were not qualified to start to talk.

But for this reason…



Heavy pick up a slap fan and fan out on Li Ruiske’s face.

Although the result is that Xiao Zi feels that he is taking a stone and the palm of his hand is stinging, but dare to fight Li Ruisk, this is undoubtedly a major event.

The two guards at the entrance of the General’s Palace finally couldn’t stand anymore. Xiao Zi was only the general hobby of the general. Once there was no one who cares about who she is, Li Ruisk is different. It is an important ally!

“You are here at the point, I will report to the general.”

After talking, the guards turned and ran to the depths of the house.

In situ, Li Ruisk’s blink of an eye, feeling the touch of the face, asked under the gaze of Xiao Zi.

“Where are you angry?”

“Ha? Are you kidding?!”

She said with anger: “Which Expert expert is the first choice, will you decide that he is dead? Do you know how hard we work to survive?!”

“I don’t know, I am not interested in knowing.”

Li Rusk answered truthfully, then grinned: “Which Expert can’t be an expert? You know how much effort have we made to get stronger?”

The same question was thrown back to Xiao Zi, the latter was suddenly stunned and did not know how to answer.

Yes, Expert has tried to get stronger in life and death, and why can’t Strength be awarded?

“This World is absolutely fair. The weak do not want to get stronger and want equal rights. How can there be many good things.”

“Allowing them to live is the compassion of Expert. What qualifications do they have to interfere with me?”

“That’s your own idea! There is a lot of World’s Experts who love life and respect life!”

Xiao Zi reluctantly retorted.

However, Li Ruisk still calmly nodded.

“Yeah, that’s true.”

“But… what is the relationship with me?”

Look at Xiao Zi, Li Ruisk indifferently said: “How do you live your own decision, why do you want to ask me by other people’s practices?”


Suddenly, Xiao Zi could not speak.



Is the truth recognized by the public really the absolute truth?

“But you remind me.”

At this time, Li Ruisk suddenly took the hand of Xiao Zi and put it slowly in the palm of his hand.

“I just felt very familiar with it. The ordinary person shot and the soldier shot, the same strength will be different.”

“You are well maintained, and you can’t see a little old man.”

Speaking of this sentence, Li Ruisk was keenly aware that the small purple whole body muscles were so tight for a moment, that was a precursor to the hands-on.

In this regard, his expression is as usual, then the fingers suddenly force, in the small purple defense, the finger is embedded in flesh and blood.


With the screams, the root fingers are embedded in the palm of your hand, and the palm of your hand is caught in the hand from the middle.

Lifting the soft purple, Li Ruiske expressionless said: “Now, are you interested in accompanying me for a drink? Xiao Zi adults.”


“The defense is good, there are so many dark whistle.”

On the outskirts of the country, Ron hid behind a huge stone, and the Skynet fired open, and the sentinels hidden in the secret were found.

During the war, Rao was sheltered from the country and the defense measures were definitely not so simple.

“A dozen, grab a three-second solution.”

After all, Ron rubbed his fingers and prepared to start.

But at this time…

Santoryu ・Three thousand troubles! !


A sword aura storm with a diameter of severe meters swept across the coast, and the hidden whistle was alarmed, and Ron was keen to hear them shouting.

“Be careful, Straw Hat is coming over, don’t let them run away!”

“Found, here… ah!”

The calm shore suddenly made a mess, and suddenly a “squeaky” moment, a strange and elongated arm spread over, wrapped around a few laps of Ron’s hidden boulders.

“Difficult…does it say…”

Ron corner of the mouth convulsions, twitching of the eyes, whole body convulsions.

as predicted!

“Hey! Zoro, Nami, go here!”

“Let me bastard, do you want to murder?”

“The front is stone! Stone, stone, be careful!!”

Even with the single dozen meters, Ron can feel the despair of Sanji’s heart, just like him.

Boom! ! !

A muffled sound, the boulder was hit by Shatter, and a familiar silhouette rolled down in front of Ron.

The youngest red horse squat jumped up and the boss hands looked smug.

“Hey, isn’t that coming over? Feed everyone, nothing!”

Hey! Boom! Pa!

One person punched an Idiot face Straw Hat to the ground, and the three fangs roared: “Shut up Idiot!”

Then I feel that there are still people, they slowly turn around and look at each other.

Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Ron: “…”


“Hey? Uncle, thunder, how are you here?”

Luffy got up again and looked suspicious.

In this regard, Ron swept away the distant expression of horror, apparently found out that he and the country warrior, silently touched the cigar, lit.



“Truth, I really want to kill you now.”

“Take us one!” *3

“Hey, Zoro Sanji, he is an enemy!”

Luffy was shocked and his chin dropped to the ground.

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