The nine people who ended everything…

Stone chamber inner Qi The silence, Ron listened to Franky’s explanation while silently scanning other people who were silent.

Luffy, Zoro, U Usp, Sanji, Nami, Chopper, Franky, Brook, Robin.

Does it really mean the original red sheath nine people?

“… In addition, there is a spy inside Jinhuamen and the others in the flower capital. Although I don’t know who he is, the last time I managed to escape, including the ancient Times relics we hide, is him. Tell us.”

Franky solemnly said: “If you want to do something, I think we should first ask him to ask the situation.”

Ron nodded to this.

“originally is this way, I think you should be less stupid, and even if you don’t know the internal situation, you will attack.”

“We are not really stupid.”

U Usp whispered.

The time was just right, when Franky made the situation clear, there was a noise in the passage.

“Damn eyebrows, do you try again?!”

“tsk tsk tsk, angry and angry? Idiot green algae head … Oh wrong, saying that Idiot is insulting Idiot, you call Lu Chi.”

“Damn! Want to fight?”

“Two lords, now is not the time to fight!”

Suddenly another familiar voice sounded, and when the person walked into the stone chamber, Ron suddenly became awkward.

“The shower is Kanjiro?”

“Well? Who called me?”

Kanjiro, who painted the pale face makeup, turned back and noticed a very conspicuous member of the house. When he saw the appearance of the opposite side, he stood upright.

“Cang… Canglong Admiral!”

Dressrosa’s experience made him impressed. When he saw him, Kanjiro remembered the unfinished powdered feathers of the uncle, the brutal picture of his neck hitting the wall.

For Pirate, this is known for being cruel.

Now I am mixing with Pirate…

“Canglong Admiral, I think I can explain.”

“There is something to explain. It was Marine who abandoned you, didn’t it?”

A short-haired shinobi tight-dressed old lady jumped in and stopped in front of Kanjiro.

“Is it you? A man who has kidnapped the Young Master with despicable means and forced Jin Weimen to submit.”


Ron smirked and stood up and nodded. “I am, have opinions?”

“Just swearing to death, I dare to do too much for Young Master, I…”


Bang! ! !

Tough barely fell, in the room, with a dull crash, Ron clasps something and slams into the ground.

As the smoke lingers, Ron sweeps his eyes and scares his face, the “old qualification” female shinobi, and then looks towards himself.

“You are a little in the way, Straw Hat.”

Just a second before he started, Luffy, like the prophet, launched the second gear, bursting out a very fast speed and pushing the old lady away.

But his speed was not enough, so he replaced the old lady and was caught by Ron.

In this regard, Luffy grabbed Ron’s wrist with one hand and barely opened his mouth with a smile.

“Oh, our enemy should be Kaido, isn’t it?”

“makes sense.”

Release the hand, Ron stood up from the center of the pit in a large area, and swept through Kanjiro and the old lady.


Kanjiro: “!!!”

What did I hear?

The Monster Dragon is actually apologizing? !

The Straw Hat group is also a look of disbelief, unbelievably wide-eyed.

For their surprise Ron didn’t care, from behind said: “But if there is the next time, I will still choose to abandon you… and not only you, even the Smoker, I will do the same.”

“This is Marine’s consciousness!”

“No… it doesn’t matter.”

Kanjiro stiffly avoided the line of sight and then smiled at the shook head.

“No matter you or us, you are doing what you think is right, so there is nothing to blame.”

“On the contrary, you are willing to join us in this group of low-lying thieves, down…”


Speaking of this, Kanshiro slammed on the ground.

“Many thanks!”

Kanjiro tears his nose and snot, looking up loudly shouted.

“Please, please help us, Admiral!”

“In the last battle, we lost more than half of the people. The people who survived were also injured. In the face of the fordable Kayto coalition, everyone was desperate… otherwise we would not think of going to Zoe to rescue the soldiers, Mink Tribe. The soldiers can die and die as early as when Kaido invaded, and there will be no more, and then fight, and even the old man and the children will go to the battlefield.”

Sanji lit the cigarette and said it heavily.

“The situation is so bad! If it wasn’t for your accident, I am afraid we can’t hold it for a long time.”

Sanji said a bunch of nonsense. If the Kaido coalition is so easy to solve, then it is impossible for Ron to appear in front of him, but the entire Akainu-based Marine.

Directly the army, the country, and the country.

Even the opponents of Marine and Government who dare not act blindly without thinking, how could the Straw Hat group compete.

In this regard, Ron looked at the old lady whose codename was “forbearance”, indifferently said.

“No next time, understand?”

As early as the outbreak of the killing intent, the old woman who understood the gap between the enemy and the enemy nodded, and the back was wet by cold sweat.

“Are you promised?”

Kantori screamed with joy.

“Things that are good for us, why don’t you agree? But one thing I have to explain in advance…”

Before they were happy, Ron raised the corner of the mouth, said with a sneer.

“In order to win the war, no one can’t sacrifice! This is my only principle and the only requirement for you… can you do it?”

“No one can’t sacrifice.” This sentence condenses the cruelty of war in a few words. Assaults the senses is a tragic smell of smoke.

Kanzaro is hearing this face, a condensate, finishing the crown, once again under the earth.

“Please, let’s wait for the whole country’s rebel army!”

Ron nodded, then looked toward the Straw Hat group.

Noticed his gaze, Luffy licked his distressed head and opened his mouth.

“Give us your life? Interesting!”

“If I used to, I will definitely reject you, because I will find other ways to save everyone, but now…”

“Wuxi, our life is not used, let’s fight Uncle!”

“The captain’s meaning is what we mean, so don’t ask another question, right? Green algae head?”

“You have too much nonsense, roll your eyebrows!”

Scanning a circle of people inside the stone chamber, Ron is satisfied with said with a smile.

“Not bad! Although strength is weak, morale is still very good!”

If a bad card is good, it can be turned over.

What’s more, Ron’s requirements for them are not high. They didn’t expect them to win the three Monsters directly. Instead, they created opportunities to fight for the opportunity for Marine.

“Right, I almost forgot about the business.”

At this time, Kanjiro stood up and said.

“Just in the past, our people found Nibelungen and Li Ruisk out of the city. They went to the abandoned Yutian City. This is a godsend!”

“They? Who else besides Li Ruisk?”

If it is Orrick, Ron is absolutely too lazy to take care of.

“It seems to be the capital of flowers… No, and the first Beauty of the country, the geisha, the little purple.”

“Little purple sauce ~~~~~”

Sanji’s eyes shot love, twisting and twisting in place, apparently knowing the opposite side.

“If the intelligence is good, the black charcoal snake is also pursuing Xiao Zi right? Interesting.”

A lonely man and a widowed woman in the wild mountains, or a third party between allies…

Ron nodded. “Take me a look, maybe I can find something and disintegrate my opponent from the inside.”

“Right, this guy will stay here.”

Zoro: “…”

Why should I be excluded?


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