It is useless to prove how to defend yourself.

Xiao Zi did not expect that Li Rusk was so clear about his investigation, this is not a day or two.

This man is not only cold, but also very deep-minded!

Anything else to explain?

Hearing the words of Li Ruisk, Xiao Zi smiled.

Is it true that Pirate is used to hiding treasure in a cave like Pirate?

This World also puts money in the bank is the mainstream, unless the poor can not open the pot and there is no money… Then Pirate is not the Berries, but the storage of gold and other treasures.

Wherever the baby in his hand went, he could not stand the verification.

“Working hard, Miss Xiao Zi, while helping the poor to swindle and swindle with the generals and the snakes, while helping the hard-earned money to the traitors… The woman is strong, it is really awe-inspiring!”

Looking for a stone to sit down, Li Ruisk said in a tranquil voice: “Next, wait, I believe they will appear.”

“No, it won’t!”

Suddenly, Xiao Zi stood up and refused.

Li Ruisk frowned silently and asked, “What do you mean?”

“I admit that I was secretly helping the Rebels and started many years ago.”

“But there is one thing, you don’t know!”

Look at Li Ruisk’s brow furrowed, a small purple face with a proud smile.

“That is even the rebel army itself, and I don’t know who my secret aid is!”


Li Ruisk’s fingers force, the knuckles creaked.

“what did you say?!”

“You just said that because your family is in control of the bank of the country, I have investigated what is wrong with me?”

“The rebel people you think have been disabled, can they do it?!”

The answer, of course, is impossible.

The Bank of the Republic is the most important source of funding for Orrick, and no one is allowed to intervene to take the resistance of the rebels and investigate what is going on inside.

But this way, instead, they will never be able to investigate the problems of Xiaozi. Her secret existence will remain hidden until she dies.

“You this… bastard!”

Li Ruisk shot killing intent, his eyes getting colder and colder.

“This is the consciousness of the weak, Nibelungen!”

Xiao Ziyi is not afraid to look at it. The gorgeous kosher glittering rays of light in the setting sun, setting off her like a burning fire, strong and decisive.

“There is nothing that we have lost, we don’t care about our lives!”

“You want, though take it!”

“Abominable, being played!”

Li Ruiske looked ugly, how could he not think that he would turn over the gutter here.

If Xiao Zi’s identity is hidden, then the rebels at most think that this is a good time to go out on their own, and there is no such idea.

And with the Strength that he showed before, those people can’t do anything even if they hate to die.

If so…

Hua la la !


Suddenly, the trees swayed, and Li Ruiske’s fierce eyes turned instantly and screamed.

“What you said just now, is it true… Xiao Zi?”

“Kantugo adults!”

Xiao Zi surprised her mouth and said, “How come you are here?”

Slowly coming out of the bush, Kanjiro’s right hand is going backwards, and he is the writing instrument and the weapon of the weapon. He looks at Li Ruisk.

“Over the years, you are helping everyone, right?”


Xiao Zi’s tone was stagnation, and she never thought of it. In this wild mountain, she would meet an acquaintance.

But now is not a time of cranky thinking.

“Fast escape Kanjiro adults, you are not his opponent!”

Li Ruisk’s formidable has been shown in the last battle of vividly and thoroughly, even the terrifying strength that they can’t compete with the whole army, how can Kanjuro deal with it.

“No, there are us!”

At this time, Luffy ran out of the bush with Sanji follow closely from behind, and Luffy pushed Straw Hat to the back of his head and slid.

“It’s also right to tell us about the secret passage, Xiao Zi.”

“I…not…you are going back soon!”

Xiao Zi was anxious to jump, and the people who had been so hard to save them appeared one after another. What kind of trouble is this?

“Go back? I won’t go back, I won’t go back if I die…”

Sanji threw the cigarette butt on the ground and stepped on it with his foot.

“How can I leave Lady’s tears, and Zhefu Boss knows that I will interrupt my legs… Not to mention, you are our benefactor.”

“Devil Phoenix feet!”

Squeaking in place, Sanji burned the orange Raging Flames on his right foot and turned his head and said, “Wait for Miss Xiao Zi, I will save you!”

Barbecue SHOOT!

“Hey, not a long-term guy!”

Sanji’s move was fast, and he almost came to the front of the two in the blink of an eye, but Li Ruisk was faster and his eyes were poisonous.

“This is a smash! His purpose is to take the opportunity to take her away, and then let Straw Hat and Kanshiro cast an attack delay.”

Focusing on the entire battlefield, after discovering the actions of Kanzaro and Luffy’s, Lirisk instantly understood the purpose of Sanji.




Look at Li Ruisk, who suddenly turned to Xiao Zi, Sanji was shocked.

“Damn! Have you seen it broken?!”

Rokushiki ・Shigan Six Stars!

The palms are covered with thick scales, and Li Ruisk instantly completes the local deformation. With Busoshoku Haki, the fingers are turned into sharp edges, and it seems to cut everything.


Sanji bit his teeth, and his feet suddenly rushed to the front of Xiao Zi.

Chi chi!

Chi chi chi!

Five silver traces appear in the air, not into the body, but this is not the end…


The thick tail swept from the blind spot of sight, pulled over Sanji’s chest and filled the six-pointed star.

“Oh wow!!”

Suffering from such a heavy blow, Sanji couldn’t help but spit out a bloody head and flew up.

“Sanji Sang!”

Xiaomei cried in horror, and rushed to catch Sanji, and the bleeding through her hand was bleeding, but she bit her teeth and refused to let go.

Hey…hōng lòng Long!

In the end, the two men collided on the hard city wall of Yutian City, filled with smoke and smoke.

“This is the essence of the attack, Straw Hat.”

“Sanji !!”

Luffy shouted anxiously. The next second, Li Ruisk flew in. In a critical moment, he grabbed his head and pulled it out, pulling out a distance that a normal person could never do. This avoided the dagger’s blow.

“Give me an Activation!”

Kanjiro raised his brush and squatted down. He wanted to force his opponent back, but he was turned and raised by Li Ruisk, and he easily caught it with his palm.

Seeing this, Kanshiro shook his head.

“Be careful with Lord Luffy, don’t forget that he is best at Body Technique! Lord Sanji. If you don’t die, please leave with Xiao Zi, we will help you delay the time!”

“cough cough, it’s still very early!”

In the smoke, Sanji’s weak but firm voice came. He pulled Xiao Zi’s arm against his shoulder. I don’t know when the blood had already been red in front of him.

“Want to run? Not so easy!”

Li Ruisk angrily snorted, turning again.

In this forest battlefield with limited distance and complex environment, Body Technique Expert’s terrifying speed and flexibility are undoubtedly the most perfect stage. Luffy wants to launch an attack, but Li Ricksk flexibly avoids it. On the tree trunk.

“It’s now……”

From the forbearance that I have been watching the drama, I pulled a rope.

“Thousands of red, needle mountain hell!”

Numerous hardened poisonous needles came from all directions, and Li Ruisk was surrounded by up and down, shinobi was never used to the frontal battle. She had been hiding traps in the dark, but for this moment. Sanji is fighting for time.

But she ignored a problem…


Li Ruisk in the air was inevitable, only to see his body suddenly soaring, a layer of green oil armor appeared on the body.

Ding ding dang dang !

After the intensive and constant impact, Li Rusk rushed out of the mountain to hell unscathed, and the raised palm fell heavily toward Sanji.

“I just dare to be an enemy with me? Innocent!”

“Oh? How about adding me?”

Suddenly, a tall silhouette appeared in front of Li Ruiske, who came in a black clothed, wrapped himself in a thick cloak, making people look uncomfortable, matching the speed that left him behind. It is like a ghost.

“you are?”

Li Ruisk frowned, and somehow, the person in front gave him a very familiar feeling.

But now there is no time, facing the fell on the opposite side of the opposite side, Li Rusk instigated Haki, a backhand punched out.

Bang! ! !

In an instant smoke explosion, the terrifying impact rushed toward all directions, and Li Ruisk dared to open his eyes in the process of flying backwards.


“You are fooled again, Li Ruiske…”

This is not an ordinary attack, it is one of Ron’s tricks, [Thunder God Eight Cannons]!

And it is the Thunder God punch after the power to the fourth punch stage, the formidable power geometric multiplication!

“This is the essence of the attack.”

Ron sneered and slammed.

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