One Punch Star Annihilation Chapter 1330


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bang! bang! Bang…

The two fleets entered the gun range, and the battle broke out.

Thousands of battleships in the Earth’s space fleet fired antimatter bombs at the same time to launch a swarm attack.

Thousands of anti-matter bombs flew towards the Palese fleet like a school of fish.

The Palese fleet closed the gamma star destroyer, opened the secondary gun muzzle, started the defense system, and began to lock the attack anti-matter bomb.

In an instant, the entire dark night sky was lit by tens of thousands of lasers, criss-crossed, and extremely gorgeous.

bang! bang! Bang…

The antimatter bomb hit by a point defense laser weapon, the explosion of boom~ boom~, is like a grand firework, blooming in the deep space of the universe.

The Palestine civilization’s powerful point defense laser weapon intercepted almost all anti-matter bombs.

Only a few sporadic antimatter bombs flew into the Palese battleship group. The strikes stirred up ripples of energy on the battleship shield, and failed to deal an effective blow to the Palese fleet.

Immediately afterwards, the Palese fleet began to counterattack.

Hundreds of ray cannons locked onto the Earth’s space fleet and fired high-energy rays, hitting the Earth’s battleship that rushed to the forefront, instantly piercing the shield and bursting open.

Suddenly, after the antimatter bombs on the sky, bursts of flames that pierced people’s eyes to tears.

“The Awakening Squad is out!”

On the Blue Star, Admiral Luo De saw that the two fleets had been fighting head-on, and the enemy’s battleship had strong firepower, took a deep breath and ordered the Awakened Squad to attack.

Six super-soldier teams composed of the military scientific research team and elite units of the Space Army rushed out of the Blue Star and rushed towards the Palese fleet.

The battleship of the Earth Space Fleet could not compete with the battleship of the Palestine civilization, but it also narrowed the distance, giving the Super Soldier team a chance to penetrate the enemy fleet array.

Fang Xiaozhu is the first squad of the Earth Military Research Class. He has been waiting for orders. He immediately rushed out and shuttled through Gaowei. A few flashes were already at the forefront.

The teammates behind hurriedly followed up, but they could only see Fang Xiaozhu rushing into the Parasai fleet alone from a distance.

After Fang Xiaozhu charge ahead, he immediately called Bashe to release the advanced form of “Divine Evolution” and start “Super Evolution”.

Bashe tossed and soared in space, shuttled back and forth between high-dimensional space and real space, as if the dimensional membrane was the sea surface, conflicting back and forth on the sea surface.

Inspired by the super-evolutionary form of “Divine Evolution”, the body that is thousands of meters long began to undergo drastic changes.

Barbs, which are cold like a war spear, grow out, agitating a circle of spatial ripples, as if a Void Dragon king is performing divine might.

Fang Xiaozhu stood on top of Bashe, and along with Bashe shuttled in high-dimensional and three-dimensional space, quickly approaching the Palese fleet.

On the Blue Star, Admiral Luo De stared at the battlefield nervously, loudly shouted: “Prospector support! Explorer support! Monitor all energy fluctuations in the Palese fleet! Report the highest energy level!”

He stared at the highest energy level displayed on the screen, but he was still worried, and continued to ask: “Is there a Stellar Rank? Is there a Stellar Rank?”

“Currently the highest energy level, Planet Level Lv.10, has no Stellar Rank energy fluctuations.” The group of explorers answered.

The six super warrior squad of the earth have rushed into the array of the Palese fleet.

If there is a Stellar Rank temple warrior in the Palestine fleet, impossible is not yet available at this time.

Admiral Luo De stared at the battlefield for three seconds before picking up the communicator ordered: “The enemy has no Stellar Rank fluctuations, launch a raid, do it quickly!”

Six super fighter squads, corresponding to six Palese battleships.

In a sense, these six super fighters squad, even if they fight for their lives, will have to hit their respective goals.

Only in this way, this space war has a little chance of winning.

“Without a Stellar Rank opponent, it’s a bit dull.”

Fang Xiaozhu spit out and asked: “Can I change the target? I want to kill that battleship.”

Originally arranged for the battle plan, her awakening squad was responsible for a cruiser, and it was also the second strongest battleship in the Palestine fleet.

The reason for this arrangement is to use the strongest battle strength to quickly cause battleship attrition to the enemy.

It is also General Luo De’s concern about this new generation of military research class students. After all, most of the current military research class students have not participated in the Star Beast Civilization War ten years ago.

Although I have always been fighting against the most brutal Star Beast in training, I have never experienced war baptism, and I will always lack an iron-blooded fighting intent.

Taking all the factors together, General Luo De made such an arrangement.

“To obey orders, this is the bounden duty of a soldier. If it is your brother, he will kill his mission first before adding drama to himself.” Admiral Luo De reprimanded.


Fang Xiaozhu was a little bit angry when he heard this. He increased the super-evolutionary energy and stimulated Bashe to the 2nd stage of the super-evolution, directly exploded with Stellar Rank energy fluctuations, and pounced on the Palese cruiser.

“Stellar Rank energy fluctuation detected!” The Blue Star exploration team quickly reported.

“Source? What is the source?” Admiral Luo De asked.

“The energy fluctuation of Stellar Rank comes from Bashe.” The exploration team gave an answer, so that Admiral Luo De was slightly relieved.

In fact, regarding Bashe’s super-evolution 2nd Stage, there will indeed be fluctuations in Stellar Rank energy.

He knew this for a long time.

The Earth Army Academy of Sciences has never stopped digging the top battle strength, so “Divine Evolution” combined with the super battle strength manifestation of Battle, will definitely work hard to dig.

The Supreme Council of Mankind also purchased relevant biotechnology from the photosynthetic civilization for this purpose.

However, Bashe’s super-evolution experiment has always been carried out in secret.

Only people at the level of General Luo De know about this super-evolutionary experiment.

However, General Luo De still felt that Fang Xiaozhu directly started the Rank 2 Super Evolution, and he was still a little too anxious.

Generally, the hole cards should be hidden, and the act of throwing out the hole cards as soon as they come up is indeed in line with youngster’s impulsive personality.

After Fang Xiaozhu activated Rank 2 Super Evolution, he ordered Bashe to pounce on the Palerce cruiser: “Blast the shield!”


Bashe burst out of Stellar Rank energy fluctuations, fluttering its tail, and strikes on the Energy Shield of the Palerce cruiser.


Energy Shield burst open.

The cruiser immediately rushed out of a Palese temple warrior and attacked Bashe.

Fang Xiaozhu threw this Palese temple warrior to Bashe for treatment, jumped up, shot out, pounced on the port side armor of the Palese cruiser, raised his left hand, ignited a weak nuclear light knife, fierce Stabbed in.


The strong nuclear armor of the Palerce cruiser was instantly punched through a gap.

Fang Xiaozhu loudly shouted, with both feet on the armor, began to run wildly, and cut a big gap in the cruiser’s armor: “Tactical anti-matter bombs, prepared for the megaton level.”

The squad members who followed, rushed up and pushed an anti-matter bomb into the gap in the armor.

The next moment.


A violent muffled sound exploded inside the cruiser, making people excited.

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