A few minutes later, the large force that noticed the loss of the dark whistle quickly rushed to the scene. However, people had already gone to the building, leaving only a body to tell what happened.

“Captain, just got the news, they ended up with Straw Hat Pirates.”

“Damn, have they escaped?”

Samurai Captain did not have a good impression on Straw Hat Pirates, who repeatedly committed crimes in the country. He screamed: “Let’s find them separately, they must not run far!”

The unique location of the country and the state of the sea, so that every trip to the sea has become a journey to heaven, lifeline, nine deaths and still alive.

Now that a ship can’t be seen on the shore, then unless the Straw Hat group can slam the ground, how can it be found?


They are really stunned!

Walking in an underground passage that has been abandoned for many years, Ron seems to have realized.

“originally is this way, has it been played with the opposite side? Then, what valuable information did you find?”

The voice fell and the four were silent.



Ron curiously looked back towards Nami, she seems… afraid?

“Nothing found…”

At this time, Sanji took over the topic and slowly said: “Accurately, we didn’t even see the Lord at all, whether it was a reward of 10 billion Berries’s Celestial Dragon rebellious Orrick, and the country’s Admiral army black charcoal snake or Beasts. Pirates Chief Kaido.”

“Before I saw them, one person stopped us all, and Jin Weimen and the others died and they sent us out.”


In front, Zoro-fist squatted on the hard wall, and the smashing bones bleed.

“The second time! This kind of powerless…”

“A person stopped the Straw Hat group?”

Ron’s slightly surprised look at them: “The Royal Court? The volley six sons?”


Suddenly Ron suddenly realized and said, “Nibelungen Lirisk… right?”

The Straw Hat group that can stop this stage alone, except for the three accidents, Ron can only think of Li Ruisk and Green Bull.

The “epidemic” Quinn does not work either. If the Straw Hat group can be overturned by a cadre, they will not live now.

“Yes, that strong Monster!”

Sanji sucked the cigarette and sighed: “I have never seen such a Body Technique! I will combine the semi-beast form with the Body Technique, and even after the whole beast, he can use Marine Rokushiki. Secret art.”

Marine Rokushiki is a creation created by the human body. Most of the Zoan in the semi-animal form will be difficult to maintain the original level due to changes in bones or other aspects, not to mention the complete animalization and complete deformation.

A dozen-meter-long lizard slammed the scenes of Franky, Brook, Chopper, and Usopp on the volley of Geppo, and Sanji remembered it.

So now only four of them are acting, and the rest are seriously injured and need to be rested.

“I will beat him, I swear!”

Luffy raised the head, and the 眸 眸 contains anger.

“Dare to damage my companion, unforgivable!”

“Well, you said this to me for a few years.”

Ron poured a cold water on it, and Luffy almost fell to the ground.

“But don’t worry, I have no interest in you for the time being.”

Righting the cigar after laughing, Ron indifferently said: “Do you know what Garp old bastard said before he died?”

Hear this, the marching team stops.

Luffy silently lowered the cap: “What?”

“He asked me to take care of you… It’s almost dying, but I’m still thinking about these issues. It’s ridiculous to ask me a Marine, isn’t it?”

The mouth said so, but the rest did not feel angry.

The smile on Ron’s face is called “self-deprecation”. It is a kind of helplessness, with a memory of remembrance.

“I do not need!”

Suddenly, Luffy raised the head and looked at Ron without fear.

“Want to catch me, although I am doing it, only the otherwise die, I will definitely find a way to escape and continue to search for ONE PIECE!”

In this regard, Ron looked at the unexpected nodded.

“I also think so.”

“So you can get there all the way.”

Straw Hat Group: “…”

This is too much to say.

But there is nothing wrong with it.

With the speed of the dragon, as long as he has the heart to arrest people, he and the others can’t escape.

The only thing to be thankful for is that he and the others are not making a big noise at New World, and it is not worthy of Admiral.

All World Even Pirate is thousands of absolutely in this era, and Marine Admiral has only three…so only the top Pirate and one such goal, Kato, are qualified to let them take the initiative.

But they all know that as long as they continue to go on, they will one day reach that limit and let Ron formally use them as opponents.

At that time, the real test has just begun!

“The future is uncertain!”

Sanji smiled and shook his head and smothered cigarette butts.

“But this is a good thing now…”

At the end of the passage, there was a hint of light. Sanji said: “We were going to bypass the coastline and go to the other side to go to the sea and return to Zoe to rescue the soldiers. But now that we have met you, it is not so troublesome.”

Ron’s formidable is the scorpio they have to face in the future, but now it is their strongest boost!

“Hey everyone, I am coming back with the reinforcements.”

“Sanji! Are you back?”

The bulging belly was covered with bandages, Chopper, who was grinding the herbs, heard the sound, and jumped off the stool with joy, and ran quickly.

“So fast? Where are you looking for reinforcements?”

Franky used his parts to repair his arms and looked up strangely.

“Trust me, there is no better reinforcement than this.”

Sanji pretending to be a mysterious smile, letting the door open.


A leather shoe stepped into the stone chamber hidden in the ground to see the size of the person at least three meters above sea level.

Nicole Robin, who read the book with the oil lamp, seemed to raise the head and held her breath for the next second.

“How could it be him?!!”

叮铃kuāng dāng ……

U Usp kept the action of holding the box in place, the toolbox turned to the ground, and the parts rolled off.

See who is clear, the silence in the stone chamber, the needles fall.

“Ah, I really want to get you all done, Straw Hat.”

Looking at Chopper hiding behind Sanji’s feet, Ron opened his mouth and smiled.


Flower capital, Orrick House.


The black charcoal snake pushed the door open and shouted loudly.

“Oerek! Give me the guy!”

“Hey? Black charcoal general, are you coming to me?”

Orrick walked out of the inner house and asked in amazement.

“Less there is garlic, you know that Xiao Zi is my person, and let your bastard brat bring me back!”

Black charcoal gas has a whole body trembling. He is not a day or two in pursuit of Xiao Zi. However, Geisha has the rules of geisha. It is ridiculous for everyone who is not selling geisha. It is against the Bushido Spirit, which has not succeeded.

Unexpectedly, it was such a moment of effort, Xiao Zi was forcibly taken away by Li Ruisk, and when he heard the news went out, the two had disappeared.

“Yes? Then I may not be able to help you.”

Orrick did not care, shrugged.

“Young people love women and women are very normal. I don’t know where they went.”


Angry look at him, the black charcoal snake waved his hand.

“That line, then I will go find it myself!”

“If he dares to break the rules of the country, don’t blame me for being impolite !”

“Well, as long as you can get it… Don’t forget that we are Nibelungen, but there aren’t that bunch of stupid pigs that are stinking.”

Hear this, the black charcoal snake is coldly snorted, turned around.

“let’s go!”

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