One Punch Star Annihilation Chapter 1197


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The Comet Project is launched.

Fang Yuan ignited a dark energy flame and shook a dragon roar, pushing the Comet Dyce to change a tiny angle of flight to coincide with the angle calculated by the astronomy team.

Fine adjustments were made again, and after complete accuracy, the first step of the Deiss Comet Project was officially completed.

According to the plan, this comet will crash into Arden 3 in 27 days.

However, if it is an ordinary comet, it is difficult to pose a threat to a noble capital star of an advanced civilization.

Therefore, during these 27 days, Niu Dazhi needs to continuously remodel the internal structure of the comet.

The goal is not to transform the entire comet into a strong nuclear structure, but to transform it into a part of it.

Just like pouring reinforced concrete, use strong nuclear materials as steel bars to consolidate the comet structure and achieve the strength to resist antimatter strikes.

Although it is not that the entire comet is nuclear-powered, covering the entire comet with strong nuclear-powered steel bars is equally expensive.

In order to speed up the progress, Fang Yuan also helped him complete part of the comet reconstruction project.

Three days later.

Dyce’s Comet began to enter the gravitational slingshot range of Arden 4, and its flight direction began to bend a lot, and it was thrown towards Arden 3 by the planet’s gravity.

Everything is going according to plan.

During these three days, the various departments of the human fleet were meeting every day to discuss the details of the plan and fill the vacancies in the entire plan.

I also encountered some problems during the period, but all thought of ways to solve the problems one after another.

However, the biggest problem has not been solved.

Since there is no tricky solution to this problem, the staff and the military research team temporarily put this problem aside for the time being and concentrated on the Deiss Comet project.

As for the biggest problem, it has always been in front of everyone.

That is the lack of Stellar Rank battle strength.

So far, the only Stellar Rank battle strength in the human fleet is Fang Yuan.

Han Youwei received a thousand units of Zro Star Source ration, and has been trying the breakthrough Star Power level in the special training room, but so far, the result is not known.

If the Stellar Rank battle strength is insufficient, even if the Comet Dyce project is successful and the comet crashes into the star Arden 3, the human fleet will not be able to attack.

Aatox is almost the strongest existence in the galaxy.

Fang Yuan needs to challenge Aatox and withstand his powerful battle strength, so that the human fleet has the foundation to fight this battle.

However, even if Fang Yuan can stare at Atox’s battle strength, there are two other Stellar Rank temple warriors in Atton-3.

The two Stellar Rank temple warriors cannot be resolved. The human fleet blindly attacked the Arden 3 star, and the entire army must be wiped out.

If the human fleet does not cooperate with the Dyce Comet plan, attack the Arden 3 star.

Then, even if the comet collided with Atton 3, with Atox’s strength, he was completely capable of stopping this comet.

So, although the Dyce Comet plan is very clever, it is not enough to rely on this comet to pose a threat to the Alton 3 star. It must be shot out with the fleet.

However, the current hard power of the human fleet is not enough to challenge Aatox’s garrison fleet.

This is still an unsolvable problem.

However, there are still 27 days to solve this problem.


Everyone is thinking of ways to increase the lethality of the Deiss Comet project.

“I have another idea. If the formidable power of the Dyce Comet Project is not enough, we can increase the formidable power of the comet hitting the planet by increasing the speed of the comet.” Someone in the military research class proposed an idea.

As soon as this idea was put forward, many people responded immediately.

“This idea is okay, and you can try it in this direction. Although Comet Dyce’s flight speed is already fast, it will naturally be better if it can continue to accelerate.” The astronomy team agreed with this idea.

“The question is, what accelerating comet?”

“There is no tricky method, only advancement and acceleration.”

“How to push? How much can I push?”

“This has ready-made equipment, just use the power engine of the battleship. In this star system, the ninth planet, the fifth and the fourth planets, we have already killed three fleets and sank the number of battleships That’s a lot. We just repaired six of the battleships, as well as many cruisers and destroyers that were sunk. These scrapped battleships are no longer needed. All the power engines are removed and installed on Comet Deiss.” That member, continue to talk about his thoughts.

This idea is indeed feasible.

“The research team calculates how much the comet can be accelerated by installing the power engine of the sunken battleship on the Comet Deiss?” Fang Yuan heard this idea and thought he could give it a try.

The power engine of battleship is used to propel the comet. Of course, the effect will not be too obvious.

After all, the diameter of Comet Dyce is 20 kilometers, and the length of battleships is generally 3,000 meters. The gap is still quite large.

However, if it is used to propel the comet, the comet must make some lightning maneuver, which only needs to be accelerated.

Moreover, there is a full 27 days for acceleration.

As long as it can accelerate by 10% in one day, 27 days is enough to double the kinetic energy of the comet’s impact.

The research team of the fleet quickly calculated a specific value.

Fang Yuan glanced at the data and agreed: “This plan is feasible, let’s arrange the plan.”

paused, Fang Yuan thought about it for a while, and then said: “Since the power engines are all hitting, let’s just be harder and continue to calculate whether it is possible to install a curvature engine.”

When everyone heard this, they all opened their eyes and felt their breathing heavier.

If this proposal is really feasible, what a picture will it be.

A comet that accelerates through its curvature and crashes into a planet must be so beautiful that it cannot be seen directly.

The research team was also excited when hearing this proposal, and began to calculate the feasibility of this proposal.

The calculation result is not at all so ideal.

The operating conditions of the curvature engine are relatively harsh, and it is even more difficult to bring the entire comet into a state of curvature acceleration.

“What is the biggest problem?” Fang Yuan didn’t give up immediately after seeing the conclusions of the scientific research team, asking specific questions.

“The biggest problem is the size of the comet. The size is too large. Even if we install all the curvature engines of the scrapped battleship on the comet, we cannot carry such a huge comet for curvature flight.” The research team replied.

Fang Yuan thought for a while and asked: “What is the limit volume of curvature advancement?”

“According to our calculations, the diameter needs to be reduced to 10 kilometers to meet the requirements, and there has never been such a huge battleship, so the actual situation needs to be tested to determine.” The research team replied.

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