One Punch Star Annihilation Chapter 1328


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“I apply for a jump gang fight, I can at least fight four…no, five ships.” Fang Xiaozhu stretched out five fingers.

“What are the five ships?” The classmates in the military scientific research class didn’t understand them all at once, and asked them the fastest.

“Five battleships.” Fang Xiaozhu added.

“Why don’t you talk about the six boats, how well they are all done.” Everyone rolled their eyes and complained.

“You can’t say full, or you will appear too proud.” Fang Xiaozhu explained seriously.

Admiral Luo De coughed and calmed everyone down: “Don’t mess around, you haven’t seen the cruelty of war. War and the Star Beast you used for training are completely different concepts.

“In addition, judging from the current intelligence, it is still impossible to determine whether there is a Stellar Rank temple warrior in this Palestine fleet. This is the most critical information.”

After seeing the Palleté fleet of six battleships, there is not much information that can be confirmed from external features.

I only know that the battleship of this fleet is an antique battleship left over 20,000 years ago.

It is said to be an antique battleship, but in fact, when the Palestine civilization and the carbon-based alliance began to fight, the civilization level began to enter a period of stagnation.

The reason for the stagnation period is not because of something wrong with the Palestine civilization, but the inevitable process of civilization development.

As early as 50,000 years ago, the Palestine civilization had expanded to every corner of the Andromeda galaxy. It was a real galaxy civilization and expanded to outer galaxies.

In other words, the civilization stage of Palestine civilization is in the stage of developing from galaxy civilization to supergalactic civilization.

However, they encountered resistance as they progressed toward a super galaxy.

This resistance is naturally the carbon-based alliance, which hindered the expansion of the Palestine civilization to the outer galaxy.

Therefore, from the perspective of the law of civilization development, the Palestine civilization has entered a period of stagnation in the development of civilization because it encountered resistance.

The Palestine civilization can survive this stagnation period only by destroying the carbon-based alliance, continuing to expand to outer galaxies, and completing the promotion of supergalactic civilization.

Therefore, there is indeed a gap between the battleship created by the Palestine civilization 20,000 years ago and the current most advanced battleship, but the gap is not big.

In other words, these antique battleships are still godlike to civilizations below the galaxy level.

battleship is second.

After all, there are also several battleships of the same level in the Earth’s space fleet.

What really worries General Luo De is the super battle strength in the Palerce Fleet.

As there is no accurate information, it is impossible to determine whether there is a Stellar Rank temple warrior in this Palestine fleet.

This is like an unopened Pandora’s Box, no one knows what terrifying things will fly out after opening it.

Fang Yuan tried to use his words when negotiating with the Duke of Arden, but he did not get any useful information.

“You are the best group of children on the planet, and I will fight against powerful enemies with you. Once it is confirmed that there is a Stellar Rank temple warrior in the Palestine fleet, then this War General will not have the possibility of winning…”

Admiral Luo De took a deep breath and said in a solemn tone:

“Once it reaches that point, the Supreme Council of Mankind will initiate an escape plan.

“By then, all spaceships in the world that can sail in space will take off and escape from the solar system.

“When the time comes, you will implement the survival plan you have exercised before.

“Remember, if the earth is really destroyed, you will also work hard to live.

“Please be assured that the expeditionary fleet will come back to pick you up.”

Fang Xiaozhu frowned, said: “Don’t be so heavy, okay? We actually have Stellar Rank, even if they come to a Stellar Rank, we can also fight for it.”

Admiral Luo De coughed and said solemnly: “This is a secret, have you forgotten it? Okay, remember what I just said. As a general, we should consider defeat before considering victory.

“So, the Supreme Council of Mankind must prepare for the worst.

“However, I believe that you have the ability to protect our earth mother.


“Let Palese civilization see that the solar system is the Star Domain they shouldn’t set foot on!”


Everyone responded in unison and acted immediately.

The space fleet set sail, the power engine ejected a dazzling tail flame, and rushed towards the Palese fleet.

At the same time.

The Palese fleet launched the gamma star destroyer, the muzzle lit up with blazing light, and the Six Paths gamma beam was ejected, strikes the earth.

bang! bang! Bang…

In an instant.

The thick gamma beam of Six Paths blasted into the earth and instantly penetrated the atmosphere. The strikes were in the Pacific Sea Territory near the equator.

The sea water touched the beam of the Gamma Star Destroyer and instantly evaporated and disappeared.

The sea level began to sink, and the sea surged, forming a huge vortex.

The area of ​​the islands and reefs near the bombardment position began to expand.

Then, the island out of the sea began to burn, the soil turned into crimson and burned into lava.

The black lava is flying in the sky, covering the sky.

For a while, it seems that the Sea Territory near the equator has become a purgatory.

“The temperature of the earth begins to rise. It is estimated that after 12 hours, the temperature of the atmosphere on the side of the gamma star destroyer strikes will exceed 60 degrees.” One item of data was collected to the Space Force headquarters.

In the General Staff, the Academy of Military Sciences, countless people watched the scene of the Heavenly Fire descending on this day, and they were heartbroken.

Among them, many people have seen similar scenes in their memory.

That was when the washer spaceship first came to the solar system, that time the washer spaceship absorbed the energy of the sun and used the gamma star destroyer to strike the earth.

At that time, humans came out with a super soldier who could strike over 500 light seconds, rush to the surface of the sun, and sink the washer spaceship.

That time, the earth was lucky and survived.

However this time……

The person who once saved the earth is not on the earth.

The most powerful group of people in human civilization, the most powerful fleet, is not on the earth.

Also, this time is not a washer spaceship, but six real Palestine battleships.

The fate of the earth has entered another turning point.

The Space Fleet has attacked, and the Blue Star led thousands of battleships towards the Palese Fleet.

Seen from the ground, it’s black, and the imposing manner is magnificent.

The space fleet came out, as long as the space fleet that could take off was sent out.

So, in terms of quantity, the scale of the Earth’s space fleet is very large.

But this is just what it looks like.

In fact, most of these thousands of battleships were built by humans themselves.

Humans have acquired many cutting-edge technologies from the photosynthetic civilization, but if these cutting-edge technologies are to be realized, they need to be built step by step.

Therefore, mankind has never stopped the pace of building a battleship.

However, the battleship technology is impossible overnight, so these battleships and battle strengths created cannot be compared with the battleships of higher civilizations.

Even so, thousands of battleships rushed to the Palerce Fleet. From the ground, they were still magnificent and exciting.

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