One Punch Star Annihilation Chapter 1198


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“The effect of the curvature driver has a range of action. Curvature changes beyond the range cannot be guaranteed. So far, even the space battleships built by advanced civilizations are the largest battleships and space motherships…”

The curvature technology researcher in the fleet began to make relevant explanations: “According to the information we have obtained, the average length of the battleship is 3000 meters, and the space carrier is slightly longer, but not much.

“Furthermore, in fact, after entering the space age, the advantage of space carriers over battleships is not as great as in the ocean age, so the space carriers still exist, but they cannot reach the level of eliminating battleships.”

In fact, in the ocean age, the reason why marine motherships eliminated battleships is actually not because the mothership is strong, but the aircraft is strong.

In the war of the ocean age, everything is vying for air supremacy.

It was the aircraft that eliminated the battleship, and the mothership entered the stage of history as a mobile airport.

However, after entering the space age, airplanes were eliminated.

In other words, the space battleship is the plane of the space age, and the space battleship no longer needs an airport.

Of course, there are still space carriers in the space age.

However, there are not many space carriers in the Three-Eyed Civilization and the Photosynthetic Civilization. The largest number of space carriers is the Mechanical Empire.

The space mothership of the Mechanical Empire will be mounted on thousands of unmanned combat ships.

With such a huge number of unmanned combat ships, even the three-eyed tribe with a full military technology tree can hardly be controlled to exert their ideal combat effectiveness.

However, at this point, the mechanical empire is different.

The sawtooth machinery automation technology tree at the Mechanical Empire point, and the battleship automation battle plan can be sold to humans. It is conceivable that the technology they sell is impossible is their most cutting-edge technology.

Therefore, the mechanical empire is the civilization that likes to build space mother ships most, using a large number of unmanned combat ships to fight.

Furthermore, it is said that it is an unmanned battleship, but it may be controlled by a three-pointed star behind it. Just like a futile war game, many amazing operations can be played.

The Curvature Technology researcher found that he had digressed, and quickly brought the topic back and continued: “According to our calculations, it is very difficult to get the entire Comet Deiss into a state of curvature.

“If Comet Dyce has to perform curvature flight, the volume of Comet Dyce must be reduced to 1/4 of the current size.

“That is, the diameter is reduced by half, reaching a diameter of 10 kilometers, which is possible.

“Moreover, due to the range of curvature driver, not at all absolute area, but the intensity of curvature will decrease with distance.

“Therefore, when a comet with a diameter of 10 kilometers enters into a curvature flight, the structural integrity cannot be guaranteed, and structural tearing or even disintegration may occur far away from the core.”

The various departments of the fleet continue to discuss the feasibility of this plan.

“Actually, the curvature comet scheme is not necessary. The use of a power engine to accelerate the comet and increase the impact formidable power is enough to pose a threat to the Alton 3 star.” Some people think the curvature comet scheme is too difficult. , Proposed to abandon this proposal.

Another lieutenant general of the fleet objected: “Actually, it is not impossible to reduce the diameter to 10 kilometers. The method is also very simple, just cut the comet in half, which is not difficult for us.”

Cutting a comet with a diameter of 20 kilometers is really not a difficult task for the human fleet with Stellar Rank super fighters.

“Have you ever wondered whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages or the disadvantages outweigh the advantages?”

Another fleet winner objected to the plan to cut the comet: “According to the data provided by the curvature research group, to reduce the diameter to 10 kilometers, it is not as simple as cutting it in half, it is cutting it. Three quarters will do.

“The volume is reduced to 1/4, the mass is also reduced to 1/4, and the kinetic energy will be reduced by this much.

“In this case, the formidable power of the comet’s impact will be greatly reduced.

“In this way, even if the comet with a higher curvature, the formidable power that can be caused by the impact is greatly reduced, which may not be a good thing.”

Fang Yuan coughed, interrupted the discussion, and said: “You can consider reducing the size of the comet without reducing the mass, and just increase the density.”

“This is indeed a way, but if you want to increase the density, you have to increase the density by four times to reduce the diameter of the comet to 10 kilometers. This is not easy.” A military staff officer said.

“The density of Comet Dyce I saw before does not seem to be large.” Fang Yuan is going to look up the data of Comet Dyce again.

“Yes, the density of Comet Dyce is not large, less than half of Earth.” The staff quickly reported a rough impression.

In the universe, every star has a different density.

Earth’s main materials are soil and rock, which are considered denser planets in the universe.

And Jupiter, a gaseous planet whose main element is hydrogen, has a very small density.

Comets are usually solid, and their density is usually much lower than that of terrestrial planets, especially the outer structure, which is usually looser.

“Then try to strengthen the nuclear power, increase the density, and reduce the size of the comet. The scientific research team will discuss and see if there is a suitable plan.” Fang Yuan left the Conference Hall after arranging the scientific research work, and prepared to ask Yang Yuping Ask to see if there are any good solutions.


In a small Conference Hall, Fang Yuan connected to Yang Yuping’s dedicated communication.

This communication interface was reserved for Fang Yuan by Yang Yuping alone. Except for this communication interface, anyone in human civilization who wants to contact Yang Yuping can only pass through the Supreme Council.

After the communication was connected, Fang Yuan waved hello: “Professor, long time no see, do you still like coffee?”

“Of course, ten minutes of coffee time a day, that is my time only, very luxurious.” Yang Yuping answered with a smile.

Although he knows that Yang Yuping’s smile in the screen is an image drawn by a computer, Fang Yuan still feels very kind.

“Let’s talk, what’s the matter this time? I will consider how much computing power I will consume on you.” Yang Yuping urged.

“Don’t chat first?”

“Your expression tells me that you are not looking for me to chat.”

“Okay. I’ll send you the information about a comet crashing into a planet. I’m thinking about hitting the comet with a curvature driver. At present, various departments of the fleet are arguing about this issue and haven’t thought of a suitable solution.” Fang Yuan sent the information about the Deiss Comet Project.

After the data transmission was completed, in less than 1 nanosecond, Yang Yuping began to talk about the plan: “This idea is quite interesting. It is also possible to install a curvature driver.

“This is not difficult. I will build a model. After the simulation is completed, I will send the model plan to you.”

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