“It’s a dragon! How is he here?!”

“Go to inform the general!”

The opposite warrior heartbeat suddenly speeded up and shouted nervously.

Marine’s Daimyo is also heard in the country, not to mention that the black charcoal ally’s ally, Kaido, has broken one hand and is related to Ron. As a result, these warriors don’t know if it is difficult.


Silently turned his eyes, Ron frowned, then said to Luffy.

“Come and pick you up later!”

“Do you need help?”

At this time Zoro stood up and tied the headscarf to his head, his eyes were fierce.

Their goal was to break through, but when they saw Ron, Zoro was very challenging.

In this regard, Ron is powerless to sighed.

“Is it all troublesome, can’t you understand people?”

“I want to challenge me, wait until you see my movements.”

After talking about Zoro, Ron’s footsteps turned into a black line and disappeared into the air.

No, it’s not exactly disappearing, but the speed is too fast to be captured by the naked eye. Just like the rotating fan blades, it can easily penetrate the past.


Chi! chi! chi!

“Eight squares!”

Ron’s voice is like the one from all directions, so people can’t tell the direction.

The weapon was not there. He raised his hand and made a knife with his hand. At almost the same time, the samurai necks spurting blood at positions of up to ten meters apart in various positions, neatly fell down.

“Run! Hurry… Hey!”

A warrior commander who stood farther shouted and was locked by Ron. When the wind blew, it was directly in place.


A second later, his body’s bones were sore and crisp, and the distortion was not the same. So he pulled away from the whole body and turned into a piece of meat to fall to the ground and lost his breath.


After three seconds, Ron reappeared in front of the four, breathing calmly and naturally, as if nothing had happened.

If it weren’t for his blood drops on his fingers, everything in front seemed to have nothing to do with him.

Gu lu ……

This is not the first time Luffy has seen Ron, but still nervous about swallowed saliva and said.

“Good…very powerful!”

In a few seconds, the entire enemy on the coast was completely killed, but only relying on the purest speed and strength, this strength, he could not even think about it.

“Give the green algae head, can you see it clearly?”

Sanji lit the cigarettes silently, stepped forward and stood side by side with Zoro, his expression was dignified and his voice was hard to cover his nervousness.

“I didn’t see anything at all.”

“Two tricks!”

Zoro is not willing to hold the word and bite his teeth. “The first move of the shot and the last move of the finish, the rest is the same as you.”

Because these two moves have a process of “starting” and “slowing down”, Zoro can use Swordman’s intuition to discover the doubts. After all is Ron, he is still using the thundercloud and using the sword to do the weapon. Swordman takes part in the initiative.

But beyond that, Zoro’s vision as Swordman is no different from Sanji, and Ron’s movements are not as clear.

“Since the killing of Mihawk caused Swordman to go out to sea, Marine received a challenge letter from Swordman every day, and named the name to challenge me and regain the glory of Swordman.”

“Do you know what difference between you and them in my eyes?”

Even the cigar didn’t fall, and Ron calmly sucked the cigarette, indifferently said.


This question does not require Zoro to be a slap, he continues.

“Besides the mentality, nothing is there!”

“When you feel that you can see my actions just now and then challenge me, otherwise you will lose even the last restraint and become a complete joke.”

Zoro, who looked down and said no say a word, Ron no longer cares for him, turning back.

“So… why are you here?”

“We are here to save the help of Tao. If it was not in Zouwu to cover us, he would not be arrested.”

Speaking of this, Luffy replied with a dignified look.

The two groups of people met like the original work, but this time Jinweimen and the others were brought by Marine… Then the Kaydo army invaded, and Smoker fled with Road Poneglyph and was chased by Kato.

It happened that the Straw Hat group arrived in Zoe and found that Marine had angered for the death of Zoe for Road Poneglyph, and decisively fought against Beasts Pirates, insisting that Kedos was scared away by Ron and finally ended.

However, on the opposite side of the opposite side, the “plague” Quinn took the help of Tao Zhi, who ordered Nekomamushi Boss and the others to help the Straw Hat group to resist the Kato army, thus revealing their identity and naturally will not let go.

Hear this, Ron is stunned.

That is a thing that cannot be judged right or wrong.

If Smoker didn’t escape at the beginning, then Kado would follow, and in front of the terrifying defensive power, the Zuo Quandao war could not change anything; but he escaped and handed the terrifying enemy to Zuo alone. Therefore, the entire island of Zuo has suffered heavy casualties.

“Right, Marine is fighting with Kedo, isn’t it?!”

Nami shines: “So we don’t have a common goal?”

The outside world’s message that they have the support of the rebels is not a two-eyed approach. Orrick’s Lien Chan fights with the World Government. To some extent, there is no news report at all. The war is everywhere.

To save Tao Zhizhu, Kaiduo certainly refused to agree, and the black charcoal snake would not agree. The three-way alliance had two promises, and the goals were basically the same.

“Or let me talk about what you found.”

Ron indifferently said.

“Don’t forget that your identity is Pirate! It makes you famous after joining forces with you. If not, why don’t I catch you, one move, two gains.”

Clinker, Nami hearing this.

“Hey, isn’t that simple as you said?”


“Along Admiral, don’t forget that your nickname on the sea is called ‘Thunder God’. You are the most dazzling flag of Marine in this era.”

Nami danced with exaggerated expressions and saw Ron’s face not changing color. Then he put down his hands with a smile: “Then you just didn’t use any of the lightning’s Strength, even if it’s a trace, you don’t want to stay. The purpose is not too obvious. !”

“You actually don’t want people to find themselves coming to the country, right? Dive into Quest?”

Ron: “…”

This little devil!

He waved his hate and grabbed the strange Luffy, and the next fist broke into the ground.

Zoro, Sanji: “…”


The two looked at each other, and the heart had a sharp clap, and the voice was crisp and loud.

If it weren’t for Luffy, he didn’t need to be so careful.

After the vent was finished, Luffy, who was smoking his ass in his ass, was thrown aside, and Ron took a deep breath.

“Sure enough, Nami, follow Pirate, you learn bad.”

“Accurately… I have never learned it, and Smoker Vice Admiral has no way for me, 嘿嘿 (=?ω?=)!”

Nami squirmed and spit out her tongue.

Then reach out.

“We can break through to the outermost periphery and be seen by the guards. The intelligence of Foxfire and the others has helped a lot. Do you want it?”

In response, Ron sighed for a second and raised his hand.

“Let you be a Pirate, you are a curse, Nami! Is there any interest in coming to me to manage my assets, the trillions?”

Hear this, Nami blinks “golden” light and nods.

“Really?! Okay!”


Zoro and Sanji dared to open their eyes.

“Oh… not good, I mean… at least not now.”

Forcing the urge to agree inside, Nami dragged Luffy up and put his neck in his arms.

“I have to help this idiot become Pirate King, hey, are you saying Luffy?”

Luffy: “Pant… I can’t breathe… save!”

Zoro, Sanji, Ron.


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