The raws were pulled (real-time) from:
“Call… I finally caught up with the supermarket sale. Today’s vegetables are really cheap…”





When Saitama came home with two large bags of special vegetables and meat, she found a little silhouette with a food bag in her hand at the door.




The face is a bit ugly, this child…


Find the key, open the apartment door, then walk in, close the door, a set of moving clouds and flowing water, no gaps.




Outside the door Supreme Kai Kay slammed into the door when he wanted to follow up.


Hearing the sound, Saitama turned back and opened the door again, looking out.


I was seeing Kay licking the forehead and kneeling on the floor and shouting pain.


“bastard !!!”


Little Lolita angry raised the head and shouted at Saitama: “Why are you closing the door!? Don’t ignore me Ah! Hello!!!”




Saitama looks at this Young Miss, with a blank face: “… Who are you Ah?”






This baldy actually forgot himself!


Suddenly, the blue sky was smashed, Kay was hit hard, and a face that looked depressed was slowly slammed down.


As the only unique God in the world, Kay feels that he should be very special, even if there is no superiority, but as Supreme Kai, it should be a little more.


The result is only ten years. This baldy is always ready to remember who he is…


“It’s me! My Ah!”


Kay pointed at himself and shouted in anger at Saitama: “Supreme Kai! When did you think about it? Even if you didn’t think of it, you saw someone standing at your doorstep, at least you should invite the guests to sit in. Ok!?”


“…ah, that’s it.”


Saitama’s salted fish scratched his head, and Hollow looked at the eyes: “…I still didn’t think about it, but if you say so, come in for a cup of tea.”


Although I still want to say something, but for a long time, Kay finally sighed.


“excuse me.”


Handing the food bag in his hand to Saitama, Kay’s bowl hands are behind him, very polite and polite: “This is the first time to meet, I bought it at the intersection.”


“Ah, it’s chestnut.”


After receiving the gift, Saitama’s attitude was obviously warm, and even the dead fish eyes, which seemed to be awake, were much brighter.


After taking Kay to sit down in the room, Saitama also specially poured a cup of freshly bought black tea.


“many thanks.”


Kay took the black tea, took a small sip, and then looked up and said: “There are some abrupt calls, but something has been asked. The God of Destruction of a seventh universe hopes that I can come and join you by Zeno. Sir’s force convention…”


“Is the convention of force?”


Saitama drank a cup of tea and grabbed a few chestnuts and peeled it off: “Is it something like a thank you offering?”


“It was organized by Zeno, and a total of MNUMial Arts participated in the 12 universe’s Expert.”


Kay’s face doesn’t know why it’s a bit heavy: “Because every universe has to choose ten people to sign up, God of Destruction Beerus remembers you who once defeated Hit…”


“Isn’t that very trouble?”


Saitama threw two chestnuts into his mouth and chewed on the dead fish eyes: “I don’t want to go at all.”


Originally thought that Kay would continue to persuade, but unexpectedly, Kay was nodded.


“Not going.”


After a moment of silence, Kay finished drinking the black tea and stood up and left: “That is a match about the demise and survival of the universe. If defeated, the belonging universe will be destroyed by Zeno Sir, together with the God of Destruction. … Even if you are strong, you can’t resist Zeno Sir. You are not the one in World. There is no need to go to the Martial Arts that will be gambling…”


“On the basis of interest, we must destroy the universe…”


“It’s ridiculous…”


“Doing this kind of thing… what kind of god…”




After that, Kay is leaving.


But at this time…


“…ah, please wait.”


Saitama suddenly started to talk and asked: “Can you tell me carefully what is going on?”


Kay looked a little surprised.


In her sight, a serious face baldy who has changed her style has also been sitting there, and the temperament of the whole person has become completely different!


“Okay, okay…”


Kay paused a little, and turned and sat down again.


It took about ten minutes, and Kay told Saitama all the origins and dangers of this Martial Arts.




Because Zeno feels that there are a lot of universes, it has the idea of ​​destroying some universes.


It happened that Son Goku went to visit and asked for the Martial Arts conference in the 12 universe range.


Zeno felt that Martial Arts might be interesting, so he informed the 12 universe’s God of Destruction, organized a force convention, and especially rewarded the universe for “not being eliminated”.




Saitama looked awkward: “Hey hey… what a reward…”


“It’s really bad.”


Kay sighed: “But the gods dare not say anything, because if you provoke Zeno, you may be wiped out immediately. Now at least hope to survive, everyone is trying to call Warrior and want to get a match. victory……”


Saitama is thoughtfully nodded: “That’s really bad.”




Kay lowered his head and his mood was obviously low: “No matter who wins, there will eventually be eleven universes destroyed. In order to survive, everyone becomes an enemy.”


“I understand……”


Saitama said, got up and took out the long-lost yellow tight clothes and red plastic gloves from the behind the closet: “This match, I am attending.”




Originally, Kay did not expect Saitama to change his mind, and he was somewhat helpless.


“Hey, that’s the match Ah!”


Kay felt that he might not have made it clear. He quickly reminded me: “And you don’t belong to that parallel universe. Even if the universe is destroyed, it won’t affect you. You don’t have to bear this risk…”


“I am hero.”


“Is there a reason to be wrong, no reason to let it go?”


Saitama changed his clothes and said with the simplest style of painting: “You can’t be acted upon, whether it’s hero or Marine. There are so many people who may die. I want to sit here and eat chestnut… “When it comes to this, the last red glove is tightened, turned and waved the cloak, clenched the fist:


“I can’t swallow it.”


In the meantime, Kay seems to have seen a Sun rising!


Plain and plain tone.


There is an indescribable sense of security and worthy of being trusted!




Hero, come.


Justice execution!

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