One Punch Star Annihilation Chapter 1403


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“How long does it take to copy experimental data?” Fang Yuan asked the most critical question.

The goal of the battlefield of the Yufu dwarf galaxy v232 is indeed the most valuable experimental data from the Palese Lab.

“This cannot be determined because I don’t know where the experimental data is stored, and I am not sure how long it will take to access the physical hardware that stores the experimental data. After exposure, the copying process should take about 3 minutes.” Zhao Anya There is no way to give a very accurate answer.

“3 minutes won’t work, 3 minutes is enough for Palese Lab to destroy data 10,000 times.” Fang Yuan shook his head.

“Let me come, as long as I have access to the internal network connected to the laboratory data, I promise that it will only take a millisecond, and the data network will listen to me.” Eve raised his hand and asked.

“Yes, then our goal is the data of the Palerce Lab and begin to prepare the battle plan.” Fang Yuan said.

“According to our previous attack on the planetary fortress of Palerce, they will activate the alarm within ten minutes after confirming the invasion of the powerful enemy, and the fleet will begin to attack. After the fleet is shot out, once the planet encounters an invasion, Level 1 red will be activated. Alarm, and start the important data destruction program at the same time. It takes ten minutes from ordering to start the program to all computers completing the program startup. After the program is started, at the moment when the planet falls, the destruction program executes data destruction…”

The military staff team began to analyze the battle: “That is to say, from our discovery, to destroying their resistance, to the destruction of experimental data, the entire process takes about 20 minutes.

“In other words, we must get the experimental data within 20 minutes from the time we are discovered, otherwise the data will be destroyed.”

Twenty minutes is not short.

However, for a space battle, 20 minutes is enough time for the battleship to span a distance of 10 light seconds.

This distance is not enough for a battleship to cross the range of a land-based turret.

Therefore, 20 minutes is too short to do anything for a space battle.

“20 minutes is too short, it is not enough to rush into the restricted area of ​​50 light-second land-based guns.” A member of the military scientific research team frowned.

“Yes. According to the normal battleship combat speed, 20 minutes, you can fly a distance of up to 10 light seconds. The battle is gone before the battle is hot.” Another captain echoed.

“If this is the case, it is almost impossible for a frontal attack to obtain experimental data.”

This is indeed the case.

In the war between the Carbon-based Alliance and the Palestine civilization, each civilization wants to acquire the technology of the hostile civilization.

This is inevitable, so everyone wants to get experimental data.

It is also because everyone wants experimental data. A civilization that conducts experiments will of course do everything possible to protect the experimental data and destroy it when necessary. It is absolutely impossible for hostile civilizations to obtain it.

Therefore, the entire process from the discovery of a hostile civilization’s fleet attack, the determination of the fall of the experimental planet, to the destruction of the experimental data, takes only 20 minutes.

These 20 minutes are the same for all civilizations, and it is impossible to obtain experimental data through a frontal attack.

If it is a carbon-based alliance, if you want to obtain experimental data of the Palestine civilization, you can basically rely on spies to steal the data.

In normal logic, a frontal attack is impossible to obtain data.

Fang Yuan thought for a while, and said: “Then use the Ghost. The Ghost has been upgraded for a while, and it just works.”

“Let the Ghost steal the experimental data? I am afraid it will be difficult to succeed.” A captain shook his head and expressed doubt.

Although the Phantom is an invisible battleship, it did not really land on the planet of the Palestine civilization and will not be discovered.

If a stealth battleship could be sent to steal the data of the Palerce Lab, the mechanical empire would have done it a long time ago and will not wait until now.

Fang Yuan shook his head and laughed, stretched out his hand to draw a few lines on the holographic star chart, and after determining the battle plan, ordered: “Follow this plan, codenamed Ghost Operation, and execute it.”

The order was issued and the whole fleet moved.

The fleet adjusted its direction and flew to the Yufu dwarf galaxy v232.

The fleet has entered the Yufu dwarf galaxy, and it is 115 light years away from the Yufu dwarf galaxy v232star system.

“Take the nearest hyperspace channel, the voyage is three days, but it may be discovered by the Yufu dwarf galaxy v232 Palese garrison fleet.” Lang Xiaonian said.

“Is there a way to go undiscovered? At least before entering the Yufu dwarf galaxy v232.” Fang Yuan asked.

“Yes, walking in the area controlled by the Mechanical Empire will not be discovered by Palerce, but will be discovered by the Mechanical Empire space fortress stationed in the Yufu dwarf galaxy v232.” Lang Xiaonian replied.

“Communicate with the guy named Wickley Patrick and say that we are going to him now, let him temporarily take over all the reconnaissance stations on the pipeline, and help us keep it secret.” Fang Yuan said.

The mechanical empire space fortress and the experimental planet of Palerce have been facing each other for 20 years.

In fact, there are not many real fierce space wars between the two sides. Most of them are encounters. Once one side is disadvantaged, it will immediately retreat.

Therefore, the two sides are basically fighting for the dominance of space.

Space dominance, the most important part is reconnaissance power.

The two sides have obvious reconnaissance areas, and the fleet will patrol the reconnaissance areas daily to clean up the reconnaissance equipment infiltrated by the other party.

Therefore, if you go to the area controlled by the mechanical empire, you will not be discovered by Palese.

Keeping the whereabouts of the friendly forces secret, this requirement is normal.

Wickley Patrick had no reason to refuse, so he agreed to this request.

Two days later, the human fleet entered the airspace controlled by the mechanical empire and opened the “photon transition” to fly to the Yufu dwarf galaxy v232 at the extreme speed.

After a day of sailing.

The human fleet enters the Yufu dwarf galaxy v232star system.

Wickley Patrick could clearly see the position of the human fleet. While surprised at the speed of the human fleet, he also began to prepare to welcome this allied force.

After seeing the speed of the human fleet, Wickley Patrick still had a little surprise.

This at least shows that the battleship in the human fleet is basically the most advanced battleship now.

Wickley Patrick became interested in the human fleet and thought that this allied force might be able to help.

Therefore, he opened the space fortress and prepared to welcome the human fleet.

However, after entering the Yufu dwarf galaxy v232star system, the human fleet flew past the gate of his space fortress. There was no sign of deceleration. The curvature engine was running at full speed, and “sou” flew past.

Wickley Patrick froze for a moment, and quickly initiated a communication: “You have missed the fortress. I have sent you the location of the fortress. Please slow down and turn around.”

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