One Punch Star Annihilation Chapter 1199


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Human curvature technology was overcome by Yang Yuping and his team.

Therefore, in human civilization, Yang Yuping is the authority on curvature technology.

“The model of the Comet Project is not complicated. It should consume 10% of the computing power. The result can be obtained in half an hour. If you have any ideas, you can say now. I will try to add it to the model.” Yang Yuping was allocating computing power and performing model calculations for the Comet Project, while talking to Fang Yuan.

“How much computing power does it take to talk to me?” Fang Yuan asked casually.

“This question is very nutritious, about one in a billion, and most of it is used to encrypt communications.” Yang Yuping replied.

Fang Yuan heard this data and knew that the supercomputer used by Yang Yuping should have been upgraded again.

Most of the 3 billion carbon-based alliance currency that human civilization borrowed from the photosynthetic civilization was used to buy technology.

So, what scientists of human civilization need to do is digest these technologies.

Therefore, the technological level of human civilization is rapidly increasing at a rate that changes every day.

The technological level of computers is naturally also improving, so Yang Yuping’s computing power has increased very quickly, otherwise it will not be able to achieve the simultaneous development of six terrestrial planets.

“According to the calculations of the shipboard scientific research team, it is necessary to reduce the diameter of Comet Dyce to 10 kilometers in order to achieve the requirement of curvature flight. The direction I am considering now is to reduce the comet’s strength through the strong nuclear force of the comet. Diameter.” Fang Yuan said his thoughts.

“If the battleship environment is required, the diameter of the comet needs to be reduced to 8.73 kilometers instead of 10 kilometers.” Yang Yuping gave a more accurate value, accurate to two decimal places.

“Do you want to shrink so much?” Fang Yuan frowned, feeling that it is already very difficult to shrink to 10 kilometers. If the requirement is smaller, the difficulty will inevitably increase exponentially.

“This is the result of calculation using the battleship environment, but the comet is not a battleship, so the result is actually different.” Yang Yuping explained.

“How to say?”

“In curvature-driven technology, our research environment is all conducted in a battleship environment. Because curvature-driven technology, the goal is to make battleship fly with curvature. But…”

Yang Yuping even retained the habit of breathing air. He paused in the middle of the speech before continuing to say: “However, comets are not battleships. The requirements can be reduced a lot.

“The curvature drive has a range, but within this range, the curvature drive strength of each position is different.

“When the curvature engine is installed on the battleship, then we need to ensure that every position on the battleship can perform curvature flight, and there can be no danger.

“So, in the battleship environment, we set the range of curvature drive strength to 10 as the curvature drive range.

“However, it does not mean that the curvature drive strength is 9 where you cannot enter the curvature flight state.

“It’s just that, where the curvature drive strength is 9, the curvature flight is unstable.

“Therefore, the battleship environment requires an intensity of 10 or more.

“However, the comet is not a battleship. It does not need to have an intensity of 10. Intensity of 9 is perfectly fine, and intensity of 8 is fine, and even the curvature driving intensity can be reduced to 5.

“However, if the curvature drive strength is pressed to 5, the edge part may be in danger of material tearing.

“If it is a battleship, of course it cannot succeed this risk, but the comet can bear it, and it will tear when it is torn, and it will not cause harm to people.”

Fang Yuan knew what it meant after hearing it, and asked: “The diameter of Comet Dyce can be reduced to how much the comet of curvature can be fulfilled.”

“The precise value is 15.22 kilometers. Of course, under this value, when the comet is flying with curvature, the outer part will definitely be torn, and the overall curvature of flight time should not exceed three hours, otherwise the comet will Disintegration.” Yang Yuping gave an accurate figure.

Fang Yuan’s eyes started to light up when he heard this value.

It is very difficult to reduce the diameter of Comet Dyce by 10 kilometers, but to reduce it to 15 kilometers, the difficulty is much lower.

“Very good, this requirement is completely achievable. The professor sent me the calculation results of the model, and I took it to the research team and engineering team, and I was ready to start work.” Fang Yuan thought that there would be a comet of curvature. Crashing into the capital star of Arden 3, there was a burning gaze in the eyes, full of murderous aura.

Soon, the scientific research team and engineering team on the fleet got the model plan.

After learning that this model project was made by Professor Yang Yuping, no one doubted it. The research team just checked the calculation according to the procedure.

The engineering team did not wait for the results of the verification, and directly started work, began to modify the curvature engine, and prepared to give the Arden 3 Capital Star a super gift package.

The comet’s impact is the last 25 days.

The power engine was installed first and started to accelerate the comet.

Niu Dazhi continues to manufacture strong nuclear power bars to fix the solid structure of Comet Deiss.

The comet’s impact is 23 days countdown.

The Human Fleet Engineering Team began to increase the density of Comet Dyce and accelerate the progress of the strong nuclear power structure according to the model plan given by Yang Yuping.

The comet’s impact is the last 17 days.

Niu Dazhi worked for 10 consecutive days, began to protest, and was rewarded with a pack of instant noodles and a ham, and then continued to work under Fang Yuan’s fist suppression.

Fang Yuan also consumes Star Power every day to structure Comet Days with strong nuclear power, increase the density of comets, and reduce the diameter of comets.

The comet’s impact is the last 12 days.

The density increase of Days Comet is basically completed, and the engineering team is ready to install the curvature engine.

The comet’s impact is the last 10 days.

The first comet curvature engine is installed.

The installation environment is more dangerous, but fortunately, it was successfully completed.

The comet impacted in the last 7 days, and all 105 curvature engines were installed and distributed in every corner of Comet Dyce.

So far.

The entire Deiss Comet project is basically completed.

However, Niu Dazhi will continue to stay on the comet and continue to strengthen the comet’s strong nuclear structure.

The higher the strength of Comet Dyce, the stronger the ability to resist the strikes of the Arden Capital Star Defense Fleet.

Therefore, there are seven days left, which must not be wasted.

With more reinforcement, the comet’s hardness will be greater, and the threat to the capital star of Arden 3 will be greater.

At this step.

The garrison fleet of the Arden 3 star has already discovered an abnormal Dyce Comet.

Such a comet that changed its direction and moved towards Arden 3 smashed into it. There is no need for scientific proof at all. Even fools can see that there is something wrong with this comet.

Aatox naturally saw it, but he knew very well that he could never send a fleet out to have a chance at this damn comet.

Because he knows that there is a damn carbon-based creature in the human fleet, hoping to see him take the initiative.

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