And the country, the capital of the flower slums.

Every big city is indispensable to the gathering place of the poor, especially in the country, and the number of poor people is inexhaustible under the control of such abnormal policies.

Wrapped in gauze on the hand, Xiao Zi’s face was ugly walking on the street full of sewage, and it was exclaimed from time to time, which was incredible for the arrival of this first geisha.

If it is normal, she will definitely smile and say hello, but now…

“You seem to be familiar with the route of the slums. I don’t even know the road.”

Walking along the street, suddenly, an ice-cold voice rang from her behind.

Xiao Zi was shocked, only to find out that he did not know when to bring Li Ruisk into a deserted deserted street, although it still belongs to the slum, but it is not marked on the map.

However, Xiao Zi quickly calmed down and said.

“I grew up in the flower capital, I know that this road is very strange?”

After all, she turned to look at Li Ruisk: “What are you going to do? I have walked along the main road of the flower capital!”

“Go ahead, don’t ask… you will know when I want to tell you.”

Li Ruiske said faintly, thinking silently.

“Has you already gone around?”

“Sure enough, I have to go to that place.”

Looked towards Xiao Zi, he can’t help but say: “Next, let’s go to the abandoned Yutian City.”

Yutian City? !

Is it…

Unbelievable eyes wide open, Xiao Zi screened to breathe, looked towards this ice-cold man.

“How? Don’t know the road?”

“Cognitive…know, come with me.”

The face was ugly, and Xiao Zi silently turned and led the way.


On the other side, underground Space.

“Sure enough, he!”

Nicole Robin laughed at the shook head and put the book down.

Indeed, there is no better reinforcement than him.

Whether it is the Marine he represents, or his own strength, there is no second opponent on the sea that can be on condition of equal terms.

But other people can be as calm as she is…

“Marine is here! Sanji save me!”

Chopper hides his head behind his legs and exposes the body.

“Cang… Canglong? Why does Marine Admiral appear here?!”

U Uspp picked up the slingshot and threatened: “I am Captain Great Pirate U Usp with 80 million crew members. If you don’t want to die, hurry away from…wu wu, bite your tongue!”

U Usp said that he spit out a blood, and the scene was instantly messed up.

Ron: “…”

“Give up, just do what we do now.”

At this time, Franky held a disassembled arm and stood up in front of Usopp.

Then he looked toward towards Ron, he said.

“I heard that the Kaiduo coalition and the news of your war I was thinking, and the country could not be stable for too long, but I did not expect that you will be personally present, Admiral Canglong!”

It is a normal strategy for the two sides to fight and disrupt the enemy base camp.

Franky thought about who would come to the country to find more trouble with Kaito, but the person who could not think of it would be a dragon.

Such a terrifying force should be oversee in this section to protect Holy Land.

“Well, a lot of things have happened, but that’s not what you should know, so I won’t mention it.”

Seeing that his deterrence is still there, Ron shrugged relaxes and lights the cigar.

“To tell the truth, I have some regrets about the joint proposal. Nami… What can they do with them?”

Franky couldn’t find a complete part of his body, and even one of his eyes was missing. The disguised skin was violently torn, like a metal shackle.

The real 骷髅Brook has not said a word until now, his jaw does not know where it fell, the bones are split and it is difficult to move in bed.

Usopp and Chopper are also heavily hit, and it is a miracle.

The only good thing is Nicole Robin, but her strength is good for some miscellaneous soldiers, like the opponents of the country, it is not enough to see.

Let me talk about it.

The three forces currently in existence in the country, Orrick, Kay, and the black charcoal snake, are not weaker than the existence of Four Emperor. Even if there is a main character halo, each one is also a coincidence of Luffy. It is only possible to defeat the opponents, and to pull out alone can be a strong enemy of one year on the water.

In their current state, apart from collecting intelligence, there is no use.

“Well, we have saved half of the strength, as long as we cooperate with the Rebels, there is still that possibility.”

Sanji calmly starts to talk and explains his own value.

In response, Ron gave him a faint look and asked, “Half? For example?”

“Of course Luffy, I, and…”

Speaking of this, Sanji was shocked.

“What about green algae?!”

Σ( ̄ ̄ ̄–)

“do not know……”

Luffy said with a snot.

“Difficult…does it say…”

Sanji is unbelievably looking back at the channel when he came: “Can this be lost? There is only one way!!”

Look at Sanji gnashing teeth Going to the channel and getting ready to go out and find someone, Ron casually pulled the chair down and took a cigar.

“Ah, familiar conversation.”

U Usp, who loves to talk big, Chopper, who is courageous and brave, Zoro who is lost, Sanji, who is in love with each other, are familiar guys.

“Let me talk about your plans before they come back.”

Ron asked, turning his head.

Hear this, Franky nodded.

“The current situation is very rare for us. The last time the preparatory attack was defeated by the enemy, not only failed to rescue Tao Zhizhu, but also caused many comrades to fall into crisis, and Jin Weimen was also captured.”

“But they are safe for the time being. The black charcoal snakes are still not worried after they attacked us. After all, there are a total of nine people who ended up in Legend, which was left 20 years ago. Before they were all found out, black charcoal The big snake won’t do anything to them.”

“Red sheath nine people…?”

Ron nodded, said.

“But I don’t care about the life and death of the little devil. What I want is their strength deployment, strength intelligence, and whether there are loopholes.”

“I have heard about your last attack on the way. Do you know why you failed?”

Hear this, Franky stunned.


“It’s very simple. You are still taking the trip of this country and country as an adventure, not a war.”

Seeing the Straw Hat group, Ron indifferently said: “Remember what happened to Alabasta? Countless Pirate invaded Alabasta, the sight of a terrible, smoky smoke.”

For this, Straw Hat is silent.

Indeed, this is a war!

From Alabasta, they realized the cruel truth of this World. In this vast ocean, human life is really worthless.

When did it start, they forgot all about it?

Luffy silently clenched the fist.

Probably the day before Ace died in front of him.

He will never allow anyone to disappear from his side.

“Innocently saves everyone and only wins, it is the difference between adventure and war… I heard you tell me that there are five strategies in the head of Tao Zhizhu for the black charcoal snake, and you I chose a style that I don’t understand the most… attacking the flower capital.”

“With the help of peaches as a bait?”

Franky sighed and sighed: “Sorry, we can’t do it. And they can’t do it. The safety of the Lord is more important than their lives, and the country is such a country.”

In this regard, Ron looked at it.

“Do you feel cruel?”

“It’s not the right way! Let’s take the help of Tao Zhi…”

U Usp replied aloud and then bowed his head.

“Don’t underestimate the man’s consciousness, you… even if he is just a kid.”

Ron took a cigarette and said: “If you can end it all with your own life, in exchange for victory and hope, what do you think Taozhi will decide?”

“Kedo’s terrifying has personally experienced the invasion of Taos, Jinweimen, and Kanshiro who were 20 years ago. It is clearer than any of you, but they are still coming back… What do you think they are holding? Is it a land of humanity to set foot on this piece of land?”

“You are kidding them, Straw Hat! I feel that I can protect everyone and despise their will.”

Pause, Ron is stunned.

“But they didn’t express their opinions. What do I say about this? You continue, don’t make a mistake this time.”

“I… I know.”

Franky took a deep breath and began to talk about the military arming of the Kaido coalition.

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