One Punch Star Annihilation Chapter 1278


fang yuan and zhao anya come to the small conference hall of Lang Xiaonian, scanned the stock out of the door, and walk in.

lang xiaonian still continues his work, constantly draws a line on a star map, after a dozen words, all wipe it off, and keep talking in the mouth: “Don’t go … Don’t go … … “

His Both Eyes Are Spiritless, the look is sluggish, has arrived at the edge of the collapse.

He at this moment, like a person in the maze, and falls into the state of the magic, the more you can’t walk, the more you don’t stop, repeat, repeat, and repeat.

Fang Yuan walked to him, looking at his eyes, blocking a few stars on the panographic in the pan.

lang xiaonian’s finger stops in front of Fang Yuan’s chest, weak, and complicated, say hello: “captain …”

“Take a break. Sleep, wake up and continue, not bad.” Fang Yuan said.

lang xiaonian, SHOOK THE HEAD, said: “Can you can’t go out, I can’t go out, the other side has designed everything. Every time I find a route, when I arrive, I will definitely ambush.

“as if we do everything, all in the other’s in Front of One’s Eyes, I can’t find the road.

“continues this, I am afraid, I am afraid …”

he said finally, there is wave light in the eyes flashing.

Fang Yuan can understand what he has now.

Now the entire fleet, all the Space Army warriors, all comrades from Earth, are handed over to his hands, waiting for him to carry.

However, lang xiaonian is actually the kind of personality, before because of astronomical innate talent is really good, there is enough self-confidence to bring the peers to the danger.

Now it seems to fall into the Inescapable Net, how can you go out.

This feeling is like bringing his comrades into the abyss of death.

he can’t bear this pressure, so fighting for a life and wants to find an escape alive.

However, the more this, the more can’t find it, continue to repeat until it is completely collapsed.

“There is nothing to be afraid, no one is fighting alone, and us.” Fang Yuan reached out and pressed his shoulders and gave him confidence and strength.

“But I really can’t find the way. Every Path is in the other party’s Plot Against, the other party completely blocks the core of the entire shield seat arm, without any roads can escape …” LANG Xiaonian shakes his head or not unloaded the burden on it.

“This is not strange. Now and we can empty the battlefield of Paler Civilized Warm, and he has the support of the Palenseea high-level, and this is normal. Not your problem, this matter should not be given by you, let’s go, you can always come up. “Fang Yuan Comforted.

lang xiaonian shakes his head, saying: “There is no way, in fact, I have tried it every route. The number of super space channel is That Many, even if it uses the exhaustion, all possible programs can be listed.

“Now, every kind of possibly within the calculation of Kazitak, he has already sacrifice all our outlets, no matter where we take the road, will eventually be surrounded by him.

“Moreover, the other party is quickly shrinking the encirclement, the longer the time is dragging, the smaller the space we can act, and finally it will be blocked in a star system.”

fang Yuan listened to him, know what is going on.

Since he mentioned the exhaustive law, he means that he basically has found all the viable routes.

But the result is that there is no route to escape alive.

This situation is not surprising, Kaztack is good at pushing tactics, which is just a use of this tactics, and compressed in the inner compression space is more simple.

lang xiaonian draws a route on a star map, said: “This is the most suitable evacuation route now, but it is only relative, I can almost certain, there will be ambush, I can’t go.”

Fang Yuan thought after thinking, asked: “That is to say, our Each Step is in the calculation of the other party, right?”

“, from the previous two spotted firefleet, we know that our Each Step is calculated …”

lang xiaonian nodded, added: “In fact, I tried to stand in the other party, observe the star map, and indeed discovered. If I am a Paleres, personally blocked us, you can do 100% Block all escape routes, EVERY PATH line, will eventually encounter ambush. “

Fang Yuan frowning question: “This hypothesis is every ambushing point, is it ambushing That Many’s fleet?”

If each ambushing point is heavy, it is difficult to do even if the Paleis’s Yinhe Yuanxing Empire is in the absence.

“No, our Each Step is within the calculation of the other party, so the other party can transfer the power supply, do not need each ambushing point to settle the soldier.” Lang Xiaonian shook his head.

“If this is the case, it is not 100% blocked. From the data calculation, you can do 100%. However, there is a thing, it is unable to calculate, that is, people’s hearts.” Fang Yuan Bright Glow, I have already thought of the fleet strategy.

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