Hero will appear whenever someone needs it.

No matter how far away the distance is, even if there are countless universes, it can’t be hindered.

Force convention.

The seventh person in the last universe, confirm!

To Kay nodded, Saitama is about to leave with her.

But at this moment, the sound of the key opening the door suddenly came to the door, and the noisy sound gradually became clear.

The door opens.

The evil dragons are fighting Demon Realm and returning!

“Master! We are back!”

The first one of the two-star Longxing rushed into the inner room, and there were many Demon Realm specialties and souvenirs hanging on the body: “I remember to bring you a gift, guess what? I have a team that has been in the queue for a long time… ”

Halfway through the words, the sound came to an abrupt end.

The two-star dragon just came in and saw Saitama and Supreme Kai Kay stand together!

“Ah! Sorry! Excuse me!”

The two-star dragon was so scared that he threw a hand at his hand and grabbed the eyes: “I can see Ah! Nothing! You continue…”

At this time, the next six dragons also arrived.

Look inside the probe to see the excitement.

“what happened?”

“Why don’t you go in, two-star dragon?”

“Is the master not at home?”

“I am sorry, I have bought a lot of gifts…”


The noisy voice became silent and silent when I saw Saitama and Kay.

It’s been a long time.

The seven justice dragons stood side by side in a very tacit understanding, and they were very solemn and deep in the direction of Kay.

“Bald under the seven-star dragon, see the lady!!!”



“Madam, you are a big man, Ah!!!”

Saitama didn’t react.

Kay was mad at the time, stepping on the table and yelling at the justice dragons: “Let me give me the identity Ah! Hey! And you guys are getting more and more arrogant! I see you like After rehabilitating, I didn’t report to the God of Destruction. Now I dare…”

“Oops! She is the time Supreme Kai!”

I heard the familiar voice, they just reacted to the two-star dragon!


I was shocked by the fact that the old man brought the girl home. I didn’t pay attention to who the woman is!

And listen to her meaning, it seems that already found the identity of one’s own line!

How to do?

Should an apology work?

But then come back… When did Supreme Kai cohabit with the lord? This is a big news. Where is the wedding better? What kind of name should Xiaoye take? Ah? If I am a kindergarten, I would do a good job of volunteering, but I have to arrange a person to take care of the little master. It’s good for the Six Star Dragon. Her Form of Eji is pretty, our looks. May scare the little lord…


The two-star dragon suddenly saw it.

I was thinking about something…


In fact, Kay did not initially notice the identity of the two stars.

However, since engaging in hero activities, it is obvious that it is necessary to show up frequently, even on TV, filming or something, it is really not hidden.

Kay is only the daily maintenance time Scroll and found their true identity.

However, after observing for a while, I suddenly found out that they did not do bad things and that the negative energy of the body disappeared and decided to do nothing.

in fact.

There is also a parallel universe that is arbitrarily destroyed by Zeno, which makes Kay disgusted with Zeno.

But Kay himself did not realize it.

Seeing that this group of evil dragons were not daring to repay themselves, Kay was finally confirmed. They were indeed ready and previously different.

“Oh, forget it!”

It took a few minutes.

Kay feels refreshed and has a lot of depressed mood. This is a sigh of relief: “Although this baldy is a good man, I am a lot bigger than him. 100 Billion is old. Can’t be together, understand?”

A group of justice dragons said and understood.

I think that we are bigger than you, but aren’t you calling him now?

“I said ah…”

Saitama Hollow looked at them for a long time, and finally started to talk: “…can you do something right?”

Kay still hasn’t answered, the justice dragons are simply turning around and ran out: “We shun! keep it up, lord!!!”

“Avoid your head Ah!”

Kay was crushed by these guys and shouted: “There is really a very important and urgent business thing Ah!!!”


five minutes later.

After Kay’s again, the two stars have finally understood what happened.


Kay’s little face is somewhat twitching at the at the two star dragons: “What do you mean by regret?…”

Two Star Dragon lost his head: “We thought you were dating.”

Five Star Dragon sighed: “I think even your child’s name is good…”

Qixinglong sat on the ground with his arm and agreed to nod. “There should be a hostess at home.”


“Hey hey ……”

Saitama salted fish looked at them: “…you give me the right thing.”


The two-star dragon changed his mind one second and gave Saitama a positive look: “Since the lord goes, we have to cheer for the lord! You are the superstar of this city, the super hero who saves the universe! How can there be no followers? What?!”

Other justice dragons nodded in agreement.


“Don’t think about it!”

Kay immediately vetoed: “I don’t report your news, it doesn’t mean that others will spare you! Especially Zeno Sir, maybe we will suffer even when we arrive!”

“You can rest assured about this.”

The two-star dragon smugly smiled and used his thumb to guidance his chest: “If it is not because of our appearance, can you recognize us?”

“It should not be recognized…”

Kay seems to understand what the idea of ​​the two-star dragon is: “It’s strange to say that the negative energy of your body is completely gone. It is replaced by aura different from God and man. If you change your appearance, you may be embarrassed. I have had Zeno Sir…”

“Change the look…”

The voice did not fall, and all the dragon balls in front of the justice dragon suddenly had a dazling light.

Then, the body of all their dragons became the other appearance with the speed visible to the naked eye!

The light dissipated.

Six men and a woman stood there, each with a bandage on the forehead that covered the Dragon Ball.

This is Divine Force of Creation World.

To change the shape, of course it is easy!

So Supreme Kai Kay came to the Earth of a parallel universe with Saitama and the seven justice dragons, overfulfilling Quest.

A vortex appears in the sky.

The Saitama line appeared on the roof of the Bulma home.

“Hey! Mr. Saitama!”

Son Goku first greeted Saitama: “very good! I am still worried that you don’t agree to come over and are ready to go to Fliesa!” Speaking here, Son Goku looked curiously at Saitama behind’s Justice Dragon. We: “…who are they Ah?”

“We are the steward of the master.”

The two-star dragon looks natural and participated in a ten-year filming. The legendary strength at the moment shows the instinct: “Please enlighten, Sun… Goku.”

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