The vote was passed and the protest was invalid.

Zoro was ordered to leave a housekeeper. After all, there are still many rebel fighters in the hiding position. In case of being discovered by the enemy, they must also ensure that they can escape.

Chopper and other wounded people have also left, and by the way, Nami, considering the battles that may occur in the future, any player with insufficient strength can’t follow.

Very cruel, but very safe.

Advancing along a winding passage, everyone came to an entrance to the upper passage. The female shinobi was the first to take the lead and flexibly push the bezel to make sure that there was no one outside. This gestured to the people behind. Can go up.

“From here, turn over the hill to see the ruins of Yutian City, Canglong Admiral… Hey? How are you in front of us.”

Kanro is preparing to start to talk to explain the route, suddenly found that only the Luffy Sanji behind, should be followed by the Ron behind the team did not know when to disappear.

Looking back, Ron is standing on the tree trunk and raising his hand.

“Is there the Yutian City? The ruins of the light ruins have such an imposing manner, and I dare not imagine how spectacular it was before it was destroyed.”

The line of sight crossed the hill that blocked the road. In front of Ron, there was a huge ruin. The towering city wall was still majestic even after years of erosion.

At the same time, the size of the Battleship on the wall is even more shocking.

“The Yutian City before the damage…?”

Kanshiro couldn’t help but remember the past. For him, it was only a few months ago.

Then shook the head and said.

“Canglong Admiral Please be careful, the Kaido coalition has a large number of whistle in the country to avoid being invaded by the enemy…”

“Oh, nothing, from this to the west 1000 five hundred meters, there is a spy, and he is still sleeping.”

When the words were not finished, Ron swayed Teuchi and broke.

“Give me the things that lead the way. You are staring around, don’t let people get a hole.”

“This is… ‘Skynet’ in Legend?”

Sanji ignited the cigarette and it was a long breath.

“Special Kenbunshoku Haki, unique to Admiral Canglong, is able to monitor the range of kilometers per week.”

“A few kilometers?”

Kanzaro sighed and sighed. When he went out to sea, he also learned about Haki. This kind of Strength, Kenbunshoku Haki is not only effective when the two sides are close together?

“Accurately speaking, it is a circular shape with a diameter of 50 kilometers…”

Ron surprised Sanji and looked like he had done a lot of intelligence work to defeat himself.

“The single line distance is more than 100 kilometers.”

“As long as I am willing, I can attack hundreds of kilometers before the enemy finds us.”

“Of course, the farther away the Stamina is, the easier it is to monitor. It doesn’t mean it’s easy to drop the attack.”

Speaking of Ron, he tapped the ground and pointed to the southeast.

“Find Li Ruisk, go here.”

This is found? !

Kanjiro and Sanji looked at each other and couldn’t hide their shock.

“Hey, so why can’t Pirate get along with Marine?”

The headache is full of blond hair, Sanji said with a bitter smile: “I was desperate to think of being an enemy of this Monster!”

Hundreds of kilometers of Scorpio, Sonny’s special jets are blasted seven or eight times to leap the distance, or the reserve is sufficient regardless of the hull collapse crisis… and the opposite side is only relatively expensive .

“Well, there will always be a way, then let’s talk about it!”

Luffy smiled heartily and made the two very speechless.


Yutian City is close at hand, Li Ruisk suddenly stopped and cried.

“Enough, right here.”


Xiao Zi did not answer, standing silently.

There was a hunch in her heart, and Li Rusk was doubting her without any accident.

“We came out for three hours, three hours, as long as the gang is not a waste, we found our trail with no difficulty.”

Hōng lòng !

Xiao Zi’s inner heart burst into thunder, and the unpredictable hunch really came true!

But she didn’t change her face and pressed the fear in her heart.

“This is the reason you made these things?”

Hear this, Li Ruisk curiously turned back.

“Yeah, is there any problem?”

What’s the problem?

Xiao purple said with a sneer : “originally is this way , you suspect that I have collusion with the rebels and want to use them to lead them out… but how do you know that I am connected with them? I am the first country Geisha, even the Black Charcoal Admiral Army has respected me. Why should I have contact with them?!”

“Now the general should look for me in the whole city. If you guess wrong, what position do you think you are?”

Orrick was an ally of General Black Carbon. As a result, his son did these things to himself. The alliance broke down and he said that at least the crack would definitely exist.

Such an important question is only based on speculation…

“It’s a wayward Celestial Dragon!”

In this regard, Li Ruisk slightly picked up the eyes.

“The little girl with sharp teeth… Should I cooperate with you and make a regretful and scared look?”

Xiao Ziyin sinks his face.

“What do you mean?”

“Indeed, I don’t have direct evidence of your connection with the traitor, but I’m more certain that you are close to the black charcoal snake, and the purpose is not so pure.”

Li Ruisk slowly walked over, and the ice-cold scorpion didn’t know when it turned into a lizard-like ruthless erect, like a hunting zoo, calm and cruel.

Xiao Zi couldn’t resist retreat half a step, and the rear foot hit the stone and fell to the ground.

“In recent years, the country has always had a thief’s Legend spread to the public, I don’t know if you are unclear.”

“Gee thief” ugly three brat, a thief who only appeared in the ugly moment at night, he will not know where the gold coin is thrown to the slums and distributed to the poor, so it is very famous in the folk.

“Ran…and then? You want to say that I have a connection with that thief?”

“Yes, not.”

Standing in front of Xiao Zi, Li Ruisk said with a condescending saying: “Just the flower capital began to spread the ‘weird thief’ ugly three brat’s Legend, just when you are famous in the country, no more than three before and after month.”

“And something interesting happened in these three months.”

“What… what?”

Xiao Zi was ugly, only to know that he had exposed so many traces.

“The generals of the Black Charcoal Snake have become interested in a geisha. They have spared no expense to help her win the name of the squad, and because of the general’s love, she has become the first geisha known to the country.”

“And this geisha is you.”

Look at Lips whitish purple, Li Ruisk Yixing’s shook head: “There are too many holes in your body, Miss Xiao Zi… It is also impossible to find the black charcoal snake whose eyes are lost by your beauty. ”

“But I didn’t come to you because of this. You lied to his money none of my business… but there is a problem I have not found the answer.”

Looking quietly, Li Ruisk sighed coldly.

“Your expenses are not big, and you don’t have the opportunity to use your own money. When you go there, there are people who can help you with everything, so even if you add the part distributed to the poor, the total number is not much… but no matter The money you get from the well-known fraudulent means is still the money that the black charcoal generals give you, and this number is far from the number.”

“What about that? Geisha will one day get old and faded. How can I save the coffin?!”

Xiao Zi is still making the final struggle.

In this regard, Li Ruisk coldly broke her last glimmer of hope: “You should know that before the black charcoal snake teamed up with us, the biggest arms deal was World Government, right?”

“Then, what do you think is the flow of funds? What is the means? Cash? Berries on the sea, does not seem to be widely circulated in the country?”

In addition to the country’s independence, the company has its own money system and can use Berries, also because Berries can exchange with the national currency.

And that kind of national currency…

Look at her, Li Ruisk said with a sneer.

“Yes, it’s gold!”

“They use gold as their currency, and this is the only currency recognized by the top of the country… and the middle of them is Daimyo’s golden emperor, Gilde Tezzaro!”

Xiao Zi suddenly held her breath and wanted to understand the key points.

This is a Celestial Dragon a few years ago, and the relationship between the Golden Emperor and the Celestial Dragon is well known. In addition to friendship, more importantly, the benefits he brings, the Celestial Dragon is also willing to compromise.

What benefits?

The benefits of deducting the card!

The Celestial Dragon parasite means to suck blood on this trade line!

“Do you understand? Or do you think that the money that my father rebels comes from?”

Li Ruisk shrugged, said with a smile.

“The banks that exist in the whole country are owned by our Nibelungen family. Whoever has something in it, we can see at a glance.”

“You… what else do you want to explain?”

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