One Punch Star Annihilation Chapter 1277

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In the fleet, the authority of Fang Yuan is ignorant.

After the decision is made in Fang Yuan, the fleet immediately changes the direction, and heads the shield λ252.

lang xiaonian find another route to return to the hive: “If this is, you can only walk the shield kappastar Domain, there is a super Space Node that returns the horn arm.

“just, in this case, it is at least for more than a month. I don’t know if we can not be safe to arrive.”

Lang Xiaonian although the 2nd day evacuation route is drawn, he has expressed deep concerns about the latter voyage.

“Nothing, according to your understanding of the route, the rest is given to others.” Fang Yuan reached out his shoulders, stabilizing his mentality.

lang xiaonian is originally a few people, can enter military research classes, mostly because of the human becomes innate talent.

This is also he followed by a small heel, and it has been cultivated by the astronomical heritage.

After entering the military research class, it has become a member of the Human Expeditionary Fleet, this astronomical inNate Talent, the more Vividly and Thorous and Thoroughly.

He looked at the star map every day, watching the above spot, as if you can see something that others can’t see, I can always find someone to find a wonderful connection.

or even, he sometimes speculates some worm holes that are not marked on the star map.

The Galaxy is too large, and according to expectations, the Galaxy is 2 billion stars, while the star map is marked, only 80 million stars.

So, in fact, most of the stars in the Galaxy system are not recorded on the star map.

At this time, Lang Xiaonian is in terms of astronomy, the more you can reflect the different places that are different from others.

“In fact, the shield λ253 is the best, take other routes, I really don’t have to grasp …”

After leaving the shield λ253 seven hours, Lang Xiaonian looked at the star map and sent a sigh.

Returning from the shield λ253, it is the most secure route before the lang xiaonian.

However, the human fleet is headed in front of the shot of the shield λ252, which gives the Equivalent To to give up the most secure, nearest route.

determines the reasons why the head is not because they confirmed the ambush of the Paleres, the Valentine’s Empire, but guess there is ambush.

This is actually gambling.

is the fate of the human fleet.

Because the head shield zip κstar Domain means that the fleet has to take more than a month, what will happen during the period, no one knows.

“Since all come here, you don’t have to go back to think about those things.” Zhao Anya comforts the lang xiaonian.

“Mainly, I have the second route I now, I really don’t have a shield λ253.” Lang Xiaonian replied.


At the time, when the shield hooded λ253, it was also possible to choose to go directly, even if there is ambush, no need to pin, hard to rush.

, it is also possible to bring a four-dimensional space crystal back to the horsepight.

But fang yuan is not willing to let comrades take such an insurance.

The strength of Fang Yuan, perhaps with everyone on the Divine Boat, rushed out of the Divine Boat, but other Space Army soldiers in the fleet, other BattleshiP, it is difficult to compete from Charge Ahead .

After all, Carzhike is a Palerista Party, and the commander is the main fleet of the Paler Rank Lv.10, which has Stellar Rank Lv.10, in his fleet, STELLAR RANK BATTLE Strength Quantity Much.

Taking the Human Fleet now three Stellar Rank Battle Stregth is absolutely impossible, which is also a three Stellar Rank Battle Strength, which is in Kakakan Giant Beast.

However, Kaga Giant Beast is always an instability.

Carnitc came over from the Palenses, and it was likely to have technology on Giant Beast on the battlefield.

So, Fang Yuan Impossible knows that there is ambush in front, and it is also rushing with a fleet.

After the 8th hour of leaving the shield λ252star system.


The reconnaissance group receives the signal sent back to the reconnaissance machine.

“was destroyed, the reconnaissance machine of the shield λ253 was destroyed, confirmed that there is ambush, confirmed the number of BATTLESHIPs exceeded a standard fleet, and the specific quantity could not be accurately calculated.” The reconnaissance group reported the intelligence.

heard this message.

All of the human fleet is inexplicably exhales One Breath Saying.

If the hard shield seat λ253, the whole fleet now may have been covered.

“It seems that our decision is right. Although the reconnaissance machine only discovers a standard fleet, the number of ambushed BattleshiP is certain than a standard fleet. Ranks the past, the consequences are unimaginable.” Zhao Anya said turned I saw Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan faces the starry sky outside the bridge.

The decision of this Time is right, and did not let the fleet were in the ambiguity of the Pauli Yinhe Yuanxing Empire.

“The other party set up the shield λ253, explaining our actions, it is indeed controlled, this is not a good news.” Fang Yuan said turned to look. Looked Towards lang xiaonian.

lang xiaonian nodded and said: “Well, I know, I try my best.”


The action route is calculated in the enemy and sets ambush in advance, which is a very dangerous signal.

This shows the route of the Lang Xiaonian planning, which is completely in the control of the enemy fleet.

If you cannot change this situation, the back is still dangerous.

Although the ambush of the Paleres, the Angxing Empire of the Paleis, the Human Fleet has successfully escaped ambush.

The two sides did not fight, but they were carrying a war without smoke.

There is no battle that has not been played, but it has come back to a few more times.

lang xiaonian looks at the star map, caught the hair.

Fang Yuan misses his love change, and looked at Zhao Anya.

Zhao Anya also missed the change of Lang Xiaonian, Shook The Head, said there is no way.

The two can see that Lang Xiaonian should be in a certain state of nothing.




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