One Punch Star Annihilation Chapter 1404


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“Captain, Wickley Patrick let us slow down and turn around.”

Although this communication has no meaning, as a communication group, it is necessary to report the received communication truthfully.

“Tell him, we will go back.” Fang Yuan waved his hand and replied casually, not planning to communicate with Wickley Patrick.

At the same time.

The entire fleet has entered a state of combat.

Ye Zheyu reports in real time the distance between the fleet and the experimental planet Pallete.

“The distance is 3000 light seconds, and it will soon leave the air-controlled area of ​​the Mechanical Empire.” Ye Zheyu reminded.

As can be seen from the star map, the blue area is the air dominance area of ​​the mechanical empire.

When flying in the blue area, don’t worry about being discovered by Palese’s fleet. Once you fly out of the blue area, there is a risk of being detected.

“Turn off the photon transition, the combat team followed me aboard the Phantom, ready to launch the Phantom.”

Fang Yuan had already rushed towards the Ghost at the same time he gave the order.

The Ghost is in the carrier compartment of the Divine Boat.

The Phantom is much smaller than the Divine Boat. As the carrier of the Divine Boat, it is responsible for special missions.

Now is the special mission.

The battle plan was determined before entering the Yufu dwarf galaxy v232star system.

The combat members who performed this ghost operation had already boarded the Ghost three hours ago to prepare.

After dozens of seconds, Fang Yuan and other core members of military scientific research teams are waiting.

Fang Yuan was the fastest, standing on the bridge of the Ghost in a flash.

Other members of the military scientific research team rushed in one after another.

Han Youwei and Eve rushed into the bridge, sat in their respective seats, and connected the card slots of battle clothes to the seats.

“Preparation is complete!” All the action personnel answered one after another.

“All staff are ready to complete.”

“Count down three seconds, launch the Ghost, three, two, one!”

Following Fang Yuan’s call, the Ghost was launched, activated the Ghost engine, and flew to the experimental planet of the Yufu dwarf galaxy v232 Palese.

Not all members of the military research squad have boarded the Phantom.

There is still a need to keep people aboard the Divine Boat.

Lang Xiaonian was responsible for the pilot of the Divine Boat. After launching the Ghost, the communication was connected to the Ghost: “Now there is still 3000 light seconds away from the experimental planet Palese, the fleet will follow at the speed of 1100 light, and the Ghost will enter 1000 After a distance of light seconds, communication will be cut off and silence will be entered.”

After starting the Ghost engine, the Ghost flew forward with a slight curvature engine at a speed of 0.8 light speed.

“At this speed, we still need 40 minutes to enter the distance of 1000 light seconds.” Ye Zheyu looked at the control panel and announced the time.

The next 40 minutes were spent in a nervous mood.

This kind of tension is different from the previous fighting tension.

The enemy facing this time is not strong.

It can be said that if you want, the human fleet can directly rush up to crush all opponents.

However, the purpose of this time is not to defeat the enemy, but to obtain experimental data on the experimental planet Palese.

Nowadays, human civilization is like a child who is demanding knowledge. He is very curious about any unknown universe mystery.

And the things studied in the Pallete laboratory of the Yufu dwarf galaxy v232 are things that the Palestine civilization has not fully studied.

The value of these experimental data is far beyond imagination.

Therefore, the availability of these experimental data is very important to human beings.

Forty minutes, one minute and one second passed.

The Phantom remains absolutely quiet, and no one speaks, as if the sound made by speaking, may cause the Phantom to be discovered by the enemy reconnaissance station.

After 40 minutes passed, Ye Zheyu said in a relatively flat voice: “I will enter a distance of 1000 light seconds, reduce the power of the micro-curvature engine.”

Fang Yuan turned towards Eve nodded and signaled her to reduce the power of the micro-curvature engine.

With a slight buzzing sound, the micro-curvature engine of the Ghost gradually lowered.

The flying speed of the Ghost began to decrease, and finally reduced the speed of light by 0.3, and continued to fly forward.

As the distance gets closer and closer, the power of the micro-curvature engine decreases until it finally shuts down completely.

“About to enter a distance of 100 light seconds.”

As the distance gets closer and closer, Ye Zheyu’s voice has several points of trembling, for fear that his voice will attract the attention of the Palestine civilization.

100 light-second distance, this is already the range of the land-based gamma gun of the advanced civilization planetary fortress.

Under normal circumstances, Palleté’s planetary fortress would find a hostile fleet at a distance of 1,000 light seconds away.

The defensive shelling began at a distance of 100 light seconds.

Under normal circumstances, there is no flying object and can enter a distance of 1000 light seconds without being detected.

The ghost engine of the ghost is upgraded, using the latest micro-curvature engine of the photosynthetic civilization.

Therefore, at a distance of 1000 light seconds, the engine can be maintained. In the case of silent communication, it is approaching a distance of 100 light seconds and has not been detected.

“In 100 light seconds, it is unlikely to remain invisible, and it is possible to be discovered at any time.” Ye Zheyu is the reconnaissance team leader of the human fleet.

In reconnaissance and counter reconnaissance, he is already an authority among mankind.

When upgrading the Ghost, in addition to the crew of the Ghost, Ye Zheyu was the person in charge of the military research team.

Basically, the invisibility of the Ghost can only be passed through the test of Ye Zheyu’s reconnaissance ability.

This is also the reason why the Phantom’s invisibility is so excellent.


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