One Punch Star Annihilation Chapter 1279

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Shield seat α217 planet fortress.

This is a temporary capital of Kaztock rule.

At this moment, Carzhike is in the planetary capital, and his fleet staff, controlling the core Star Domain of the entire shield seat arm.

On the hologram in the middle of the hall, there is a red point in slow moving.

Due to the universe represented by the star map, the movement of this red dot is very slow, it seems like fixed.

“General, this human fleet, can escape the super space node we have surrounded, only Shield λ253, shield κ109 and shield seat μ73, these three super space nodes are in our control, They can’t escape, they can only die here. “The Palerist Falls President’s general tone of his tags full of confidence.

This task of enclosing a fleet, he is not the first time to be responsible, you can do it without a loss.

“Responsible for the ambushing fleet and the church Warrior, enough?” Kaztack looked at the program submitted by the staff group or was more satisfied.

However, in view of the killing process of the Earchers of Talin Dalton, Carzhike has improved the assessment of the human fleet, so it is necessary to ensure that the fleet sent is sufficient.

“It’s enough, five standard fleets, this is a unprecedented courtesy, this respect, enough for their civilization to remember the moment of destroying.” Answer.

Five Standard Fleets means enough 60 BATTLESHIP.

This power is enough to play a fierce battle in front of the battlefield.

Now use only a fleet of a planet civilization.

This matter is simply a cannon, waste resources.

However, Kazitak feels that this is necessary. If it is not the staff of the staff, the strength of the group is determined enough, he even wants more.

Five Standard Fleets, a total of 60 BattleshiPs.

If allocated to three focus, there is only 20 BattleShip on each ambush.

If only 20 battleship is ambush, then it is definitely unable to stop the human fleet.

However, the fortified fleet is not crucified to die.

The human fleet can move, and Kaztike’s volleyball fleet can naturally be moved.

So, once the human fleet falls into the ambushing trap, the number of Paleres fleet is needed and will not be less than four standard fleet, 48 battleship.

Even so, Kaztack still feels not enough.

Only the reinforcement fleet he brought from the Palense Dafu, it is so much.

Almost all the fleets are sent out, if you want to increase the quantity of Battleship, you can only send the Duke of Abaton or the arms of Arnis.

He thought of this, could not help but laugh.

dealing with a fleet of low-level civilization, it has almost reached the extent of the lower tissue.

he doesn’t know if it is a laugh, or you should cry.

However, since this low-level civilization fleet may have the possibility of Escape Alive, then as long as the INSECT in this network is flying, stop waiting for death.

“Koga Giant Beast, is it ready to solve it?” Cartaz reminded the cosmic creature in the human fleet and asked again.

“It has been arranged, from the female star, with the energy priest of the isoe Star God Temple, this thing is responsible. We are civilized dogs, how can we make it free to break the dog chain. “The staff of the staff of the Staff team calmly replied, did not take this thing to waitally.

In Paler, the isos Star God Temple is specially domesticated at the stars Warrior.

and the alien Warrior, most of them are powerful cosmic creatures.

Papless Civilization Dare to domesticate these cosmic cosmetics, naturally there are countless ways to make them.

and the energy priest of the Star God Temple is specially responsible for this work.

This Time is brought over, or a team of isos Star God Temple Energy priests, dealing with an universe organism, more than enough.


at the same time.

on the Divine Boat number.

lang xiaonian helpless SIGHED THEN SAID, said the despair of Inescapable Net in his heart.

Each Step is inherent in the other party, let him collapse.

fang yuan has seen other probability: “The first route is the shield λ253, the second route is the shield snap-seat κ109, you just said that there is a third right route right? “

“Yes, walking the shield μ73 can also return to the hovel arm, but …”

lang xiaonian paused, sigh: “But I can find the route, affirm that the other party can also calculate. When we arrive at the shield μ73, wait for us, definitely ambush.” ​​

“Don’t worry, add up before and after, there are three routes that can return to the horsepight, that is, Kaztock needs to block three exports. Want to block us, at least two standard fleets. Three places That is at least six standard fleet, and this is the lowest standard. There is only two standard fleet to block the road, and it is really not necessarily leaving us. “

Fang Yuan’s eyes revealed the absolute confidence: “Kaztock only has five standard fleets, and there is no standard. Even more how, his ompossible is out.”

“Ambush fleet can also be moved, the other person is good at this surrounding battle, which belongs to a part of the star map to promote tactics.”

“So, this is about to be a person, and people will always be the most difficult, we still have a chance.”

Fang Yuan said Looked Towards Zhao Anya, said: “Take information with photosynthetic civilization, determine the movement of the large-scale fleet of the Paul River Yuanxing Empire.”

If the Paleres, the Valentine’s Empire has a large-scale fleet, the carbon-based alliance will be noticeable.

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