One Punch Star Annihilation Chapter 1276

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Shield seat λ252.

gets 25th days of the four-dimensional spatial crystal.

The Human Fleet arrived at the shield λ252, as long as the super space node across the front, you can enter the shield λ253star system system.

In the shield λ253star system, there is a super Space Node that leads to the horn arm.

As long as you pass through this super space node, enter the human hint arm, even if it is safe.

The Human Fleet is not immediely through the shield λ252-λ253 worm hole, but first disconses the reconnaissance machine and proton observer, through the insect hole, and reconnaissance on the other side of the insect hole.

“reconnaissance machine through the insect hole, arrived at the shield λ253, quantum entangled signal connection … connection completed, now confirmed the shield λ253 environment …” The reconnaissance group was in real time notified the reconnaissance results.

10 The enemy ship has not been found in the second place, no ambush is found … can pass. “

“, etc., it seems too smooth.” Fang Yuan Eyes Slightly Narrowed, I feel that this action is much better than expected.

When he raided the four-dimensional space crystal transport fleet, it was a sudden attack. At that time, he was dark, successful wins were not surprised.

However, after winning the four-dimensional space crystal, all the way is so smooth, which is somewhat surprises.

As long as you pass through the shield λ252-λ253 insect cave, the shield λ253star system system can see the worm hole leading to the hovel arm.

This is already the last step of successful evacuation.

However, in this process, everything is so smooth.

occasionally encountered a reconnaissance ship of the Paless Yinhe Yuanxing Empire, or it can easily get rid of it, or forced back.

This situation is too smooth.

“Paleres Civilization Master Star Fleet Fleet, should not only have this level.” Fang Yuan expression is serious.

Carzhike is the generals of the Paradilla’s Master Star Send, even in the main battlefield, it is also very powerful.

To some extent, he came to the Milky Way, it should be considered a desired blow.

However, the human fleet is unlikely, the entire process is hardly obstructed throughout the process of evacuating shield seats.

“is indeed, it should not be this level as the name of Carzhike, and he is in a star map to advance the tactics, the suffocation, RCD, Impossible, IMPossible This level. “Han Youwei” expressed recognition.

fang yuan carefully, turned around Looked Towards Ye Zheyu asked: “Can I use quantum communication to transfer high-dimensional visual eye?”

Ye Zheyu Nodded and said: “You should use it, but you can not sure you can persist.”

“Do your best, use it. It must be confirmed that the shield λ253 is absolutely safe to pass.” Fang Yuan said.


Ye Zheyu is placed in a reconnaissance machine with a high-dimensional vision of Star Power Condense.

The reconnaissance machine passes through the wormhole, flying to the shield λ253.

yezheyu wear quantum communication helmet, through quantum communication, and high dimensional visual eye on the reconnaissance machine, observed the shield λ253.

“10 light seconds no abnormal … 20 light seconds no abnormal … 30 light seconds no abnormal …”

He observed, while reporting the result of the observed.

30 is no abnormality, which is already a very broad distance.

Usually, the best distance is within 10 landsconds.

If ambush is hidden to ambush, it is a limiting.

If there is more than 30 light seconds, there is only the power of the battleship level to threaten BattleshiP.

However, the gamma light cannon is on the distance of 30 light, and the target is a target, it takes at least 30 seconds.

In actual combat, this distance of the shelling effect is limited.

Ye Zheyu has confirmed that the 30 lane distance is not abnormal, and the reconnaissance results are basically confirmed.

His super high-dimensional visual reconnaissance has also arrived, is preparing to end the reconnaissance, the look suddenly changed, filed the last Star Power, pushing the scouting distance to 35 light.

“is a bit wrong, there is a shadow of Battleship, 35 光秒 小 小, I saw the shadow of the Battleship profile.” Ye Zheyu Summary shouted.

The high level of the human fleet heard this, and suddenly it was a surprise.

“Can you confirm?” Fang Yuan won the question.

“to the limit …” Ye Zheyu picks up the helmet, the answer of Mood Grave, obviously some self-blame.

Fang Yuan reached out and pressed his shoulder and said: “This is not bad. Delicator has been confirmed.”

The reconnaissance machine of the quantum communication device can be installed, and the reconnaissance results can be transferred back to Divine Boat, but the flight speed is worrying.

35 light stop distance, at least ten hours.

However, since Ye Zheyu has seen 35 macadium with Battleship shadow, it is possible that there is indeed ambush.

and, this is in line with the strength of the main fleet of the Paleres civilization.

“The reconnaissance machine confirmed that at least ten hours, is we here?” A captain issued a question.

Now at this Time, it is very important to spend the fleet every second.

Ten hours, staying in Shield λ252, etc., it is likely that unpredictable changes.

The Human Fleet is now withdrawing from the shield, and ten hours, for the current human fleet, it is too long.

Fang Yuan expression becomes serious.

Now this decision must be done.

No AT THIS TIME publishes, waiting for his decision.

fang yuan, after careful thinking, said: “Lang Xiaonian is looking for 2nd day route, I think the shield λ253 has ambush, direct head.”

“But it is not confirmed first, it will not be directly headed, will not …” A military research class said doubts.

Now Ye Zheyu sees the Battleship shadow that may exist, it is impossible to determine if there is ambush.

“Old Ye, the Battleship shadow, may be just a small planet like Battleship, or it may be a shipwreck. Now it will be tensored.” Another person felt this decision, talent.

Fang Yuan said after self-examination: “We will sail all the way, the process is too smooth. The main fleet of the civilization of Palessia, should not only have this level.

“So, if Carzhike is a strong opponent, the shield λ253 should have ambush.

“If you guess the wrong, the shield is λ253 does not have ambush, that is the commander of the Paler’s main fleet.

“If this is the case, then this battle is simple.

“But this kind of thing, think about it.

“If you want to use normal ideas, the shield λ253 will definitely have ambush, I will gamble him is not so simple.

“Head, change the road. STAR Domain around the shield λ253 should not be in the control of the Pale, the Valentine’s Empire, we have rooms.”

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