One Punch Star Annihilation Chapter 1329


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However, people who really understand the technology of human battleship know very well in their hearts that these thousands of battleships rushing up are actually striking a stone with an egg.

On the earth, countless people saw the scene in the sky and knelt down and prayed loudly, tears welling in their eyes.

The purgatory storm rolled up under the Strikes of the Extinguishing Light Pillar slapped the faces of those surrenderers.

The Palestine civilization put a barrel against these cartilaginous heads, telling them that they would die if they surrendered.

Tens of thousands of light years away.

Fang Yuan, Han Youwei, Eve, Zhao Anya… On the entire human expedition fleet, everyone is watching this scene happening on the earth.

The blue planet is their home, but at this moment they can only watch the homeland facing the end of the crisis, but can do nothing.

Even these space soldiers have exercised their iron will under the baptism of life and death battles.

However, at this moment, many people still touch their tears with their arms.

Because on that blue planet, there are their families, friends, lovers and children.

What did they go to tens of thousands of light-years away, fighting desperately, for?

Isn’t it just to defend your homeland and support a clear sky for the family behind you?

However, at this moment, I can only watch, the feeling of powerlessness, like a sharp claw, tearing their hearts apart.

“Why?” One person closed his eyes, holding his head in pain.

I started crying one by one.

Each body is as tough as steel, but at the moment they are crying like a child.

Fang Yuan looked at the scene of the fighting between the two sides blankly on the screen, saying nothing, clenching his fists tightly.

At this moment, there is no other way but to swear in my heart that the Palestine civilization will pay for it.

Han Youwei and Eve couldn’t stand it, hugged each other and touched their tears.


In contrast to the Human Expeditionary Fleet, it is located in the headquarters of the Palese Galactic Far Star Empire Fleet at α217 Scutum.

The Duke of Arden looked at the Six Paths extinction beam strikes on the earth and laughed wildly, as if he had vented all the hatred of the capital star that had been exterminated three years ago.

Only Kaztic looked at the battlefield screen with a solemn expression, and said dissatisfied: “Can you take care of your mood swings?”

“Aren’t you happy? This damn civilization has to taste the pain of the destruction of its home planet. What they feel now is what I once felt. I want to give it back ten times a hundred times, this is them Deserved!” The Duke of Arden looked back at him and said triumphantly.

“The battle is not over yet, it’s too early to be happy.” Kaztic said with a serious expression.

“What’s the matter with you? Can’t you see it? I’m going to destroy the home planet of mankind. You are still worried now, are you?” Duke Arden mocked said with a smile.

“I have a hunch that things may not be that simple.” Kaz’tik shook his head and said.

“What’s not simple, do you think my battleship just stopped on the earth for the past three hours? I have scanned every material atom on the earth. That is a 1.9 level planetary civilization Although it’s already not far from the star civilization, the planet civilization is the planet civilization, and they don’t have any chance to struggle.” The Duke of Arden was very confident.

His confidence at the moment is not without reason, but based on data.

The fleet he sent has indeed scanned every corner of the earth and confirmed that there are no battleships and creatures on the earth that can fight the fleet head-on, so he is so sure.

Kaztec shook his head and said, “I suggest you keep calm. In fact, you still don’t believe that human civilization is a natural disaster civilization, right?”

The Duke of Arden once said before that he believed that human civilization is a natural disaster civilization, but in fact he still does not admit this in his heart.

“Is there any problem with this? At this level, is human civilization still important if it is a natural disaster civilization? Even if it is a natural disaster civilization, it will be fine.” Duke Arden said indifferently.

Kaztic shook his head and laughed at himself: “At first, after I learned that the fleet you sent was an old-fashioned battleship, I knew that you never took this attack on the solar system seriously.

“If human civilization is a natural disaster civilization, then the battleships you sent are not enough.”

“If it was a month ago, you said this, I would think about it seriously, now it is unnecessary. The data scanned by my fleet has been sent back, do you want to see it? I will pass it all to you. A statistic proves the weakness of this civilization.” Duke Arden said in a tough tone.

“Perhaps. Perhaps this is also the reason why the parent star refused to approve my reinforcement application.” Kaz’tik was a little bit disappointed.

He and his teacher Zandar Ikoc have been working hard to get the Palestine Supreme Council to agree to reinforce the galaxy again.

One of the most important reasons is the report on “Natural Disaster Civilization”.

But it is clear that the Supreme Council of Palestine civilization did not believe this report.

Just the same as the Duke of Arden now.

The Duke of Arden has been destroyed by the human fleet to the capital of the Trinity Star. He was beaten in dirt and shrunk in the Alpha 217 Scutum Fleet Headquarters and did not dare to go out.

Even so, the Duke of Arden still does not believe that human civilization is a natural disaster civilization.

It is conceivable that it would be difficult to convince the princes of the aloof and remote of the Supreme Council of Paleste to believe in the legend of “natural disaster civilization”.

Because he could not apply for reinforcements, Kaz’tik has been in a state of low air pressure these months.

So, seeing the proud look of the Duke of Arden, he couldn’t help but pour cold water on him.

However, the Duke of Arden was at the moment to be proud, and he couldn’t listen to Kaz’tik’s advice.

“You just take human civilization too seriously. In fact, they are just a group of lucky insects. Until now, all the battleships in the fleet were not built by themselves, either looted or purchased. It’s a joke that this weak civilization can be rampant up to now!” The Duke of Arden said here, there is a hint of gnashing teeth.

“I hope you are right.”

Kaz’tik didn’t argue with him anymore, because he knew there was no point in arguing anymore, and the results would come out soon anyway.

Higher civilizations attacked lower civilizations, in fact, it was only an instant thing.

Lower civilizations have no resistance, and the space fleet will be scattered ashes and dispersed smoke in an instant.

If the counterattack forces of lower civilizations cannot be eliminated in an instant, then it means that things are not simple.


Earth’s outer space.

The space fleet rushed to the Palese fleet, the military scientific research team and the elite forces of the space army, composed of six super squads attacked.

Fang Xiaozhu flew out of the Blue Star, his body shuttled across dimensions, and several flashed into the deep space of the universe, loudly shouted: “Come out!”


With a loud roar, a black giant snake appeared in space through the dimensional membrane, and it was Bashe.

Fang Xiaozhu turned over and landed on the head of the giant snake, his hands bursting with “Divine Evolution” energy, pressing his hands on Bashe’s head, loudly shouted: “Super Evolution!”


Bashe roared, twisted his body, and began to evolve.

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