One Punch Star Annihilation Chapter 1196


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If it is a primordial civilization, when a comet moved towards the planet hits, then the creatures of this civilization can basically only wait to die.

However, for higher civilizations, there are countless ways to stop comets.

The easiest way is to launch antimatter bombs to smash the comet into pieces, turning it into a bright firework in the deep space of the universe.

However, when two civilizations are at war, comets are no ordinary comets.

Lang Xiaonian brought up the Comet Dyce of the β107 star system in Perseus, and immediately opened up new ideas to the senior fleet.

“Strengthen nuclear power?”

“That’s right, it’s nuclear power. If Comet Deiss becomes a material with strong nuclear power, it won’t be easy for opponents to stop it.” Lang Xiaonian emphasized his thoughts in a positive tone.

“This is probably very difficult… It is not realistic to transform a comet into a strong nuclear power structure.” A fleet admiral shook his head, skeptical of this idea.

His suspicions are justified.

With the current level of human technology, it is not easy to make materials with strong nuclear power. It is countless times more difficult to transform a comet into a structure with strong nuclear power than to make materials with strong nuclear power.

So, the idea is clever, but it is too difficult to implement.

Lang Xiaonian then explained: “We don’t need to turn the entire Comet Dyce into a strong nuclear material, but part of it.”

In the Conference Hall, people from all sides whispered and talked, and it was very messy.

Fang Yuan coughed and set the direction for the discussion of the meeting: “The astronomy group and relevant scientific data departments will jointly calculate the feasibility of this plan. I want specific data and plans.”

It didn’t take long.

Lang Xiaonian released a copy of the data and explained: “Actually, I did a little check in the last two days. The data may not be accurate, but it can be used as a reference first.

“According to the data I got, the diameter of Comet Dyce is 20 kilometers.

“If Dyce’s Comet is to be converted into a strong nuclear material, it is actually only 1 millimeter, which is a tiny bit.

“With our current level of technology, total energy and capabilities, it is indeed impossible to transform a comet with a diameter of 20 kilometers into a strong nuclear structure.

“So, my idea is to partially transform into a strong nuclear force, especially the surface and inner core.

“As long as Aatox’s can’t destroy Comet Dyce, then our plan can succeed.”

“Even if the entire Comet of Dyce is transformed into a strong nuclear structure, with the strength of the Palestine civilization, as long as there is a way to destroy it, right?” Someone raised objections.

“This is natural, and the strength of the Palestine civilization can certainly do it. However, we are not sending a comet to our opponents as fireworks. As long as Comet Dess can threaten the opponents and force them to make If we respond, then we have a chance. As long as one of their Stellar Rank temple warriors is pinned down, our plan will be greatly increased.” Lang Xiaonian explained.

Fang Yuan immediately decided after listening: “This plan has been passed, and the implementation will begin immediately. The specific data and plans will be added slowly over the past two days. Now we will begin to determine the plan to change the flight angle of Comet Dyce.”

Because Comet Dyce is already close to Star Arton 4, according to the plan, it is necessary to use the gravitational slingshot of Star 4 to throw Comet Dyce to Star Arden 3.

Therefore, it is necessary to immediately change the direction of Comet Dyce and let Comet Dyce enter the gravitational slingshot range of Star 4.

Now every hour of delay, the comet’s flying angle that needs to be changed is doubled.

Therefore, Fang Yuan made a decisive decision and started the action first to prepare for the entire plan.

As for the detailed plan later, you can add it slowly.

According to the requirements, the astronomy team calculated the flight angle of Comet Dyce to be changed, and then began to discuss how to make Comet Dyce change its flight direction.

“The easiest way is to bomb the comet with a nuclear bomb. This method is the simplest, but the movement is relatively large, and it will inevitably be discovered by the enemy’s garrison fleet. Apart from this, if the comet is bombed with a nuclear bomb, the comet is likely to be scattered. If it breaks up, then there will be no way to implement the following plans.” The astronomy team began to discuss with other teams a plan to change the comet’s flight angle.

Nuclear bombing is indeed the simplest and most effective method, of course, the disadvantages are also obvious.

“There is no need to discuss the method. I will do it myself, go on the probe, monitor the magnitude of the comet’s change of direction, and give me accurate data.” Fang Yuan decided to do it himself after thinking for a while.

Because of this Dyce Comet project, the comet is to be used to collide with Arden 3 star.

If it can be done in secret, you can kill Atox a completely unprepared.

So, the smaller the movement, the better.

It was bombed with a nuclear bomb, and the movement was so loud that it was impossible to be discovered.

Fang Yuan stood up and ordered: “Niu Dazhi will follow me. The astronomy team will detect the comet’s trajectory and calculate the best position of the external force.”

Due to this operation, it needs to be conducted confidentially.

So driving the Phantom and approaching Comet Dyce.

The surface temperature of Comet Dyce is very high, but for a super soldier who can move on the surface of a star, it is nothing.

The Phantom followed the Comet Dyce, after maintaining the same speed.

Fang Yuan let Niu Dazhi and himself fall on Comet Deiss.

“Although I have great strength, it is impossible for me to push such a big guy.” Niu Dazhi touched the core of Comet Deiss. All around are the hot rays of light emitted by the comet. You must pass Battle clothes can be tolerated by insulating the light from the helmet.

“You were not allowed to push the comet. You are responsible for creating a strong nuclear layer on the surface of the comet.” Fang Yuan said.

“What? What did you say?” Niu Dazhi showed a frightened expression.

“You better not let me repeat the second time.” Fang Yuan squinted at him.

“No, this thing is 20 kilometers in diameter. Give such a thing a strong nuclear layer, it will kill me, okay.” Niu Dazhi put on a tired expression and lay directly on the comet.

“The density of the comet is not enough, the structure is loose, and the structure must be stabilized. Now there is enough time to complete the task when we start to work. If it can’t be done, I will use you to hit the Arden 3 star.” Fang Yuan threatened.

“You know bullying me!”

Niu Dazhi gnashing teeth started to make a strong nuclear layer, and while making it, he said: “In fact, it looks like something so big, I don’t think it is necessary to cover the strong nuclear layer.

“Do you know reinforced concrete? You don’t need to fill it with steel bars, as long as there is a little steel bar inside. I think the strong nuclear layer is like a mesh, covering the comet is enough.”

Fang Yuan didn’t object to his proposal this time, because the comet is 20 kilometers in diameter, and the surface is fully covered with a strong nuclear layer, which is not the best solution. The net coverage is actually not much worse.

“Then hurry up and let you pass the inspection by the engineering team.”

Niu Dazhi spit out while working hard: “I knew I was so tired. I shouldn’t have the strong nuclear ability of Rao Shizi. Every time I did hard work.”

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