The raws were pulled (real-time) from:
Saitama’s voice is not big.



But in the quiet environment where the gods are holding their breath and tightening their nerves, it is almost no different from shouting with a big horn.


Great Priest, God of Destruction, Angel…


Even the contestant of each universe heard this conversation clearly.


It brings different impacts to everyone’s heart.


to be frank.


For Zeno’s arbitrarily deciding whether or not to perform the universe Destruction, there are certainly many people who are dissatisfied and angry, but the fordable of the God of Destruction, the highest power level of each universe, deeply presses their anger on the bottom. Of the heart.


Do not dare to have a rebellious mind.


The God of Destruction, although forformable, is more aware of Zeno’s terrifying than the ordinary person, and certainly less likely to resist.


Angels don’t care about themselves, even if the universe is eliminated, it won’t affect them.


Standing in a state of transcendentality, standing on the sidelines.


Everyone is afraid of Zeno’s formidable and moody, kneeling on the ground, and has no courage to look up.


But now…


A person who claims to be hero is standing there.


He is unwilling to obey the commands of God, and is even less willing to accept the fate arranged by God.


Maybe he will die soon.




He has the courage to stand up and say no to humiliation and oppression.


And we…


The contestants of the 12 universes bowed their heads, and even if they had grievances, they did not dare to attract Zeno’s attention at this time, because Zeno is likely to wipe out all the people on the scene in anger…


God of Destruction was also shocked by this bold statement.


I was at a loss for a moment.


The Angels pretended not to hear anything, still smiling.


“What is that person talking about?”


Zeno pointed his finger at Saitama and asked the Great Priest around him.


Although with the authority of the Destruction universe, Zeno’s hearing and vision are not sharp.


He only vaguely heard that the person was talking, and unlike others, that person did not kneel down to himself, looking up at himself at himself, looking at each other.


“He said he is hero.”


Great Priest hands behind ones back, looking down at the bottom of Saitama: “And it seems to want to stop you from destroying the failed universe, Zeno Sir…”


“This way.”


Zeno asked indifferently: “Is he very powerful?”


“I can’t sense Ki, Zeno Sir.”


After all, Great Priest asked the Whis below: “Whis, is he the contestant of your seventh universe?”


Whis is a little short: “Yes, Great Priest Sir.”


Great Priest continues to ask: “Is he very strong?”


Whis rarely replied in a serious tone: “It’s much better than God of Destruction, Great Priest Sir.”


“so that’s how it is.”


Great Priest nodded: “It’s not such an Expert. It doesn’t really say such a thing… but in any case, Zeno Sir’s Will can’t be violated. It’s not a good thing to overestimate yourself.”


“A little unhappy…”


Zeno looks at Saitama’s eyes, and the face is indifferent: “It seems like I used to see people who hate it before… Wait a minute, if you win or not, kill him.”


“I understand.”


Great Priest listened and raised his hand: “So now, please go to Arena with all God of Destruction and Angel, match will start right away!”




One order.


All non-entrants left Arena.


When they left, the God of Destruction deliberately found Saitama, and wanted to see what kind of guy he was, and dared to anger Zeno.


But they only saw a cloak that was raised.


There is also the vigorous and powerful “justice” above!




The convention of force begins!


Beerus lost his soul and followed Whis back to the audience. He shook his head and shook his body, almost crashing.


“What did I do…”


“How can I think of bringing this guy…”




“Even if you win, the seventh universe may have to disappear…”




“Hey! Beerus!”


Just sitting in the elephant, not far away, shouted: “You really have Ah! Actually dare to bring such a guy!”


Beerus did not answer.


Just holding his arm, shrugging his ears, whole body cold sweat.


“It seems that I am going to another universe to do the Angel Wizard, Beerus Sir.”


Whis holding the Scepter sitting next to Beerus, his face is still unrequited, with the innate elegance: “It’s been a pleasure to get along with you for years, but you may say goodbye after today…”




For the half-truth of Whis, Beerus didn’t give up.


After a long silence, he finally started to talk: “…until now, trouble you, Whis.”


Whis glimpse, did not expect Beerus actually said this.




It is like confessing to the last words.




The battle on Arena is instantly available.


Since Whis just commented on Saitama’s “far better than God of Destruction”, several of the universe’s battlers began to attack him.


Although he admired his daring to face the cruel and ruthless Zeno, in the end, they still hope that they can survive.


And if you want to live, you must first solve the toughest Saitama and Jiren!


That’s right.


Saitama, who enjoys the cocoon treatment, and the proud team of the eleventh universe.


Jiren’s distinguished name, even other universes, is as good as it is!


“Innocent fool!”


After repulsing a wave of offense, Vegeta took the time to Saitama coldly snorted: “Although I also look down upon the chaotic dwarf above, but the ridiculous idea of ​​saving everyone is not enough! You also saw it. The guys you want to save, not only don’t thank you, but are joining forces to attack you! What hero is… really nausea!”


At this same time, Jiren also looked over here.


Inherited the master’s formidable and sense of justice, Jiren, has an extreme attachment to justice, and he maintains the stability of a universe.


But even if he was, he never thought about it… Say no to Zeno.


Hearing Vegeta’s question, he also raised his ears and listened carefully to Saitama’s answer.


Justice, pay…


A lot of vocabulary flashed through Jiren’s mind, and various possible answers emerged one by one.




“……so troublesome.”




“I am not hero to thank you, not to get anything…”


Saitama slammed back and said with expressionless: “Even if all the people in the universe are helpless, how about it is good, I just have a serious interest in the activity…”


Having said that, the action on Saitama’s hand was slightly paused.


In my mind, a sound that has been buried for many years is echoing.


“Saitama Jun! You must remember!”


“It doesn’t matter if everyone hates you! But at least one person in the World likes you! That person is me! So…”


“Please don’t be disappointed with this World!”


“To be the best hero Ah!”


The words in that dream are still so clear until now.




Wipe your nose.


“Oh… there are other reasons…”

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