The raws were pulled (real-time) from:
The justice dragons are all very perfect. After all, the ten years of the old play bones have no flaws in every move.



Kay, who had been peeking at the time of Scroll, was relieved.


They really have two brushes.


Even Whis didn’t notice the difference, so that I was finally relieved.






Why should I agree to let them go to the convention Ah!?


Day Ah!


If I was discovered by Zeno Sir and Great Priest Sir, maybe I will be wiped out!




Kay was worried in the time domain, frowning back and forth.


Unfortunately, the early is too late.


The two-star dragons they allyed followed Whis to the venue of the force convention – no boundaries.


When the seventh universe arrived, all the originals that had nothing had become quite lively, not only the Arena and the auditorium were built, but also the Warrior of countless universes ready to go, always tightening!




“The Rule of this match is to shoot down the opponent without killing the opponent.”


Whis hands behind ones back, and Newcomer’s Saitama explained Rule: “After Earth’s forty-eight minutes, the largest number of universes on Arena is a win, and it’s a special reminder… here is restricted to not allow anti-Gravity, except God Of Destruction and Angel, everyone can’t fly, Saitama first…”


Looking back, Whis found that Saitama had flew in the sky and was watching the venue.


“Great, here.”


It seems that Whis is calling his name and Saitama is back to the ground.


Then a salted fish asked Whis, “What did you say?”




“It’s really unfathomable…”


Whis squinted at the eyes, carefully and carefully observed the salty fish baldy standing in front of him: “The Rule on the Arena was made by Great Priest Sir, and no one can be exceptional…”




At this time, Son Goku seemed to see something, pointing to the sky and saying: “There are other people flying, and more than one…”


“They have wings themselves, like Earth’s birds.”


Whis stunned his head a little, meaning it was unclear: “But Mr. Saitama has no wings, and he is not a Race that can be born. He can ignore the Rule set by Great Priest Sir… even God of Destruction and Angel can’t do it. It…”


This sentence is said to be exported, and even Beerus is shocked to turn back.


Look at Saitama The silhouette of the salted fish, the scene suddenly became a bit silent.




“Is this guy so strong…”


“It seems that it is not very powerful at all. It is really unfathomable…”


“That is said that Mr. Saitama is better than Mr. Beerus Sir and Mr. Whis?”


“Not very likely?”


“So, I really heard that it was said that their universe, humans with combat power is stronger than God of Destruction, can really do this…”




Fortunately in front, heard behind, Beerus was a little unhappy.


Stronger than God of Destruction?


Just rely on this baldy?


His practice is still far from me!


I thought about it in my heart, but now I am related to myself and the fate of my universe. It is also a good thing to give Son Goku a little confidence. Therefore, Beerus is just thinking about it and there is no rebuttal.


However, at this time, the two-star dragon suddenly started to talk.


“If you can’t go beyond ordinary, how can you save despair and disaster?”


“It’s a mistake to use common sense to look at a person with a common sense of breakingthrough…”


“Being hero…”


“My grandfather, far more common sense!”


Confidence, pride, and unquestionable in that tone, anyone can hear it.


“The big words are really nice, everyone in the seventh universe.”


A voice came from the side.


It was the eleventh universe of Destruction that had just arrived at the venue. He had the appearance of a clown and his eyes were full of contempt: “But unfortunately, in front of Jiren, you are nothing but useless garbage.” Having said that, Weimei also took a special look at Saitama: “Especially this kind of fish that looks weak, even aura can’t detect it. It won’t be time-critical. Just find an ordinary person to make up the number. Ok, Beerus?”




From the point of view of the lineup.


Weimei Behind’s proud team uniforms, Spirit high-spirited, everyone’s Ki interest is very formidable, especially in the middle of the Jiren, its power deep and unmeasurable, even already exceeds the taste of God of Destruction.


A single statement, a baldy who doesn’t know where to come from is completely better than them.


Just a pity…


After all, the taste is still not clear to the bald head.


“Hey, you have to be stubborn and you can only be married now. It’s delicious.”


Beerus coldly snorted, after Saitama didn’t care about the evaluation of the opposite side at all, he was dissatisfied with his arm. Saitama: “Hey! You also said something Ah!”




Saitama salted fish’s looks at Mami, after thinking about it, began to save money in his pocket: “Speak… Is there also a fries sold here?”


French fries?


Tasteful face unfathomable mystery: “What is this baldy talking about Ah?”


No one else understands it.


It wasn’t until Saitama pulled the money out that it was probably beautiful.


“Is that… the currency of the seventh universe?”


Weimei sneered, and turned away from the face and turned away: “It’s an idiot. Do you think that you can use the money to bribe the God of Destruction? Wash your neck and wait, the universe that can survive is definitely us, goodbye in advance, Beerus And the weak of the seventh universe, Hahaha…”


Beerus smoked his head.


Saitama also has some frowns: “Is it really so bad… is God of Destruction like this?”




Beerus subconscious nodded, can immediately stunned, angry back and said: “What do you mean!?”




The two stars behind the line almost laughed.


However, this problem is obviously not answered.


Zeno and Great Priest have appeared because of the top of the force convention.


For a time, it was silent.


The gods bowed.


Match The scene of hundreds of people simultaneously bent down the knees, bowed their heads and did not dare to look up.




“Hey! Come on!”


Beerus, who was kneeling on one knee, soon found that the bald and his seven butlers did not squat in the entire match. The rush of cold sweats came down and whispered to Saitama: “Oh! If you angered Zeno Sir, I will destroy you!”




Saitama’s face expressionless said in his natural tone: “Why should I leave Ah to the guy? The little age is a great look…”


The latter two stars and the others are also the same, although they did not speak, but their attitude is more obvious.


As the evil face of the creation dragon god, the only mission born is to destroy Zeno.


Now they want to kneel down to their own dead enemies?


This is absolutely impossible!




Beerus almost shouted: “If you are rude to Zeno, not only you, but I will also be destroyed Ah!!!”


“If that’s the case, why not resist?”


Saitama looked up at Zeno in awe, and slowly said: “This guy who is free to destroy other universes, I think I should not be qualified to be called God? It is obvious that everyone is there, obviously their universe will be destroyed by that guy. Why don’t you unite to destroy the one who really should be destroyed?”




Beerus is going crazy: “You don’t know how terrifying Zeno Sir is…”


“So I am coming.”


Saitama’s right hand gradually became a fist, and the face of the salted fish became very serious in a moment: “Because others can’t do it, and I can do it, so I am coming… If he really wants to destroy the universe just because of his interest, Then I will definitely stop him…”




“I am hero…hero who acts by interest.”

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