The raws were pulled (real-time) from:
The gods disappeared.



The heroes of the West are never coming back.


The big screen on the square is now dominated by the seven screens. I don’t know when to change to a new debut star. The children’s textbooks no longer mention the baldy dragon cavalry group that was of interest.


Many years have passed.


Occasionally, the old man and himself talk about the stories of hero.


But the children are always tired of listening to the old-fashioned hero Legend… A big villain wants to destroy the universe, then a hero comes forward and never returns.


“I am going to date my girlfriend, Grandma!”


The young child ran out of the door with her bouquet and didn’t return her head: “I’ll say something else next time, I’m not interested in what hero is… and it’s a baldy, it’s rustic, it’s not attractive, you guys. The aesthetics of that era were really strange…”




The old man sighed and leaned on the window and looked up at Starry Sky.


Perhaps many people have forgotten, maybe young people are no longer like the concept of hero…


No matter how many youngsters, I will always remember.


I desperately wanted to jump off the building myself, and the hero who stood up for himself…


“Don’t cry…”


“Although it doesn’t matter what you do, if you want to jump off the building in the future, you must remember to jump from the floor where I am eating.”


“Hey hey…how are you crying louder…”


This universe is also because Saitama can continue to save…


Say what is rustic…


When you come forward for all humans, it’s really…very handsome Ah!


The lens is far away.


Innocent in the universe.


The forces of the Fliesa Legion are constantly expanding and become extremely formidable!


After solving his own Big Brother Cooler and Father Kurdish king, Fliesa became the veritable king of the universe, and because he saw the God of Destruction being taken away by the dragon god, he found that there was nothing to check and balance himself, and he was silent. For decades, his ambition has finally been completely Power Up!


War, killing.


The Fliesa Corps razed each and every civilization, and all conquered land was subjected to extreme exploitation.


Fliese, who was immersed in the hegemonic taste, did not expect it.


at this time.


Far away from the other side of the Atlas planetet, a hero, already born turned out!




“Prince! The Fliesa Legion is making a big move towards our planet!!!”




On the cloister of the palace, the guards dressed in the battle of the bay made a loud report to a certain room.


And in the room, a young man stood there.


In front of him, the crown that fell after the disappearance of the starlight was made decades ago.


“I understood.”


翟寇 Responded to the report outside the house, the boss hands were in ten, and bowed to the crown.


Then I am leaving…


Mother ……


Until I met you for the last time, I was the kind of thing that didn’t work…


But please rest assured…


I seem to know that I want what I want, and… I also become very strong, very strong, as you would expect…


Straight up.


He took the cloak around him and turned and walked outside the house.


Raised the head.


Countless spaceships break into the atmosphere.


In the middle of the most like the stars, the general go on stage, it is the universe Emperor – Friesa!


“Oh, really, I’m gone, that woman…”


Flysha’s right hand reached his mouth and sneered softly: “I haven’t stood up for so long, and the gods have not appeared again. It seems that the future is indeed the world of my King Fliesa…”




Having said that, Fliesa suddenly saw the following embarrassment.


“Is you still in Ah?”


Friesa leaned in the aircraft, and the tail swayed back and forth: “I used to look at Mother’s face. You broke the Frieza Force’s secret operations several times, and I didn’t deal with you…”


“But now mother has disappeared with the gods…”


The pupil suddenly contracted, and Friesa’s face became extremely cruel in a moment: “Forgive her again, but it will die very badly, hehe!”




“Not 逞hero…”


翟寇 Just like at the Friesa, extending the right index finger: “It was because of interest and very serious interest that I decided to become hero!”


Fliesa glimpsed: “What?”


“It’s nothing.”


Suddenly raised the corner of the mouth, his face was filled with brilliant light: “I want to destroy you, Fliesa!”


Suddenly, the wind has blown!




carried out!




Start on the day of the birth of a glowing baby.


People gradually gained a strength called “personality”.


But in this new society, people with “personality” are not necessarily a party to justice, and many criminals use their “personality” to commit crimes.


on the contrary.


An original career that only exists in theory becomes a reality – hero.


The “personality” is correctly guided, and the people who help fight the criminals can pass the assessment and get the income and hero proof provided by the state.


But even in a society where almost everyone has a “personality”, there are still some ordinary people.


They don’t have extraordinary strength, and they don’t have a gorgeous “personality.”


But they…


I want to be hero.


Become the best hero!




The school bell rings.


The students have dispersed and the campus has become empty and deserted.


Until the last boy who looks soft and weak, walks out of the classroom…


“If you don’t have personality, can you still be hero?”


Green Valley looked up at the sky for a long time, and the heart seemed to be pressed by a big stone, almost unable to breathe.


Graduation will soon be made, for your own future…


For your own future without “personality”…


What should I do in the end? Ah?


Can it be said that without personality, it must not be hero?


I hope from the childhood, don’t try it, I’m not willing to be in any way…


I am constantly thinking about things like this or that, 14 years old’s Green Valley has been taking a heavy step and stepping away from school.




A “crackle and rattle” appeared in the sky as if the eggshell was broken.


Haven’t waited for him to raise the head and look toward the sky.


A silhouette suddenly descended from the sky, and fell heavily on the school’s open space, setting off a huge smoke!


“Call… Peaceful.”


The smoke gradually dissipated, and a baldy with a cloak and yellow tight clothes appeared in front of the green valley.


“…I don’t seem to have trampled on anything.”


Although it has successfully passed through the new World, it may be a strange place…


Looked around, Saitama patted the dust on his body and asked for a person to ask for directions.




“…ah, found it.”


Unsurprisingly, Saitama just turned around and saw the stunned Green Valley for a long time at first glance, and then greeted him with enthusiasm: “That, please, do you know how the hero association is going?”

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