The raws were pulled (real-time) from:
Over time, the battle on Arena has become more intense.



Although at the beginning everyone was savvyly besieging Saitama and Jiren, but they came from different universes, of course, it is impossible to always unite. It didn’t take long for the alliance between several original universes to break through, and the scene fell into a thorough battle. .


Everyone is doing their best to beat their opponents and fight for a chance to survive.


12 universe’s, a total of 100 20 people.


In the end, only ten people can survive.


at last.


In the near future.


The first universe that was defeated by all the staff appeared…


“The ninth universe has all gone down…”


Zeno sat on the supreme throne, bowing at the ninth universe and the last contestant fell to Arena.


“The ninth universe all contestant lost…”


At this time, Great Priest also announced in a timely manner: “So, destroy!”




This simple word, now heard, is so cold and cruel.


The scene suddenly died.


All contestant stopped the attack between each other and looked up at Zeno, who was sitting at the highest point. The color of the word “fear” gradually emerged.


“Okay, let’s get started!”


Zeno’s face was filled with a happy smile and raised his right hand: “The ninth universe everyone…all…”


“Give me a wait!!!”


Just before the annihilation, an Old Man in the ninth universe contestant stood up!


Face life and death, for a moment, forget the fear and awe!


“All of them are going to be destroyed…”


Old Man’s eyes were firm and suddenly flew toward Zeno’s throne: “At least until you die, let me see what’s amazing! What God of Destruction! What Angel! What Zeno! That baldy is right! You… ”


“Not at all worthy of being called God!!!”


This roar is loud and loud in the dead and silent world!




“Really sorry.”


Great Priest slowly extended his right hand and pointed the palm at the old man: “I can’t allow you to approach Zeno Sir without permission.”




Soot splashes!


Everyone can’t bear to go too far.


Until then, those contestants were truly empathetic, as if they saw their own end in this old man.


Tragic, desperate.


God wants to destroy you, you can’t even decide your own life and death!




Ninth universe


A middle-aged man clings to his child and his face is full of tears.


Child raised his little hand and rubbed the tears of father.


“Dad, how are you crying?”


“Children… Dad… no father…”




The roar of Earthling, after all, was just a little bit of a spark, and soon it was wiped out without mercy.




God can destroy the physical body of man, how to destroy people’s Spirit! ?


Zeno holds the right hand and the ninth universe disappears.


In every parallel universe, everyone saw this scene clearly.


Those who work hard, those who want to protect parents, those who want to complain, but who can’t speak again…


Everyone has been eliminated.


Life and death, the most real emotions can not be demonstrated with acting.


At this time, everyone finally believes.


The convention of this force is real!


Those cruel and ruthless gods are now in the horizon that Earthling can’t reach, playing human fate without mercy!


sorrow? anger?




A more repressed, almost embarrassing emotion spreads in everyone’s heart!




The audience of the seven justice dragons suddenly opened the eyes!


The time has come!


The fire of the stars.


In an instant, it has become a prairie!




The smoke in the sky gradually dissipated.


Originally, the old man there should be fried into powder, and then completely destroyed, nothing to be empty.


Can be a cloak.


A baldy is floating in the air, looks at my arms, and expressionless, I don’t know what I am thinking.


“Oh? Have you saved him just now?”


Great Priest A little unexpected look at the Saitama below, the back of the behind: “But unfortunately, although you blocked my attack, Zeno Sir already erased everything in the ninth universe, whether it is God, or The madman who wants to attack Zeno Sir…”


The cloak is still flying.


The word “justice” above is so lonely at the moment.


People suppress emotions and look forward to a Power Up port.




Erupting the volcano that annihilated the gods!




“Destroyed the entire universe…”


After a long time, Saitama slowly turned around and looked up at Zeno with expressionless. “I really dare to do it… It’s like doing something trivial… The weight of life, what is it like you?”


“Pay attention to your attitude, Mr. Saitama.”


Great Priest carrying the both hands, silent look at Saitama: “match is still going on, please return to the Arena as soon as possible to restart the match.”


“This kind of match, the ghost has to continue to participate…”


Saitama’s uncomfortable frown: “I said you guys… I really annoyed me! I will wipe out others at will… I think the one that should be wiped out is actually you!”


Great Priest raised the eyes with a slight warning: “Zeno Sir is not allowed to violate! If you don’t want to continue matching, then you will be wiped out now.”


“Ah, this way.”


The words in the mouth are plain and perfunctory.


Saitama stepped on the air and walked toward Zeno step by step.


“that being the case ……”


Great Priest snorted and raised the subordinate order: “All universe God of Destruction obeys and destroys him!”


It wasn’t until then that the God of Destruction reacted and flew in the sky, trying to stop Saitama from offending Zeno.


“Damn! You must stop him immediately!”


“Otherwise our universe may suffer!”


“Hey!!! The guys in the match below! All come to help! Otherwise I will destroy all of you!!!”




God of Destruction rushed out of Go!


The contestants on Arena are also hesitating to leave.


But at this time!


World without darkness is suddenly full of color!


The most ordinary and common face of the picture appears on this Space!


They are the most common Earthling, from different planets, from different parallel universes, but at the moment, they are calling the same name!


“Saitama !!!”


“Saitama !!!”


“Saitama !!!”


“Saitama !!!”


“Saitama !!!”




They may never know Saitama, but they know that at this moment, only the hero named Saitama is fighting for all Earthling and the gods!


The beliefs from countless universes converge in one place, breaking through the enchantment of God!


Earthling first time showed their strength to the gods!


They shouted the name of hero!


Convey your true desire!


Live Go!


That’s all !

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